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Elective surgeries are a scam

I was just watching television and a woman was talking about her two cosmetic surgeries that left her with a huge facial infection and the worst one that left her paraplegic. She paid big money for good known doctors in the field and still had complications that no one ever talks about.

But what caught my attention was the fact that she said doctors only sell success and hide well-known complications that come with any kind of surgery, no matter how little they are.

Men talking about life-changing problems they had from a vasectomy procedure are never taken seriously or even laughed at.

Anyway, just venting…


I hear you, vasectomies must pay really good.

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You pointed out some major immediate changes that is needed within the medical system.

The fact that doctors and hospitals “hide well-known complications that come with any kind of surgery no matter (how big) or little that are”. There must be a complete stop to this where its written into law that they must provide ALL possible risks and complications with all surgeries, ESPECIALLY what men (in the case of vasectomies) have reported in regards to pain and a sexual difference. Doctors and hospitals need to treat men’s sexual functioning with extreme importance with the caring belief that men’s sex lives matter.(MSLM), instead of treating pain and sexual problems after a vasectomy as if its not serious or important.

AND there needs to be immediate change within the medical system that when anyone reports pain or a sexual problem after a vasectomy that doctors and hospitals must do everything humanly possible to find out why, and must prove for a fact what has caused this due to the surgery, including the patients receiving the most advanced MRI screenings available, or even better a microscopic lighted camera probe to be swallowed or injected (lets say far from the scrotum like in the upper leg) and then guided towards all the cut tissue areas to diagnose with 100% accuracy as to what has caused the sexual difference or pain, especially if the doctor malpracticed or made a mistake. It should not be a guessing game or a gamble as to what is causing the problem or pain, it should be proven for a fact.

And every surgery must be under recorded surveillance and copies of the surgery and MRI’s must be given to each and every patient. All these factors need to be written into law because our lives and well being are in the hands of doctors and hospitals.

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Totally agree with this. Well written all men I dont know how you can break through the barriers and laughter that vasectomy do when things go wrong. Drs don’t want to give up on the revenue that having a vasectomy creates. They are not interested in your life decision that destroy you.