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Does the Number or Type of Suture Matter for reversal? How soon should one ejuculate after?

I have been looking into Dr Danial of Carolina Vasectomy Reversal. He seems to have been doing reversals for 30 years, only does reversals, and costs $7400 for first time reversal.

His site says they use 20-30 perminant sutures because using a small number is not water tight and can break open and scar and that using dissolvable sutures invites a inflamitory response that can cause scaring. Can anyone with more research under their belt back up or explain on this?

Also, he recommends no sex for 30 days; says that it takes 90 days for the surgery site to regain 80% of it’s strength.

I’ve seen some one here saying one should ejuculate every day after about 3 weeks post reversal to “keep things open”. Does anyone have some input on this?

There just seems to be a lot of contradictory information out there and if I commit to a reversal (considering in about 2-4 months if not feeling good enough by then) I want to invent in making the first 1 count.

There were similar posts in the past, and the gist of it was to find the best surgeon possible. Surgeons opinions and techniques can vary, skill is more important