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Dr. Rosenblum, pain specialist, gives his candid reactions while reading descriptions of PVPS on his podcast

Wondering if any of you recently went to Dr. Rosenblum for help with PVPS?

He sounds like a very careful pain specialist and talks about for example doing nerve blocks under ultrasonic guidance.

His recent podcast episode highlights PVPS after he met a man with PVP that did not get better after a couple of sperm granulomas were removed.

You can practically hear him shaking his head in disbelief as he reads the description of the changes to the body that occur post vasectomy:

Dr. Rosenblum:

I was in the office yesterday and a patient came in with a unique problem that I have to admit I have’t really seen before and this problem was that of post operative vasectomy pain.

Just to give a little review, I found an article that goes over this. This is mainly from the genitourinary literature as opposed to the pain management literature however I think it’s still important to go over this.

So they go in to talk about how it’s a well tolerated procedure in general, it’s also of course part of the whole family planning thing and about 42 million couples worldwide, or men from those couples, go through this.

After vasectomy, changes can occur in all areas of the genital track which are proximal to the vasectomy site. Adverse testicular histology after vasectomy has been reported in animals that they studied. They found increased phagocytosis of the Sertoli cells … there’s quantitative morphometric analysis of testicular histology in men after the vasectomy will show dilatation of the seminiferous tubules, interstitial fibrosis, and reductions in the seminiferous cell population

Doesn’t sound fun. I don’t think I would do this.

Vasectomy disrupts the blood testis barrier resulting in detectable levels of anti-sperm antibodies in men. There are long term effects of vasectomy on the humoral antibody response knowin instance of agglutinating antibodies increase to 60 percent by four years after vasectomy. It doesn’t appear to lead to any cell mediated immunity to sperm antigens.

Now this doesn’t really sound great, to be honest. I don’t know if it’s clinically significant in general, but this… I don’t like the idea of that.

The causes of post vasectomy pain syndrome still are controversial. There are some theories saying there’s obstruction and dialation of the epididymal duct producing interstitial fibrosis. The other suggestion is perineural fibrosis and inflammation after the rupture of the epididymal ducts, extravasation of the spermatazoa around the epididymal tubules at the site of the vasal transection and the nerves in the area can become fibrous, distorted, there can be lymphatic infiltration … a different degree of local fibrosis after the inflammatory response and the varying extent of epididymal compression can also cause the subjective scrotal pain that many patients will descrribe.

This does not sound like something fun.


Interesting but why are they then not letting men know the real downside to vasectomy

Dr. Rosenblum is a pain doc, not a urologist. So he woukd not be counselling patients prior to vasectomy.

But yes, the urologists should be giving men fair warning about PVPS.

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I asked the urologist that did mine if the vasectomy can effect my orgasm. He says with a huge smile on his face “No this won’t have any effect on your orgasm it will be exactly the same as before”

Then I asked him how many times would I be able to have sex with it. He says again with a big smile on his face “As many times as you want”

Man I would love to take a fishing fillet knife and gut that bastard of all his organs

I hear you, and I share your anger. I’m trying to hit these guys where it really hurts by letting the cat out of the bag.

@bobjohn420911 could you say when was your vasectomy, and describe your experience a bit more?

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  1. I got coerced into doing it. I was 20 years old got a girl pregnant. She was OCD Bi polar.
    She began cutting her wrists. I told her I was not ready for a kid. She also had told me prior to having sex that she could not have kids as a doctor had told her that. I was a virgin. She told me I did not have to use condom. I was gullible. She gets pregnant and I tell her i cannot handle this ask your dad. Her dad tells her to get abortion. 3 months later she says that she will only get an abortion if I get a vasectomy. I also have no experience with condoms as she told me since she is already pregnant we dont need to use them. So when I got to urologist he was telling me that I should just use condoms. However I had it in my head they don’t work for me.

I also lied and told him this girl already had an abortion and I don’t want her to have one again. Really stupid of me. HOWEVER. This guy gives me paper work with warnings about all the complications. Except he doesn’t or hardly mentions anything about them himself. Tells me that this is virtually painless.

Also told me It would not effect orgasm. Also told me I could have sex as much as I want.
Bad thing is the next day the girl was even telling me I don’t have to get it. I guess she was more aware of this urologists creepy vibes then me. I was just so scared about her having this baby now and it being born with defects because she had been saying things like “cant wait to get this parasite out of me” ahhh man I got the worst luck.

When I went to get the vasectomy. I was even telling them 10 minutes before surgery that I am not sure about this. The nurses start asking me right there If I want kids. I respond with " well not right now" Doctors are all just waiting in the room for me. I just walk in after contemplating it for a second and he says to take off my pants and I just do it. Man i was so brainwashed into submission.

I can’t believe the people that already have had problems are not revolting or starting a revolution and getting revenge or protesting. However I kind of understand because when I got this it gave me crippling depression and was unable to even function mentally. Let alone organize a revolution of some sort.

The crazy thing is there are a large percentage of people who get this and they are so brain washed/manipulated that they believe the vasectomy had no effect on them and they say it is the best decision they have made. I find that impossible because surely their testicles must be backed up and there epididymises must be inflammed from being backed up. I just bet they are so brainwashed they are in a delusional state of denial.

Its actually so insane. You wear a condom and the only possible side effect is the 0.1 % chance of it breaking if you happen to go inside a dry vagina. If you used lube or made sure the girl is wet there is no chance of it failing. There are no other side effects from a condom. No pain at all or injury.

Yet people swear vasectomy is a good idea even though you are garanteed to go through weeks of pain afterwards. You also need to wear condoms anyways for the 3 months after anyways. Why not just wear condoms instead.

It is like people go through so much pain from this and will just say " This is the best decision of my life" as if they are under some sort of hypnosis. These people freak me right out.

It freaks me out how I even got this. I know I was manipulated but… its almost something bigger then that. I was a into conspiracys growing up. I believed in the truths. However little did I know I wound of being VICTIM of one of the biggest medical conspiracys ever. That no one even talks about.

The conspiracy how men are being neutered and fixed like dogs and cats.

No offence. I know we are still human and men. However it is really the plain truth. Men are being fixed like dogs. It is a conspiracy unlike any other. I realized it after about a month after getting my vasectomy. Before this vasectomy I could not possible have comprehended or even fathomed an idea in my wildest imagination. The information was all at my fingertips. The reason I did not further research vasectomy before I got it was a number of reasons. I did not believe it. I also was not looking because I was scared about girl having baby and I was scared of not getting the vasectomy out of fear. So I did not try and scare myself about it.

Oh what bad luck I have.

I honestly just want to die. People should no better then to take off their pants for strangers.
The whole thing should be suspicious enough. Man I dread so much on it. I cannot believe I got it done. Damn it.


Well said man. It’s crazy how it just takes a doctor laughing off the “myths” and saying trust me it’s all fine and we switch our brains off. It’s the same feeling a fish must have when that tasty looking worm turns out to be a hook.


Great rant @bobjohn420911. Sadly, I can relate to much of what you said, but you had me laughing more than once.


I assure you that there are much bigger ones :wink: