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Does one's insurance generally cover epididymectomies?

Does one’s insurance generally cover epididymectomies that are done for PVPS? I mean, a vasectomy is an elective procedure and PVPS is a consequence of an elective procedure, so I was wondering if insurance would actually be willing to cover epididymectomies that are done for PVPS.

Any thoughts on this?

Most likely, yes, if other less invasive therapies have been tried. Reversal is generally not covered because most insurance plans have specific language not covering elective procedures like it, breast augmentation, and other plastic surgeries.

Getting reversals covered due to medical necessity is not impossible, just very hard, and requires persistence and some luck.

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What about having one’s epididymectomy be covered by insurance if one has long-term testicular pain but didn’t actually previously get a vasectomy?


It’s hard to understand why you are inquiring about this. @raising4girls was pretty much straight up with you in his response. I will take it a step further.

Based on the quotes above, it’s hard to be certain, but can we assume that you’ve never had a vasectomy?

Assuming you suffer from testicular pain, and assuming it’s related to at least one of your epididymis, why are you considering an epididemeoctomy as a surgical option?

Are you aware of the success rates of such a procedure? Has your doctor or urologist gave you any success rate statistics on this procedure?

Has your doctor or urologist recommended this procedure as a viable option?

If he or she has recommended it to you, chances are it will be covered by insurance assuming that you have meet the requirements.

Insurance company’s are getting more fussy about what they will cover, when they will cover it, and so on. Generally speaking, insurance wants to see that you have already tried nonsurgical options first, and fairly recently. Generally speaking, those protocols would’ve been covered by your insurance.

Insurance is a business. It’s meant to be profitable. As has already been said several times, medical insurance wants you to follow their protocols before they will cover whatever it is. It’s not a loosely run operation - especially nowadays. One does not walk into a hospital, clinic, etc, and demand a epididemeoctomy, and assume it will be covered by insurance. The medical insurance system simply doesn’t work like that.

Hope that helps. If you have any other questions, please ask.

Is there any way to continue this conversion via PM? If so, how exactly?

i had left sided epididymectomy because of chronic pain in my testicle and it was biggest mistake of my life, pain got 10 times worse.

I have since had testicle removed which i dont regret, but i am still dealing with what i think is phantom/nerve pain.

Should have left it alone looking back, it wasnt that bad or life destroying. Wish i would have went straight to orchiectomy instead, but my uro at the time would only remove epi which is stupid as its much more risky.

If pain is only on one side and all other options have been exhausted I see no reason to risk an epididymectomy over orchiectomy.

Currently lost job and on disability. Any lifting causes pain in left side of scrotum as well as standing and walking. After the epididymectomy it felt like my testicle was wrapped in barbed wire for 9 months constantly, after orchiectomy it helped that side of things but nerve pain in scrotum where testicle was is still hypersensitive to everything.

I’d rather keep this dialogue going on the open forum myself, but that’s entirely up to you.

Keep in mind - the dialogue of the thread you have already created will likely help others over time. Keeping the discussion here also allows other members to reply. I doubt you have anything to OMG or sensitive for our eyes. Many of us have seen pretty much everything over time. Just don’t post names, or other personal information.


PM should be available to anyone that is a registered user. Simply click on a members name or icon, and you should be able to figure the rest out.

I’d suggest you search for threads on epidydymectomies and see the outcomes, educate yourself on percentages and outcomes.

IN THEORY, epididectomy is a less-effective surgery than spermatic cord denervation. Again, that’s the theory promoted by those offering the surgery and, as Warren Buffet said, never ask a barber if you need a haircut. But, to me, epididectomy makes no sense from a systemic standpoint. The testicle presumably still produces sperm. Where does it go if the epi is gone? Out into the the open? That can’t be good.

To me, in my non-medical mind, epi removal is like removing your sink bowl and wondering why water keeps getting on the floor.

Thanks. Anyway, I PMed you about this several hours ago. You can tell me whether it’s worth making what I wrote to you via PM public on this forum.

Feel free to copy and paste what you sent me in PM here.

I stand corrected, you totally blew my mind.

So, to clarify, you actually want me to post the contents of my PM to you over here? Are you sure that I’m not going to get banned from here for doing this?

I am only 1 of several moderators on this site. I cannot guarantee that you won’t get banned. I will guarantee that you will likely receive some serious flack because you would be posting something very controversial, something perhaps offensive, something among other things - in the wrong forum.

So, it’s best not to publicly post this here. Got it!