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Electrical stimulation of ilioinguinal nerve

Has anyone had this procedure?

I find it hard to believe nobody has had any experience with this procedure…

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Apparently not. What do you know about it?

@MikeO other than googling it, not much. Some kind of electrical impulse that gets attached to the nerve or something that stimulates it and reduces the pain signals or interrupts them or something. But that is what the pain management doc said would be a longer term solution if the ilioinguinal nerve block was positive.

I’ve not heard about this either. Sounds interesting.

@jsh After googling this, it seems very similar to spinal cord stimulator therapy. Basically put a pacemaker in your abdomen and place electrodes around the nerve to confuse it and block pain signals from reaching the brain. It would probably be very helpful for those who have exhausted other measures first. I would not consider this a first choice therapy for myself. However, i believe there are accupuncture clinics that do this with a less invasive aproach. The guy that started the don’t fix has details about it on his website.

Yeah definitely far down the line, but interesting nonetheless

Had it done in 2003, NOT A PLEASANT FEELING. I would have not done it and won’t ever again.