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Dont know if its in the right area

hi, im just wondering how many people are on here that are under 25 in the uk i had a vasectomy back in september 2016 and as soon as i got home which i cant remember doing, i was regretting it. i can only remember sitting in the waiting room before the op cant remember any of the op or getting home but can remember then searching reversals when i got home and ever since all i have wanted to do is get it reversed ever since i have had pain as though someone is continusly pulling on my balls which gets worse when aroused and is then changes to as if someone has punched or kicked me after cumming for several hours

Welcome here Paul. Sorry you are here but I can assure you this is the right place.

It always surprises me when a young person opts for sterilization. Why don’t you tell us more about your story.

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i am now 24 have 4kids and married i went for the vasectomy more because of my wife she had a bad last labour but it was more that the wife and family non stop on about getting it done otherwise they would do it them selves the reason i went for it but ever since wish i never stepped foot in the doctors surgery. i have booked a appointment this evening to go speak to doc about reversal but not sure they will do it on nhs.

Man, I know the feeling. I congested up real fast after my vasectomy, began leaking bilaterally, and it messed me up bad. I would’ve reversed with a top tier surgeon 3-4 weeks post vasectomy if I could’ve.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend having a reversal within the NHS. I would recommend you get it done by a top tier reversal expert if you choose to do so. @atlanticcoast, and @Woody have had positive experiences in the UK, perhaps they will chime in here at some point.

Don’t feel alone brother, I’d say the majority of the men I’ve read about in these forums were pushed into vasectomy by their wife’s, and/or family members.

Glad you have kids. They are a blessing and will be your salvation. It is a shame men get pressured into doing this. I’m sure if you could take a pill you would have. I sure as hell would have. Condoms suck. Like jerking off with an oven mitt. You did your wife a solid but guess what, this can and does happen to a lot of men. If you choose to get that thing reversed, do it with a good surgeon. PM me if you want. I will be happy to help you any way I can.


Hi Paul,

Sorry to see you need this forum, it looks like you are approaching a year out from the vasectomy.

To me you have two components going on.

A. Pain, B. Regret

The pain problem is probably re-enforcing your ambivalent feelings post the surgery.

I 'm a good bit older than yourself and after a vasectomy in 2013 had a fairly severe cyclical pain problem and other, still not fully explained, post vasectomy health issues.

I sought a reversal when a year had elapsed and had taken a number of andrology & urology appointments to work out what was going on.

I went privately to Duncan Harris in Nottingham for that. It did cost over ÂŁ3000, but the pain was threatening my work so I thought if it resolved the pain enough it was fair value vs. the cost of not being able to perform my job as was needed.

Though of course a reversal does bring the whole contraception issue back.

I personally got to a 95% + pain resolution but relief rates do vary quite a bit, and some people do experience a lot less benefit.

Any second surgery is a very big decision, so you need to get as much good quality information as you can from health professionals to determine your best approach to your individual situation.

You need if possible to understand the cause/type of your pain and the best approach to get it fixed, if you are lucky you may be able to avoid surgery all together.

My own local NHS andrology clinic suggested I “walk about a bit more during the day” (!) when I went to see them, so I booked a private senior urology consultant appointment very shortly after that one.

I posted my experience at very very great length here:

Good luck getting sorted

Hi paul and sorry you are here at such relatively young age… i too felt pressured into this by my wife with all the usual threats! I had a non scalpel vasectomy Sep 16 all my pain has been abdominal… the NHS were abdolutely useless so i went down the private path too… i am currently working with Dr Ralph in London, on June 3rd he redid my vasectomy and did a clean up. Hystology of removed flesh confirmed vasitis nodosa and heavy inflammation. Unfortunately 8 wks later my abdominal pain is worse than prior to the op and stil very tender in groin… went back to see Dr Ralph on monday… he said to back in 2 months to see if scar tissue has softened. If this does not work then i will wait for 10 months and then probably look at reversal. He has mentioned denervation but horror stories on here are not encouraging me to go down that path!

unfortunately i don’t have the funds to go private And unable to get a loan to cover costs as the amount of time i am having to take off and being self employed means i lose money quickly. i was wondering also how much of a chance people think i have got getting it done on nhs as i cant remember the surgery as i blanked out i can slightly remember getting on bed and he started with sterilising area and i can remember thinking i dont want this then all of a sudden nothing i wasnt put to sleep i only had local anesethic

I was 24 when I made the decision but due to personal issues I got it done when I was 27. Now just passed one year of pain with 3 operations. (Belgium)

I think it depends which health trust you are in and what their policy is on providing vasectomy reversal. Unfortunately it is more usually regarded as a treatment for fertility instead of pain and so often the NHS do not like to fund them, but that is not a 100% thing. (They do fund for other fertility treatment, which seems inconsistent).

I looked at a the path of reversal surgery via the NHS, so the below is based on that experience.

On the NHS you will need to get access to the surgeon who did the original surgery, or a colleague of theirs who will need to be specifically in urology.

The NHS uses the lowest cost resource for each situation by design, which makes that access a bit more difficult where you are presenting with a pain issue.

So you may need to keep going back to get the problem escalated based on the severity of the pain, and be specific with your GP that you would like a Urology referral. You will probably be sent for an ultrasound scan along the way and other diagnostic testing to look for any issues that can be detected.

You are then going to need Urology to diagnose the type of pain you are experiencing based upon their tests and observations.

If they determine that you have congestive or nerve damage pain following the previous vasectomy surgery, then you may possibly be a candidate for further surgery in order to treat that.

They will then probably look at all options to address the pain issue which are likely to be. 1. Pain management, 2. Open ended conversion, 3. Epidymectomy , 4. Reversal , 5. Denervation.

The NHS is not keen on providing reversals and health trust policy is usually set in a way that makes that the case, though I was offered one myself by my original surgeon when I saw him because of the pain I was experiencing.

I had a wait of several months to get that Urology appointment in the 1st place.

The NHS does have some very good Urology surgeons, as most of the private surgeons in the UK also are NHS surgeons outside their private work.

Whatever conclusion you reach, if it does lead down a surgical path, make sure you meet with the surgeon and ask how many of the surgeries they perform, and also the risks of the surgery, and their success rates. Go through any consent paper work in detail especially risk information, and at all possible with he surgeon themselves.

If the decision is that the pain resolution is to be surgical, those further surgeries are probably going to be under general anaesthetic and will be significantly larger surgeries than the original vasectomy.

Were you given valium or something similar before the vasectomy that may have impacted your memory?

Also there are lower cost private surgical options in the UK if the conclusion is that a reversal is the way to go.

But I would make sure you go through the full cycle to work out what is going on with the NHS urology consultant’s before committing to anything like that.

If this is impacting being able to work and earn, I would go after some proper pain relief via your GP, and and also request a pain management clinic referral. That will hopefully help get through in the meantime.

I hope that v long post is a bit useful & you get what you need out of your appointments.

You probably already know, but the Epidymectomy option for pain is a one way trip and means that the plumbing to reverse your vasectomy is gone if it doesn’t fix the pain.

thank you for all your replies. me and my partner have both come to the conclusion that we both want it reversed any way so i wont be going for any other treatment other than reversal.

If you think that’s your best way to go, you might want to use the risks given on these two British Association of Urological Surgeons patient leaflets to drive a discussion with your local urology department on reversal.

From these reversal has lower risks and is also more effective for treating pvps from anything I have read, it’s what I did myself for pain at a year out.

Hope you get your pain sorted out.

thankyou for all your messages i thought i would but a quick message about how things have been since last messaging.

well, as it turned out all the nhs would provide was denervation or high strength pain killers which both would of had high chance of stopping me from doing the job i do. as it was the pain was that bad i actually tried to commit suicide 2year old son found me :cry: which i regret as it was my dad stumped up the ability to have the reversal done via mr harris at nottingham after surgery i come round and was asked numerous times do i want any pain killers (paracetamol/ibuprofen) which I refused as even then the pain I was in was nowhere near as painful. Then after the surgery the wife got caught pregnant #5 this was back in Oct 2018 in the August 2019 I had the sperm sample done and was told the chance of conceiving again was extremely low but low and behold the wife is now pregnant with #6 even though I was told low possibility and with her on the pill oops well the world world in mysterious ways.



Glad you’re still with us. Kids are a blessing.

You are proof of the old adage that “you can’t keep a good man down”.

Thanks for following up.

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Holy crap, you have really been through the mill.
I’m sorry you got hit so hard with pain, I didn’t realise you were in such a bad place from reading your other posts.

Really glad you made it through and got the pain resolved in spite of everything.

If you are done with kids at 6 it sounds like hormonal contraception for you and your wife are not much of a successful match, you might have to end up in the same boat as me and keep the super jumbo sized box of Johnnie’s close at hand to double up your contraception methods. :slight_smile:
I love our family to bits, but looking after 6 would have me permanently knackered! I think of using Johnnie’s long term as a small price for not being in serious pain any more. Sorry for the strange source, but the stats on combining methods here are quite good reading :
Combining with condoms gets the combo pill from 91% to 98.7% effictive on typical use from that for example.

I hope your recovery sustains and you are in a much better place mentally long term. Take care.

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