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Epididymitis on Ultrasound

From what I’ve been reading on here. Alot of members with PVP seem to have nothing show up regarding ultrasounds.
I ask because with me being post 7 week vasectomy and in pain. My ultrasound did show acute epididymitis.
I’ve read that it usually develops within a year or longer? In my case, would this possibly be infection related instead of congestion?
I dont like taking antibiotics, I have a sensitive stomach already due to GERD.
I am taking papaya seed however only for the last 2 weeks and I’ve just started with serrepetase today.

Hope everyone is doing better than they have been!

All the best to everyone!

Hey @MechanicNutz. I would say the epididymitis is likely an inflammatory response from congestion. I’m in the same boat. Infection can be ruled out with a urine MCS. Did your doc order this?

Seems you are quite early days at 7-8 weeks so keep your chin up. It’s a bit of a head crack because the standard info re recovery times all suggest 1-2 weeks however there are plenty of examples on here of guys needing many weeks and months to come good. Sitting with the uncertainty and pain/discomfort in the meantime can be tough. Hang in there mate!

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Yes had a urine test done twice. Second one only showed a small amount of blood. But no concerns to anyone at urgent care.
I pray we all overcome the pains!
All the best!