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Dr. Daniels, Michael Costal Vasectomy Reversal

Hello everyone. I’m (unfortunately) new here and just posted about my situation earlier today. I am waiting to see how I heal for the next month and have a 2 month follow up with a urologist I’ve been seeing (currently I’m 5 weeks post vasectomy and think I have some form of epididimis inflamation with pain and fullness).

In just looking ahead; if it’s not manageable by Feb-March 2020, which would be around 6 months post vasectomy, I will consider getting a reversal. As mentioned in my last post, I am active duty USMC so I can only be on limited duty for a year before I risk getting kicked out, and I am willing to roll the dice because I have to provide for my kids, espically my youngest (3) with a kidney issue.

If it comes to it, I feel like since, from what I’ve read, with the first shot at reversal being ones best shot for success, I should go with a specialist in reversals vs a standard urologist, even if that meaning paying out of pocket.

I live 40 minuets away from Carolina Vasectomy Reversal, where a Dr Michael Daniel practices. Seems he only does reversals and has been doing them for 30 years. Has great reviews.

Again, I’m holding it until at least Feb-Mar, 6 months post vasectomy, but does any one have experience with this dr?

The overall skill of the surgeon is important, but I’m not convinced you have to go with one who’s mentioned on this forum frequently for treating PVPS victims. The purpose of the reversal is to re-establish flow and unclog the epis. Perhaps the only difference in a pain patient would be the removal of scar tissue. Ask this doc what he’ll do if he finds any. Other than that, if he has success stories in making new fathers, he could be just as good as one who routinely treats pain patients.

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I agree raising4girls. I was very nervous on selecting the right one.

I just had a reversal with Dr Werthman in LA. He was fantastic. Very skilled. I screwed up when getting out of the car and now have what I think is a hematoma on one side (my fault). The other side seems to be healing almost easier than the original snip.

In researched a ton. Here’s what i looked for and mind you i have a long recovery road ahead so I am not someone who is a strong authority here:

  1. Have they done plenty of reversals? Like thousands
  2. Do they only do 1 a day? They should have plenty of time to do yours unrushed.
  3. No training other people during procedure
  4. Are priced “right”. Ie are they not the cheapest discount shop
  5. Are they trained in microscopic surgery? If so, for a good amount of time
  6. They are not pushing you into surgery rather giving you all the options
  7. Are they not over promising things they cannot promise
  8. How much do they advertise/ sell as too much seems like a red flag l. This one was a little hard to understand. In speaking to a doc friend of mine, he pointed out that fertility / reversal is typically an elective procedure so they have to market some vs typical “needed” procedures which are referred inside a medical system. In fact, my red flag with werthman was his polished website. Later i realized he just paid someone and didn’t care that much about it, which i liked.
  9. Overall comfort level with the doc. My wife both liked and disliked werthmans no-nonsense approach. He did not oversell me. Also, he has returned several emails from his personal email at night and had called me a few times off hours to check up on me. I have heard his kids in the background. Again, all things that show me he goes above and beyond.

That’s my 2 cents. Also, it’s interesting. Us pain people are much more pain in the ass to the doc than typical fertility folks. It’s for this reason that Dr Marks no longer does pain and no free consults from Burrows for pain folks. At first I did not like that but after going through this and bothering the doc a lot, I completely understand it.

Anyways, shop around and do behind the scenes background checks using whatever network you can. Dr Werthman was a super skilled and I am glad I found him. He always greets us at the door and calls himself Phil.


Thanks a lot sbnich. Wishing you the best.

What would you consider a “good” price? I’ve seen $5000-$20,000, but I assume the upper limited is for subsequent, longer since vasectomy, epic reversals, with the lower end being cheap butcher shops and the middle/lowend being vas-vas shortly after original vasectomy.

I called Dr Daniels and they quoted $7400 for first reversal, even if they open you up and determine is has to be an epi-vas; although, doing it within a year that probably would be a problem.

How long after your vasectomy did you get a reversal?

It seemed that $8.5k-$10k was the quotes i was getting for solid surgeons in California area. I realize CA might be slightly higher than other locations so that does seem reasonable. Mine was $9.3k so yours seems in the ballpark.

One thing I did appreciate was that at 3 months when I had tons of inflammation and nerve issues, he told me no way would he do surgery. The first thing he sent me to was a pelvic floor specialist which did nothing to give him revenue.

Candidly, every guy should see one after a vasectomy on my unmedical trained perspective. Mine did amazing stuff and knock out nerve damage and significantly reduced scar tissue. Find one of those ASAP who’s comfortable working with guys and will do hands on therapy.

Note - my awesome 5 year old is sitting next to me and saying to do a smiling face. So here it is. :slight_smile: he is the reason I am keeping fighting on!