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Epididymectomy Consult Scheduled

I’m 5 months post vasectomy and I’ve had chronic pain on both sides the entire time. I’ve tried Bactrim, levaquin, and currently doxocyclin. I’ve also done 3 steroid packs. I’ve tried heat, ice, diet changes.

My pain is mainly confined to the epididymis on both of my testicles. In my mind removing the epididymis is my best chance at lowering my pain level.

I can’t live like this.

I had pain localised to only my epididymis…once I had it removed things got 10 times worse and left me in constant pain 24/7.

What are you current pain levels? If they are not extreme and you can wait it out longer i would recommend that.

My main advise would be to discuss with you uro, what would be his next steps if it dosnt help or makes pain even worse?

After my epididymectomy my surgeon refused to go any further even though i was left in suicidal pain for 9 months.

This led to me having my testicle removed by a different surgeon who told my I should never have had my epididymis removed as its an extremely delicate operation. After removel I have had improvement but am still unable to work from the damage caused my my epididymectomy.

I know there was a recent good outcome on the forum but I feel obligated to tell you my experience as I made my decison after reading some positive outcomes online.

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Yeah I’ve done some more research and now I’m uncertain.

My pain is 4/10 most days and 6 or 7/10 on flare up days which are once or twice a week.

I went ahead and ordered some papaya seed powder off amazon so I’ll try that for a month or two before I do the procedure.

I’ll see what the doctor has to say about my options.

I’m just getting so depressed that I want to do SOMETHING.

If you’re looking at the surgical route, I personally believe reversal is a better first step than epididectomy. You’re only 5 months post vas, so it seems less likely that your epis are permanently clogged and scarred over. Just re-establishing flow may be all you need if back pressure is causing the sensitivity.

Downside, of course, is that you’re fertile and that most insurance won’t cover reversal. There are many success stories with reversal but it’s not guaranteed. It’s an invasive procedure, and some have gotten worse. Still, it seems to me to be a better first surgical step than epi removal.

Have you had any nerve blocks? Since my flare up 3 years ago, I became convinced that blockage of my left epi was my problems. Turned out to be my left GF nerve.

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I have seen many specialists who have treated pvp and at least two of them strictly cautioned against removing the epi as a viable solution. It was recommended that Reversal or denervation should be attempted first.


Obviously, it’s your decision, and you have to do whatever you feel comfortable with @Alwayshurts , but epididymectomy was a terrible idea for me. I had left testicle done, and eventually had to have left side orchiectomy. It was painful before epidydymectomy, but after was a totally new level. Now had reversal on the right side 10 months ago, and am best I’ve been in 3 years


If I could do everything all over again, I’d start with the reversal first, put yourself back to how nature intended. Failing that, you can have a epidydymectomy after, but not the other way around. Reversal is least destructive, but once you have epidydymectomy, there’s no going back or any other medical fallback, apart for orchectomy

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Also, some reversal surgeons will do a clean out of scar tissue, clips, and other potential pain generators. There are mixed reviews and feelings on this approach as it’s more invasive and creates risks. My reversal doc removed the granulomas on the vas tips and one additional on the left side that was accessible and he felt was worth removing from a pain reduction standpoint. I favor reversal over epi removal.

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Epi removal, frontal lobotomy and bloodletting they all belong in the medical textbook chapter; obsolete medical fuck up treatments. Well that’s my 2 cents


I’m pretty convinced that epi removal is off the table.

I’m still functional with my current pain and can’t risk losing what I still have.

Still going to meet with the doctor and see if he has any other suggestions or can refer me to someone else.

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Just an update from my meeting with my doctor yesterday.

He said that there is nothing left for him to do except a reversal.

So I’m going to tough it out for another 6 months or so then do the reversal.

The doctor thinks he can get insurance to pay for it and if they don’t he will give me a large discount.

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