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Encouraging story


Hello all. Just an encouraging story for ya. I had my vasectomy in December of 2016 I believe. I went thru all the shit. Mostly prostatitis symptoms. I still have minor glitches here and there but no reversal. I have slowly gotten to normal. Time has been my friend. I wanted to do something like reversal badly but held off. I am good to go assuming things stay the course. I would say the only thing I take now specific to helping is a pumpkin seed oil pill everyday. Cannabis helps and has been great mainly for anxiety and muscle tension. I would agree that staying off this site helps. Focus on other shit and keep yourself busy. Best wishes to all. It can get better.



Glad to hear things settled down for you without surgery and OTC remedies and thanks for coming back.

By coming back here and telling people you can get through initial problems and get better with time and patience you are letting other guys know it can be done and that’s important.

I think it’s normal and healthy to feel that way towards this place when you get better. That tells me you are probably in a good place. It’s always kind of jarring to hear though. It’s like “this place and everyone on it is f’d up”, lol.



I hear ya Mike. No problem at all.



After my reversal when my pain levels dropped like a rock I felt so removed from this place. I kind of resented it/hated it even. I think that was my mind trying to distance myself from this place and all the hurt and protect itself from that experience and seal it off. Wall it off forever.