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Does anyone speak Mandarin? I'd like to contact a researcher in China

I found this article published last September:

This announces some research, but they did not publish the results yet. I’d like to contact the lead author, “Yang, Fang” to find out when they will publish and where, but I don’t know how to get in contact with him.

Most doctors around the world can read and write English as many medical textbooks are only in English.

Hi there, for many doctors and universities it would be te case. But I wouldn’t be sure if that is the case in China. Once we needed some emergency stitching in France. Well the English they spoke were two words, yes and no. It appeared that they translated textbooks and articles to France so they don’t have to learn English. Could also be the case in China

This research seems super exiting. I wonder how many studies he actually manages to find, that has studied “sexual dysfunction” specifically. My guess, not many. This paper is written in quite decent English, so I would guess that at least one of the authors speak English well enough to talk to you.