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ED issues only--Reversal or heal with time?

First, thank you all for this awesome forum. I’m sure you’ve prevented many men from making the vas mistake and have helped those who have (like me)!

I hope my topic fits in this thread–I don’t have the pain of PVPS but am suffering regarding ED. So I guess I’m one of the luckier of the unlucky, if that makes sense. My heart goes out to those in constant pain.

For me, I went from no problems ever (down there, as well as health-wise in general) to a constantly deflated penis, waking up thinking I feel an erection only to discover it’s still soft, difficult erections with massive concentration and physical stimulation that are much softer and strange feeling compared to pre-vas, lack of feeling down there (maybe 25% of what it was) and unsatisfying climax. I took a shower this afternoon and washing my penis didn’t feel any different than washing my elbow, except that at least my elbow was hard. My urine stream has weakened too.

I’m just under two weeks out. I know I’m still in the “healing” time zone big time, but I wanted to ask a couple major questions to stay out in front of this.

#1–Does any of you know of examples of men who improved regarding post-vasectomy ED issues, without a reversal, when it’s this bad?

#2–If I do resort to a reversal months down the road, I’ve heard most of them “fail” eventually; when reversals fail, does that bring back ED symptoms, or are most men improved just by just having things reconnected, even if it does fail later on?

I appreciate any help you guys can provide. I’ve scoured the forum but have had trouble finding answers on these two questions. My apologies if I’ve missed a thread somewhere. Thank you for your help!

Two weeks is a very short amount of time. I had similar issues as you, not much pain and some ED. I’m 7 months post vas now and to be honest it’s a roller coaster. Sometimes I have no issues, other times the ED is more prevalent. I have to be more focused to maintain an erection, which never used to be the case. I will say things seemed to improve as the months went on, but I am now scheduled for a reversal as I just want to get off the roller coaster and get things back to the way they were as much as possible and see where it goes from there.

Thank you so much for your reply. Was it total ED at first and then got better, or was it up and down (figuratively and literally speaking, haha) the whole time? Good luck with your reversal! When are you scheduled and do you mind sharing which clinic you chose? I’m considering the PUR center in Orlando with Dr. P, but I’m going to give it some more time before deciding if I do the reversal.

Was never total ED, though there have been times I’ve been ready to go and there is just no response down there. It has been more difficult getting and maintaining the erection. Especially in the beginning. I needed more stimulation than pre vas. Pre vas my wife would breathe on me and I would get an erection. No longer the case. Also noticed erection certainly does not seem as firm. I had my T checked and it was in the mid 200’s after the vas. I suspect it dropped some after the vas, but same as practically everyone on here, I did not have it checked pre vas, so hard to say. My doc who did the vas suggested T replacement, but why do that? It was never an issue before the vas, all of a sudden I have the vas and need T replacement. The point of the vas was not to be on T and eventually ED drugs. So here I am with the reversal. I’m down in south Florida and using reversal specialist at university of Miami.

Good luck to you. I’m hoping everything goes great and you get back close to normal. Please keep us updated! Thank you.

Thanks, I’ll definitely update my progress and recovery with the reversal.

I went through this as well, my T started dropping from day 5, and stayed at that level until about 5 weeks. I had it tested at at around 3.5 weeks, it was about 160 ng/dL. I had pretty bad ED during that time. Luckily my total T started improving slowly between weeks 5 and 7. Although my free T was a quarter of what it was before. It took about 6 months for my free T to rise to about 75% of pre-vas levels.

Overall, I don’t think my total and free T levels will ever bounce back to pre-vas levels. So I just have to learn to live with this new normal. My urologist said, maybe the T drop is a coincidence, and that he had never seen this happen before. It’s the same BS they all say.

If you are younger, I believe your T levels will recover more quickly. This study says that the drop in T is likely due to surgical stress : Whatever I went through is pretty much in line with what’s described in this study from 1976 ! This study was done for about 40 weeks only. It says that the percentage of free T and FSH is significantly lesser than pre-vas levels and that there is an yet unkown feedback loop.

Like you, I also thought about reversal a lot during the first few weeks. My suggestion would be to get all your records from your urologist, especially the operation report and the pathology report which should say how much vas was removed. Most reversal surgeons ask for this.

Hello there, my condolences for what you are going through. many of us are following several threads in this area. i wanted to share a bit of my experience and the only solution that finally worked for me.

like many, i trusted my doctor to “know best” to not pay attention to all the possible consequences. At first, things seem to go well. no ED, no pain. after about a year, i started to notice some discomfort and got the realization of something wrong after getting progressive ED.

Being a triathlete, i shrugged off the ED to “training tiredness.” not giving it much thought cause i am healthy and under 40 "there is no way i’m in that 5% of cases!. after about 2 years, i started seeing that it wasn’t my training and wasn’t normal. i began to seek help from doctors and they shrugged it off as psychological, (all T levels and other lab results were in the high range) except that i had pain, so i had them focus on that as a reason to get a Vas reversal. it took two years to convince them, but got them to pay.

several months in after reversal, i was feeling some level of “normal,” pain i had was gone, but after 6 months, ED was coming back. i went back to research and learned that a varicocele can have effect on such things, so i plowed again with doctors and had varicocele surgery two years later. again within a few months, felt better, but after 6 months again, it came back! after waiting a bit to give it time to fully heal and confirm my issue wasn’t resolved. i tried alternate solutions, EMS/TENS, heat, sonic waves, and finally shockwave therapy.

i went on to buy my own shockwave machine and it seemed to start to work, went through the whole program - 2 sessions a week for 3 weeks, 3 weeks off, followed by another phase 2 session. again, there seemed to be some progression, but it was bleak and learned that the reason there was reaction was due to the added blood flow of damage to the area. this in turn was the case after having the surgeries. the body’s mechanism for healing kicked in with adding more blood to the area which gave the perception of being “healed”

after learning this, i submitted to the result that i was not getting rid of this ED and turned to generic cialis. the drug worked and felt new, however, in my mind i couldn’t resolve with the thought of taking drugs to get excited specially while young and healthy, nevermind the side effects i was getting from it. blurred vision, headaches and some minor things. i settled to contact doctor again who scheduled a sonogram to do a scan of blood vessels which confirmed a slight closing of the main vein. not much was given to resolve except, keep taking drugs. i was already broken, so not getting any better news didn’t mean much. i felt i had tried everything possible and still nothing… but at least there were drugs that were seemingly messing me up in other ways, but necessary. yet, somehow this didn’t feel as where i should be…

being a man of faith - Christ following faith at that, i went through all the protocols of questioning as much as i went through grief process. at this point, i can honestly say that i tried everything humanly possible to resolve my issue on my own strength, so i prayed… and just so happened that there was an “Encounter God” conference with someone who has been known as having the “healing” gift coming up, but guess what hit that time frame… COVID - the people who were supposed to be there couldn’t fly in and the conference changed directions. i went anyway in faith. the first day went ok, hopeful for an encounter, second day was bleak and started to loose some hope, after debating to show up the third day, i settled to go and glad i did.

i know this may be beyond the thought and scope of what others believe and can fathom, but there is something to be said about about a “being raised from the dead after 3 days” the guest speaker spoke over the people and felt a prophetic unction to say that many had been struggling with issues over these last several years and began to pray over many of us who raised their hands. nothing really happened after, didn’t feel anything “miraculous” or “magical” but i felt some level of hope.

that week, i tried to move in faith and stop/ limit taking drugs, and in honesty, it was difficult - specially noticing that there wasn’t much “rising” in me… except that there was change occurring. i noticed morning risings were coming back stronger and settled to stop all drugs and supplements.

it’s been 2 months since and i can honestly say that i am fully healed. there is something to be said about this season of pandemic both in my own little world and the rest of the world… only God is in control.

in this, i went through a period of asking forgiveness for what i had done for not wanting kids and wanting “control” over all these things… i asked God to forgive me also for this control and to help me undo what i had done. (there is a bigger back story, but not enough time here) and he had mercy and as always shown mercy and compassion and his willingness to see my brokenness and truly heal me.

maybe this is nonsense talk for you, but for me it’s real… i tried it all and had no results… in true humility and brokenness, i went to God - through Christ Jesus, and he saved me from myself!

and maybe, just maybe doing so Christ Jesus will save you as well!