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Dr P Client. Second surgery comning. PLEASE HELP!

I’m desperate guys. In 2004 I had hydrocele surgery on my right side and had no complications until September 2020. I started having severe stabbing pain and swelling (7/10) in the spermatic cord that gradually leveled off. Moderate pain 4/10 was worse with sitting and standing.

Three different ultraosounds revealed nothing but a varicocele on both sides. But it was clear on palpation my cord was very swollen. Always negative for infection and abnominal/pelvic CT showed nothing. I found Dr P in February. He agreed to open me up, remove both varicoceles, and see if he could find anything in the cord like a cyst or lipoma. He couldn’t and said it looked normal and sewed me back up. Said if this surgery didn’t help we could do orchiectomy after 6 weeks. That was 2 weeks ago.

Since then, my right cord has swelled up even 5x larger. It is like a damn garden hose now and my epididymis is enlarged and extremely sensitive to touch. We are heading for a right sided radical orchiectomy on May 18 which should solve my pain as it’s all in the cord and epi.

HOWEVER, the left sided varicocelectomy has left me in worse pain. There is no swelling, but moderate pain to touch. Difficult to sit and stand. I’d say the surgery has made me much worse on the left as well. Dr P is suggesting denervation now.

This will be my one good testicle. Do I wait a little longer to see if the pain from varicocelectomy surgery fades away, and risk having to do a 3rd surgery, or do a left denervation along with right orchiectomy on May 18? I have read the denervation horror stories and wish I’d left this side alone!!!

In addition to this, I had a negative reaction to Cipro in October and am dealing with bilateral ankle tendonitis for > 6 months now. My life is ruined and I DESERPATELY need a win with my testicle surgeries so I can start rehabbing my ankles properly!!!

For 7 months I’ve thought about suicide daily and I am not getting any better!

TLDR: Right sided orchiectomy due to severe swelling and pain. Moderate left pain 2 weeks after varicocelectomy. Want to know if I should wait it out or do left denervation on my one good testicle.

I am not clear here did you have a vasectomy or just had hydrocele problems. Please get some help from a therapist, having dark thoughts is not the answer.

I did not have a vasectomy. My pain started in 2004 with hydrocele and I had nothing until another issue came back 16 years later. I am here because it is a great resource for chronic orchalgia and a lot of the surgeries are similar that PVP patients have.

I’ve already spoken to a therapist. Did nothing. My mental health will improve when I’m not in severe pain every second of every day.

Guys, please keep the answers to whether I should explore denervation on May 18 on my one remaining testicle or if 3 weeks is too soon to call a varicocelectomy failed. I already know suicide is not the answer.


I would lean towards waiting a bit longer. The Cipro reaction has probably left you with a more sensitive nervous system and it may take longer to recover from surgeries and make the risk of complications from them higher.


Stop with operations and take antibiotics. You have infection, i had same twice, and there was no traces of infections after tests, but because spermatic tract is separated from your body, it may not show. Do yourself a massive favour and try antibiotics that treat uti’s.

I’ve already been on long term doxycycline, had to stop Cipro because it’s poisonous garbage, and also did a round of Keflex. No antibiotics did anything at all. What is your evidence it’s an embedded infection without any sort of confirmation?

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I was hit with similar symptoms to yours around 10 years ago, long before vasectomy. Scrotum swollen to the size of an orange, super tender to touch. One GP said that I need to be operated on as infection results were inconclusive, but when I got second opinion, I were given a very high dose of ciprofloxacin, took it for a month, and luckily got fixed.

Very lucky indeed. Cipro is a very dangerous drug and the doctor who gave it to you went outside FDA guidelines. That drug disabled me in 3 days. Still can’t walk normally 6 months later.

I’m so sorry to hear that this surgery apparently failed. I think you should wait. From one of your previous posts, I recall that the surgeon warned about increased pain for weeks after the surgery, and that’s where you are now. Doing denervation - an irreversible and risky destructive surgery - on what may possibly be passing acute post-operative pain, I don’t like the idea of that at all. It sounds like a panic decision. You are in extra pain now, and that can cloud your judgment. There are people on this forum that have had severe post-operative pain some weeks after vasectomy or other surgeries, and the advice always seems to be - wait and see. Don’t do anything rushed.


Thank you. I think this is sound advice. Once I have my right testicle removed, I will go back to pelvic floor PT which really did help calm down the nerves in the area. Maybe that will improve the left testicle pain.