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Does anyone know the prevalence of additional testicular surgeries once you already had one?

As the question says, I’m wondering once you’ve had one testicular surgery what is the likelihood you’ll have another? Whether it is hydrocele, varicocele, epididylectomy, denervation, or orchiectomy.

I had hydrocele surgery in 2004 and went 16 years without complications, but I came down with chronic epididymitis on the same side 5 months ago. After all conservative care failed, I am coming to terms with the fact I might lose the testicle. I am not interested in pain management. I want to be pain free and I am very unlikely to sign up for an experimental try like denervation.

Trying to figure out how destined I was for this 16 years ago and if there’s a way I can present this to my family to prove I’m not overreacting.

Personally, I believe this is pissed off scar tissue in the cord and epididymis.

Yes, seems like a rabbit chase once the pain starts for most guys. I got zero relief from have a reversal. May have made things worse marginally. Had a bilateral denervation a few months ago. That has helped more than anything.

Still plenty of discomfort left. Will consider possible removal of the epi on the left side next year if things don’t get better.

Is your epididymitis from infection or congestion or what do they think?