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Ejaculating after reversal

Hi guys. How long should a man wait to ejaculate after a reversal. I read that you should wait as long as you can, one month or more, to let the vases heal.

Hi I waited 2 weeks just be prepared for a change the vásectomy makes you forget how good it was I hope you get it all back mate

I’ve waited exactly 2 weeks. Was super careful, as was really sore for some time after reversal

Typical protocols with a highly experienced reversal surgeon is 2-3 weeks tops, and 2 weeks is very common.

The surgeons that tell men to wait longer are likely telling you that because they suspect you will cheat, and do it sooner, and I’d recommend running as fast as you can from those people.

My input is assuming you are going to have a reversal where the surgeon is actually concerned about patency. Don’t assume anything. Do all your homework on whomever you choose beforehand, not afterwards.

The doctor said two weeks. And its been two weeks since then. But I read in many sites that you should wait three or four. There is one doctor on the Internet that says men should wait three months because thats the time that takes the vas to heal 80%
I just want to get my life back. I cant stand this nightmare anymore. You guys are the only people who understand my suffering. You are strong but I am very weak. I lost my job, my girl, everything in a couple of weeks. This is my last chance. I am not like you that can fight for years. I am tired and its been only a few months in.

Ultimately, I would recommend you do exactly what you were told to do by your reversal surgeon. It’s probably not a good idea to spontaneously start bending his/her rules to your satisfaction, and you can take what I said in my initial response to the bank.

Would you provide a link to this doctor please? I want to see that in writing.

Seems to me that you are figuring some of this out as you go. That is not recommended.

I’m sorry to hear this. I will help you with whatever I can brother.

You are likely stronger than you think. Take things one day at a time.

I am sorry to hear this. Imagine what some of these other guys are going through. Imagine the torment they must be experiencing. Be glad your not in their predicament.

To put everyone’s mind at ease on this one, I had a “wet dream” the very night after my reversal in 2006. I was shitting bricks. I talked with my doc and he said that’s actually fairly normal (due to all the stimulation, apparently :slight_smile:) and told me not to panic.

Thirteen years later, I shot 78MM sperm count.

That’s not to say ejaculating is good for you post-op and I’d suggest waiting the advised waiting period, but if something happens, it doesn’t mean reversal failure.

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I wondered what effect that would have; although, I bet when they cut open the vas a lot of the built up pressure is released.

Please have a look at Carolina Vasectomy Reversal’s site. Dr. Daniel says men should wait as much as possible before ejaculating.

I didn’t see it. This is actually the Dr I was considering going to; I live 30 min from his office. Do you have any experience with him?

I see on his site it says it takes 90 days for the surgery site to resume 80% of it’s strength. I seem to see a lot of people on here that were advised to ejuculate much sooner to “keep it open”. I wonder why there is this disparity?

I will retract my statement in regard to running as fast as you can from VR surgeons that tell men to wait 30 days or longer. Instead, and assuming you the reader read this thread beforehand - proceed with educated caution when you hear wait times like that.

The reason I said that is because I have heard exactly what I said come out of a VR surgeons mouth in regard to they’re reasoning for waiting so long. In hindsight, I interpreted their remarks as dishonest and manipulative at minimum. Why play mind games with clients that don’t know any better? Why not be straight up about it all from the get go?

You can fact check me regarding my statement. Beyond what I just retracted and/or clarified, I still stand by what I said in my initial response. I never said “all” experienced VR surgeons have a 2-3 week protocol.

I don’t see anything on Dr Daniels website, FAQ page, etc, that suggests waiting 3 months post reversal to ejaculate. I see 30 days.

Dr Daniel’s website can be found here -

Furthermore, Dr Daniels sounds like a great candidate for VR, VR for pain, VR etc. He’s straight up about pretty much everything. He’s definitely experienced. I reads good anyway. I hope he’s not one of those VR surgeons that doesn’t do SA’s on pain guys. I really hate mind games.

On a final note, IDK why all the differences regarding the wait time, and some other things I see between Dr D, and other top tier VR surgeons. But, there are definitely some differences.

Thanks for all the input ringostar. On Dr Daniels FAQ it says about how they recommend 30 days but it takes 90 to reach 80% strength. If I go on to do a consult with him I’ll be upfront about the disparity with other doctors recommending much less. Like you said, no mind games; I want the best info. If you tell me wait 30 days then I blow my vas because I only waited 2 that’s on me. But they shouldn’t say 90 if 30 is the magic number.

Rings, didn’t you say elsewhere that frequent ejaculation after reversal helps keeps things open? I can see why that would be; but, like you said, there must be an optimal number that Varys a bit person to person.

Dr Daniels says he uses 20-30 perminante sutures per vas to vas. He said dissolvable sutures can cause inflamation which can lead to scarring and that only doing 4-6 sutures can cause the seal to not be water right.

I’m new here so I just wanted to see if all that sounds up to snuff. If this guy seems like a good one that’s great because hes right next door. The big trick is to figure out how to get my military butcher drs to let me go “out of network” and pay for my own surgery if I have to.

I don’t see where it says to wait 90 days. My interpretation of what I read on Dr D’s FAQ is, ejaculating post reversal begins at 30 days. And he simply states that it takes up to 90 days to achieve 80% healing. I assume he mentions the 90 days - 80% part just to give the reader an idea of how long the healing process takes.

Not to complicate things, but I have definitely heard elsewhere from an experienced reliable source or two - the entire healing process on the inside post reversal is 18 months.

I was told 2 weeks by Dr. Marks. Honestly I had to catch myself a couple of times from having wet dreams towards the end of the 2 weeks

I don’t want to ask for more details than your comfortable giving, but how can one stop their self? Also, are there any natural means or medications that can reduce Lobito for that purpose?

I wonder if after having been bottled up for so long the stern is bound to find its way up?

I think that is one of my biggest fears; that even while I would be able to hold off as long as I had to to make sure the surgery was a sucess, if one had a wet dream that could ruin the surgery.

I’ve read of people still taking papaya seed powder after reversal to reduce pressure until they can start releasing it; I suppose that can’t hurt.