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Does your pain switch sides?

Just curious?! I had a granuloma on one side, had it removed. Since having it removed and being in more pain, it seems like some days the pain feels like it goes away on the bad side and hurts on the other side!? Am I losing my mind or is this a thing? Some sort of weird phantom nerve pain?

Or am I just developing a problem with my other side? Think I’ve lost my marbles…

I had pain initially that would switch sides back and forth, no explanation why though

When I had a Q&A session with Dr. Parekattil, he told me in the case of orchiectomy, pain switches sides because there’s a phantom pain syndrome happening. The nerve endings where the cut is made start firing, and then there’s cross-talk in the spinal cord, and this causes the pain signals to go to the wrong side of the brain. This of course creates a sensation of pain on the opposite side of the body.

Yeah I think I read about that with orchi. Wonder if it’s possible without having one. The body is a strange thing.

So Daveydealz, how did they diagnose your granuloma ? Is there still pain after it was removed ? My pain appears to be inflammation in my left side epididymis.

I’m guessing with the fact my pain shot up to a 10 on day 3 after my vasectomy, and then on and off pain for the next 1.5 years. The weirdest thing was they didn’t even do an ultrasound before opening me up! The surgeon was literally like "oh yeah, definitely a little granuloma here, let’s remove it!

I’m 8 months healing and I think I am finally almost pain free. Thank God, I hope nothing more happens. This was the worst 8 months of my life.

I’m sure this has been a nightmare for you. All we want to be is pain free.