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Dr P two different kinds of reversals

Recently talked to Dr P again about a reversal. He stated that he could do one that’s to reconnected me but not specifically for fertility. Kinda caught me off guard. We went on to other items. But was thinking, what’s the point.

Anyone else talk to him and get that offer?

Just curious.

And hello to the old guard. Still here still holding on.

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Welcome back. Maybe two different techniques but, for my money, fertility is the goal because that’s what ensures sperm remains inside the reproductive tract and exits via ejaculation. Anything short of that seems like a waste of money to me.

Thanks, Yea that’s what I was thinking. Smh. Not sure why he said that or offered it because restoring flow is the whole point right, to relieve pressure? lol.

My wife still on me on doing something about my condition. Just so afraid of doing this(a reversal) and getting worse. Right now kinda near impossible to work a regular job even in my field. But I can work and I do make some money.