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Ejaculation a week after vasectomy Reversal

Hi I’m concern because I get my Reversal and 7 days after procedure I ejaculated by Masturbation doing everything very smoothly and gentle, after that I read in the internet that I’m supposed to wait two to three weeks before any sexual intercourse or ejaculation. Now I’m scare that I broke the connections or the sutures. Any advice.

Im no expert, but are you in any pain? Did your dr give you any specific instructions? I would contact the surgeon that did your reversal and ask for their advise. I would say the best thing to do at this point would be to just not do it again until the proper time frame. My understanding is that while they don’t recommend it that early, that doesn’t mean it WILL break something, just that there’s a better chance. My guess is that you would have noticed it if it broke open, so maybe hold off for a few more weeks.

Thanks for the advice I did call my Dr and he said to me that I shouldn’t be concerned, and that I shouldn’t do that again. I still feel the same as that day nothing strange or different. I just really don’t want to mess this surgery.

I just got around to responding to your original thread/inquiry @jonathanrvs15. I’ve been on the road all day long other than short breaks to eat, etc.

Chances are you will be just fine. I’d say you have a 50/50 still based on your description of the event.

No point in totally freaking out, although I do understand why you are. I feel confident saying that you knew the risks beforehand, and did it anyway.

Furthermore, I understand the temptation. When I was put back together (both times) I felt the urge to do the same thing.

At least two member’s on this site had a nocturnal emission (wet dream) before their date. It happened to me about ~8-10 days post redo reversal, and it didn’t cause it to fail. It failed ~2 years down the road (fertility wise).

Try to be at peace best you can because there’s nothing you can do about it now. Beins you say you were gentle about it, perhaps everything will work out still. I’d guess your VR surgeon has you on an NSAID for a while still. If so, keep taking it as directed, and obviously, you should tell your VR surgeon this story too.

Feel free to update this thread regarding if your reversal fails fertility wise, or doesn’t. I’m sure others would find value in hearing what it did, or did not do, although it would be hard to prove one way or another. Reversal failure happens right out the door to many men. Whatever the case, I’d like an update. It’s the least you could do for us as a community.

BTW, how long were you vasectomized? And how long did your reversal surgeon tell you to wait before your first ejaculation?

Thank you for your advice and your respond, I will follow my Dr instructions. Also I will update this post after I get my sperm count in two months to help other people anyhow.

My vasectomy was 11 years ago, my surgeon told me two to three weeks, I already call him explaining everything I did and he said that I should not be concerned. I was only trying to know if another persons had pass similar situation just to know the outcome of others, as an understanding and knowledge.