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Drastic times.....(there’s your minimum 15 characters)

What if I just eat a few Vicodin and take a goddamned filet knife to my nuts? Think they’d do a reversal while they’re in there?

No. They wouldn’t. Not a covered benefit.

I feel you. I’ve coughed up the cash for 2 reversals out-of-pocket.

I’m sorry to hear this, bro.

Goddamned evil insurance companies.

The denial of my appeal for a reversal was a real kick in the nuts (pun intended). It messed me up psychologically pretty bad.

Had to make an emergency appointment with my psychiatrist yesterday because I was legitimately losing my shit. She put me on seroquel (an antipsychotic). In a separate post in the “Medications” section, I explain that it can shut down sperm production by increasing prolactin levels. I’m hoping it does so I can hopefully get some relief.

My last recourse with the evil insurance company is to pursue my second level appeal. I will, but I fully expect it to be denied too.

They will always turn you down at first. You have to fight with them. Really fight. Ask about escalation. Say the pain will end up costing them more money. It’s just what they do. Keep fighting them. Send them some medical papers on vasectomy reversal for pain.