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Hi all,

I’m two weeks out of vasectomy reversal. This is what has happened with me,

First week - morning wood, energy, libido up, mood amazing

I then took a squeeze type knock to the left testicle getting into a car. Instant panic attack feeling that continued with nausea for 24hrs.

second week - no morning wood, energy down, libido down, mood terrible until about 10am

I have heard the stories of people instantly getting good and staying good, I’ve heard the stories of people’s T levels increase months to years after reversal. What I’m hoping is that there is somebody out there who can relate to this and tell me a good news story? Has anyone come good, then gone down and then come back good again?

I’m petrified that I’ve muffed it for good now.

The hard thing is that anyone doing well has left these forums and got on with life. (can’t blame them). So it’s hard to hear from those that have done ok.

all I can say is… if you reverse for libido/ED issues… DO NOT MOVE for four weeks. It’s just not worth the risk. I wish a took a month off work. I wish I never moved, I wish I wore a cricket box.


This is very true. You should plan on doing absolutely nothing for at least two weeks. It is so easy to have an accident. I recommend people do not reverse before the holidays as there are a lot of social obligations and that makes it hard to say “no, I’m not doing that”
I bumped my groin on a laptop tray, bucked my hips up into it, and gave myself a small hematoma 9 days after my reversal. I ended up being fully patent with pretty big numbers though thank god.

Plan on doing nothing for 2 weeks and if anyone gives you a hard time for laying around tell them to go to hell. Ice, ice baby…


Hear hear. I had my reversal in mid-June and went back to work after the 4th of July. Same for my back surgery. Had that on December 4 and didn’t leave the house other than 2 follow-up doctor visits Christmas Day.


Christmas day? Really? That’s service, lol. On a side note, I remember Christmas day was the first day after my reversal that I could ejaculate. I guess everyone knows how I spent my Christmas morning, snicker.


Looks like I left out the word 'til.


Right. I was like, I know we don’t all celebrate Christmas but that struck me as really odd.



Bit of an update to keep the info flowing.

The day I did my bump I got some semen eject doing a number 2. Haven’t seen that since Pre vas. It was thick creamy white.

Today I managed a bit more during no 2 with some effort. It was watery and clear just like when this problem started. I was getting a little better each day even Pre VR and so was semen quality.

I’m back at square one for now. Worse than Pre reversal but providing I haven’t busted anything I’d expect a more rapid recovery this time.


Some updates,

I’ve started a course of Ibuprofen in an attempt to reduce inflammation. I’ve clearly still got inflammation. Not severe but epi on both sides is tender. Mainly on left but some right.

In terms of recovery, I am still drained at night then perk right up around 10am. My libido appears high but that I think has a lot to do with not having release for almost three weeks. Erections however are looking like they are going to be a problem.
No night wood. None. A kiss and cuddle with the girl was springing things to life but that seems to be fading as well. Overall feeling is I’m going backwards and I could be wrong but it seems like my testis are shrinking.

Going to a new urologist next week. Hopefully I can convince him for an mri to look for damage on the left side. It just doesn’t feel right that this has happened. I am still concerned the left side vas Def got pulled apart. It would offer some explanation to the symptoms.

Would love to hear other reversal stories that had a similar experience.


Figured I’d hit on your thread, and give you my perspective. For anyone reading this that doesn’t keep up will all the threads and posts on this site, the thread below ties into this thread the OP started prior to this one.

I personally think your over thinking, or overanalyzing everything. Your thoughts in your prior thread seemed to be based on a whole lot of opinion, and very little fact, if any, regarding what’s going on with your body, your case findings regarding cause and effect, no proof what so ever regarding what’s happening with your testosterone at any given moment within a day, whats happening after you ejaculate, etc.

It’s unlikely, yet not impossible that you tore one of your repairs apart. If you did, I’d think you’d be in considerably more pain, perhaps have a hematoma, etc.

I think your going to stress yourself out if you keep on the path your on far as all the immediate
post reversal theories, worries about every glitch, energy levels, hard on’s, etc. I really think your going to drive yourself nuts if you don’t get it together, and allow yourself to recover at a realistic rate.

I’m not trying to sound harsh, rude, or anything of the sorts, but I’d honestly have to tell you that however you were feeling, and dealing with this prior to your reversal seems to have carried into your reversal recovery.

I felt energy surging through me post redo reversal, yet not with my first, and it took several weeks to really kick in. My first reversal was basically a dud fertility wise, and my second wasn’t by any means.

Figured I’d also mention that I’ve never said why, or speculated down to a theory as to why I felt energy surging through me post redo reversal. To this day I feel it could be related to several possibilities, and psychosomatic isn’t one of them.

My redo reversal surgeon said he’d heard men report what I was saying many times, yet I have zero data to look at regarding who all felt this way afterwards far as were some of the men he spoke of even fertile.

Hard to say with any certainty what’s going on with you, but like I said, try to pull yourself together, continue to let your body heal, don’t worry so much, stop thinking everything has some meaning, and jumping to immediate conclusions so early in your recovery.

I hope for the best for you, and felt it was time to say what’s been running through my mind regarding your case.

Keep us posted, and best of luck.


Hi Ringostar,

You are perfectly right that I’m jumping to conclusion and not giving myself time and it doesn’t help me or anyone else. I apologise for that. It’s very difficult for all of us going through this.

My previous comments on testosterone relate more to how I ‘felt’. I felt like they went way up when I had pain. I had night wood etc that left me when the pain left and can only draw from this evidence.

I believe my problem is lowered testosterone levels. I believe the cause is orchitis of the testis causing atrophy. My vasectomy induced inflammation of the epididymis. The inflammation lead to antigen exposure outside the testis (exposure to the immune system). The specific antigen I believe is responsible is a protein called zonadhesin which is part of sperm. This exposure is catalysed through breach of the blood testis barrier due to vasectomy. Exposure to this antigen brings one of two reactions. In most men it brings sperm antigen tolerance through CD4+ interactions. CD4+ are types of treg cells. Some tregs regulate reactions keeping them low others are pathogenic and aggressive. In some men, pathogenic CD4+ cells mount an autoimmune reaction and subsequent orchitis.

I’ve done my research and this is all I have. It’s the closest medically recorded evidence that fits my symptoms. Most uro’s, GPs and surgeons are ignorant to the immune system and probably have never picked up a medical paper to prove themselves wrong when they say that ‘it can’t happen’

I read of people saying that that reversal saved their life. I read that they felt energy surge through them and that they got morning wood straight after the operation. None of these people however gave a detailed account of the recovery process. Did the morning wood stay right through? Did libido, mood etc stay or did it dwindle then return? We are all different so perhaps it’s not relevant. I know I need to relax and heal.

I’ve read much of your posted information and also others. I appreciate the input all provide and I wish for everyone to get better.


No problem buddy. Yes, I m aware of the reactions to ones own sperm, etc, and how they seem to vary man to man, and everything else you mentioned in regard to that. I’ve been reading about this stuff for over 8+ years in pain forums like this one, and what your talking about
definitely isn’t a new one on me.

I too had morning wood, random wood, etc immediately post redo reversal, not so much the first reversal. I also had a wet dream around a week into my redo reversal recovery. I had two completely different recoveries reversal vs redo reversal. My recoveries were night and day different, nothing alike, or not much anyway.

It’s quite possible it was my testosterone surging post redo reversal, but it could also be related to my body not absorbing so much sperm daily. Perhaps it was my primary and secondary hormones going back into the norm. Perhaps all of the above. Who knows. I felt very much like my pre vas self shortly post redo reversal. I felt great.

When my redo reversal failed, I didn’t notice an immediate change in how I felt. Sometimes I do feel like my testosterone is low, but without several early morning tests to verify that’s the case, I am only assuming. I try to not let how I feel go to my head as I do believe that many people do create their own problems that are more mental than anything else. I’ve always said that half the battle in regard to beating pvps, etc is mental, and I say that because I’ve experienced many of the mental pit falls myself in the past.

I still get occasional morning wood, random wood, etc, my sex drive is in the normal range for me, which I’d consider to be high. I don’t have ED like I did post vasectomy, in fact, I’d say I did a complete 180 many years ago.


It takes years for T to recover from vasectomy, chronic pain will also lower it. Some forum members had good stats, and his T climbed back to normal after nearly 10 years.


Don’t forget about another guy on this site that had been vasectomized for 26~ years. He had a unilateral epididymectomy (epi removal on one testicle) many years ago, who had his testosterone levels tested shortly before his recent unilateral reversal. Pre reversal his testosterone tested out at nearly 1000~. His story is on this site, and goes against what some, or many believe to be fact regarding a definitive relationship between reversals that were successful fertility wise and testosterone levels increasing over time.

I’m not saying there isn’t a relationship between reversals that were successful fertility wise and testosterone, but I am saying there isn’t a one size fits all answer to all of this, and people shouldn’t assume to much and present it as fact.

I definitely believe individual cases vary man to man, and I certainly don’t have all the answers.



I’m tapping out of this forum for a couple months to concentrate on healing and focus on a positive outcome.

For anyone reading on reversal recovery I can tell you it’s a roller coaster of ups and downs. Everyone is likely different but I’m finding that if one day you are down and out as I’ve described above you could be up again in a few days with positive recovery. We all heal differently.

Overall look after yourself, don’t fear and beyond all stay positive!

I’ll monitor Pms if anyone wants to get in contact.


Keep us posted if you can. Understand the need to step away.