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Epididymectomy roll of dice success

Hi guys.

After a lot of time, tablets and pain I’ve rolled again and had a epididymectomy. I will let you know how it works out.


Good luck…i hope You will get health… …

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Please let us know! That’s where all of my pain is.

I’m 6 days post operation. have a lot of bruising and a swelling of the testicle (probably nearly double the size). After the operation (I went private and they took 90 mins to carry operation and cut out the vas as cleanly as possible) I felt sick and pain high in stomach and scrotum. But haven’t been so happy in a long time, this was a different pain, pain for a reason. The nerve pain seems to be gone. now 6 days on, bruising starting to go down and pain low. seem to have no nerve pain that was there before 24/7… pain now hopefully just post operation pain that will go…

I stopped taking any lyrica 2 says before the operation so just still taking duloxetine (was taking for depression and nerve pain).

I’m not endorsing this operation though. from my understanding you need to very lucky for it to work. my pain was localised to the vas/scar areas. maybe trapped/damaged nerves from the vasectomy 9 years ago, who knows. I had almost no pain in the testicle and very little in the eppytimitus (or however its spelt!!)

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Great to hear! Hope this is your answer. Keep us posted.

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Best of luck Rob with your recovery

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Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

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14 days on. so far so good. nerve pain has gone! dealing with post surgery bruising pain but I will take that. happiest I have been for years. was told no major physical activity for 6 weeks (including sex). will let you know how it feels in 4 weeks time…


Great to hear!!! Keep us updated. Hope this is the answer.

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Pleasantly surprised and happy for you! Epi removal is one surgery I had determined I’d never do based on so many negative reports. Good for you in bucking the trend! Was it one or two sided?

Pain of the surgery can be masking the original pain. I was optimistic as well the first couple of weeks after my bilateral epididymectomy…

I know you’ve had it rough, but a simple good luck might be more useful than trying to pour cold water on someone’s successful surgery. Not everyone is going to end up with a worst case outcome.

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I dont think @derberlinersmurf is trying to do that. Im sure we all on here wish the best of luck.

I think its because he had terrible experience with this surgery as did I.

I also was close to replying a few days ago but didnt want to give any negative thought towards @Pvps75 as I hope to hell he gets a positive outcome.

I also felt good at around 2-3 weeks thought that it had worked and then all hell broke loose. I even messaged my manager from work around this time to say my surgery was sucessful and I should be back very soon.

I went out for a 10 minute trip in car and it began trobbing when sitting and this stayed like this which lead to my orchiemectomy 8 months or so later.

Keep us updated in the comming months.

I had no intention of epididymectomy, was going for SCD. as my pain was located around scar tissue in the vas was advised may be better with epididymectomy and scar tissue clean up. left side only. right side has never given me issues.

early days, I am fully aware. was advised no physical activity for 6 weeks. wake up every day pleasantly surprised nerve pain not there. will give update at 6 weeks mark.

will give regular updates. from what I have seen on this board it was a last resort for me. BUT, after nearly 10 years of pain and most tablets available I felt I had to do something. I went private (Harley street in london) so hopefully this has given it every chance of fully long term recovery…


6 weeks to the day. Epididymectomy was a success. can’t believe it. I might be the 1st person I have seen happy with it. immediate relief (nerve pain in/around scar tissue gone, when chopped out). Feels great not to have pain in my scrotum. only issue I have left is some stomachs pain that I always had. hoping better diet and excercise can fix that.

as good as pre-vas = no

got my life back = yes :grinning:

still scary waking up every day expecting pain to come back. will help you updated guys. good luck on your journey/options taken.


Awesome!! Love reading the success stories! Enjoy life and keep us updated please.

Glad to hear it brother. You are one of few men that I personally know of that have something positive to say about their experience with epididymectomy. I assume you are aware that you aren’t the only one on this site either.

I truly hope your positive trend continues.


awesome! I’m only 4.5 months post vasectomy but i’m scheduling a consult with my doctor to talk about an epididymectomy.

I can’t live like this forever and my pain is specifically in the epididymis.

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