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Does walking make your pain worse?

The more I pay attention to this issue, the more convinced I’m becoming that walking makes my pain worse. Just a quarter of a mile, and I will feel an increase in pain. Anyone else in the same situation?

Yes, if I walk a lot, my pain seems worse. The only thing that allows me to be pain free is laying down at the moment. Not fun for sure. I cannot walk without pain. Sorry to be a downer, but that is my existence for the time being.

Walking, running, sitting, wearing clothing and sex makes my pain worst.

What a crap life this is!!! If I had cancer at least I would know what the end result would be, instead I am stuck living in hell.

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Walking totally screws me up. Tried to calm our 8 month old down this past weekend by taking her for a quick walk in the stroller and made it like 5 minutes before limping home. I’m 9 weeks post-VAS. I’ve had trouble on Costco runs even with a plan and limited list. It’s maddening. I’m “staying active” with yoga and dry sauna. Stretching seems to help in general.

On the sex front, I feel like Bart Simpson in that episode where Lisa performs a science experiment to determine if Bart is smarter than a lab rat. I get an electric shock every time I touch the cupcake, but I have to keep touching the cupcake.


I can relate to that cupcake analogy. I would work the courage up once or twice a month to have a go at it and was just met with unbelievable pain.

Sorry you’re still in the middle of this shit.

Yes, if I do a lot of walking my balls won’t hurt until some time later, then they will hurt more than if I hadn’t walked previously my methods of dealing with PVPS:

  • Don’t move much
  • Take paracetamol
  • Stare at phone waiting for the call to come with my reversal date

I had two weeks of Pelvic Floor PT and it was eye opening. Totally jacked up on my LHS. Which is my worse side. Thought I turned a corner and then had a regression yesterday WALKING IN COSTCO. LOL.