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Dr. P no longer with PUR clinic

As of Sept 1, Dr. P will no longer be at the PUR clinic. Does anyone have further information?

How do you know?
I can’t find it online. Did you talk to him recently?
I had one consultation with him last year and been planning to follow up with him. If that’s no longer possible, that’d be a huge loss

Call the office to make an appt and they will tell you.

Bummer to hear. If anyone learns more, I’d appreciate hearing. Don’t need him now, but have rested easier knowing he was a quick flight away.

Any opinions on Dr. Brahmbhatt?

Perhaps he’s still around? @S_Parekattil_MD @Sijo

He is seeing up his own clinic a couple of towns over. Will be open November time frame from what I know.

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Dear All,
I am starting my own new clinic in Winter Garden, FL:
Avant Concierge Urology
Have partnered with Karl-Storz from Germany and we are building the first dedicated high def 3D digital microsurgical office based suite in the US - its awesome. Will be able to do reversals, blocks, cryo, denervation, etc - basically everything we do in an office based setting with IV sedation (anesthesia) or nitrous. So the self pay pricing for all our procedure has dramatically dropped even though we are using some new cutting edge technology.
Feel free to reach out to me directly at my email:
or my cell phone at:

Thank you for letting me take care of you
Dr. Sijo Parekattil

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Hi, Dr. P., thank you for the update!
I understand that the Karl-Storz high def 3D it´s an optical system, is that right? So, in any case, are you planning to keep making the reversals using a robot or “by hand”

Yes, using enhanced 3D magnification and using my hands. We will be doing some of the FDA trials on a new robotic microsurgical system for the office (MMI) hopefully mid next year.
Thank you

Sijo Parekattil, M.D.

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Glad to hear you’re still around in case we need you! All the best wishes for you new venture.

Scott Holter

Dear Dr. P, glad to read you are still available for us who suffer from PVPS. Will you take your patient files / medical records with you, or if I contact you again, do we have to start from scratch? BR

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Any former patients can contact me at our new office and we can arrange for you to sign a medical release form to allow us to transfer your medical records from PUR Clinic to our new clinic - Avant Concierge Urology. Feel free to contact me at: or my cell 863-258-4999
Thank you for letting me take care of you

Sijo Parekattil, M.D.


Nice! Never stop innovating and sharing is a good motto.