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This is my story!

My name is CHRIS, I’m a 54 year old farmer in Australia.
Vasectomy in (1999) at 33!
Many years of pain and many doctor visits later.( 2007) Removal of right epididimis only made me worse. (2012) Had nerves cut in spermatic cord (didn’t do anything) Find it hard to walk some days, I have pain from the right testical and up through abdomen with constant fluttering under the rib cage. Nearly always have to sleep with a pillow between my legs and I’m only really comfortable in track pants. So I’ve been suffering daily now for 22years since our third child was born. My last resort is to have my right testical removed. HELP!!! I’m scared to do this as I can’t be assured it’s going to fix me. Doctors say I could be better, I could be worse ??!!

I am so sorry that you are on here mate. Reading your story is like me looking in a mirror. Vasectomy 1992 early thirties pain In right testicle epididectomy on right side in 1995. Reading on I am pain free now. They destroyed my right testicle by interfering with the blood supply and testicle has shrunk. I would be careful about loosing your testicle because I developed blood clots in the lung which I almost died with. Yes I have had a reversal 2018. I am still sterile also knocking on 60 years old. The reversal was left side only and was not for pain it was for peace of mind. Please please do not rush into decisions that drs think you should have remember they got you into this mess.

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I’m so sorry mate, you’ve been through a lot.
I was booked in this week for the op and pulled out today, 2 days before. My wife, mother, brother and brother in law also told me to do more research, that’s why I’m on here. My wife stumbled across this page while researching for me. I hope this page can help me make my decision

New Zealand here mate pleased you are doing the research I have a mate who lost a testicle to vasectomy phantom pain now poor bugger is in total agony some days. Bloody vasectomy we should have done research beforehand

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That’s terrible, poor guy. It’s all terrifying. I feel good tonight I cancelled my op, but still in my mind I’m wondering, did I do the right thing. That’s where I’m at. Can this pain disappear after 22years? I’m pretty sure it’ll be with me forever. I’ll just keep battling day by day I suppose

Hi Chris, it’s tough to read your story mate. I’m in Australia too and 6 months post vas and have scrotal pain both sides and pain into flanks and central abdomen up to the rib line with fluttering/muscle twitching. Didn’t have any of this prior.

Did your abdo symptoms start immediately post vasectomy?
Have they gotten worse post corrective surgeries?
Are you on any meds to manage day to day?
Have you tried any nerve blocks/ botox injections with a pain management Dr?

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Hi John
The abdomen fluttering didn’t start till after I had my epididymis removed. I was bad after the vasectomy, even worse after removal of epi. I take no meds at all. Have a few wines at night to help me sleep. I can’t take meds as I’m driving tractors and operating heavy machinery daily. I had the nerve block after my epi was removed, did nothing, made it worse. Haven’t tried Botox injections, thanks for telling me that. I hope you get better soon mate. So many men on here, all with sad stories, hard to believe. Thanks for telling me your story

Yes sad indeed.

Plenty of info here about various types of blocks including sympathetic blocks which might be worth trying before proceeding to orchiectomy…


Welcome to the forum @Sharon. You can do a lot of invaluable research on this site about many potential treatment options. I’m glad you found the site.

I’m not sure if you are aware of how many different versions of orchiectomy there are, but if you do end up seriously considering it, please understand in detail the various versions of the procedure before proceeding with anything.

Are you aware of some of what I am talking about already? I can post you some links if that would be helpful.

Thanks for sharing your story.

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Thanks mate, I’ll have a good read through when I get time

Thanks mate
I did just reply to you by email I think, I’m not that good with technology sorry. Just read your story, sorry to hear, you’ve also been through a lot for a long time. I’ll eventually get reading more on here when I get time and it might hopefully help me with my decision later down the track

I’m trying to learn what I can on here, you guys and more helpful than any doctor. I’m not on here much as the farm keeps me busy. But when I can I’ll be reading all the posts on this topic. I just read your story, you’ve been through a lot. We are all in big trouble here. Thanks for reading mine mate

@Sharon, things got better for me over a long period of time. I got a reversal 5 years after my vasectomy. My original vas was 2007 and reversal 2012. I magically was able to turn the last of the pain off about 11 years after the original vas and 6 after the reversal. I think we’ve had guys that recovered from epi removal but it seems more that it has nudged worse. Does not mean you can’t get better. My vasectomy blew a hole in a really nice life where I had overcome some adversity to be really happy. There are a lot of guys like you out there. Thanks for sharing this.


Here’s a link that gets into the 3 different methodologies regarding orchiectomy @Sharon.

We certainly have seen what appear to be better and worse results on this site with various methodologies of orchiectomy. The idea of leaving any of the spermatic cord intact seems to be futile, problematic, etc. The version that seems to get the best results on this site is the radical version.

Radical Inguinal Orchiectomy

This procedure is done when there is suspicion of testicular cancer (such as when a lump is discovered in the testicle). It involves an incision made in the abdomen instead of the scrotum. This method is usually chosen in lieu of a biopsy, because a tissue biopsy may cause cancer cells to spread.

Here’s a diagram you might find useful.


It may be good advice to NOT remove your right testicle, it may or will cause a reduction in your sexual functioning and may even be major, and doctors informed you the pain may be better, the same or even worse. Ask the doctor(s) all possible questions and of all possible risks relating to that kind of surgery.

My doctor also RUINED my life and based on what he informed me before the surgery after I asked questions was, “a vasectomy doesn’t cause any possible sexual differences no matter how often a man functions”, since I explained to him that I over do it when watching dvds or 69 with a woman and was worried that the cut may not allow me to bring it to that fullest extent anymore as before and the nightmare actually came true even worse than I imagined.

I believe there are laws that doctors must inform the patient seeking a surgery OF ALL POSSIBLE RISKS but doctors tend to fail and not report to patients what a huge number of men have reported through the many years and decades of pain and/or sexual differences, and this is where men all over the world who were not warned of all the risks can file major complaints against doctors and hospitals by contacting the College of Physicians and Surgeons or other online complaint departments, lawyers, etc, and men may also be able to sue.

For those men who want to take a risk of a vasectomy that may ruin their life, AT LEAST doctors must inform each patient ALL the possible risks of pain and sexual differences that men have reported and this must be incorporated into the law(if not already), because MEN’S SEX LIVES MATTER (MSLM), to allow men to make a choice to be cut or not to be cut. A vasectomy is a sacrifice NOT worthwhile to pay for a lifetime.


Hey mate. Good to hear someone positive who’s actually rid of the pain and is now pain free. Happy for you mate. My pain is always there, some days very mild and other days it’s constant throbbing. My wife says maybe it’ll just eventually disappear, hope so!

The mental part of this is the harder one and you seem to have done well to date. Not being in pain is not the same as thriving. Don’t get me wrong it’s a very good thing as opposed to the alternative. I have my issues and scars still but keep plugging along. If nothing else we have this place to combat the societal gas lighting we’ve all endured.


Exactly! The pain is ALWAYS there. As soon as I do a little bit of strenuous work, lift something, I’m in a lot of pain for days. My son has to do most of the heavy work now days, I can only do very little. Wish I was the man I was before these ops!

Cannot agree more with Domnic. I did a lot of homework beforehand and found very limited info on any negatives. If I only had known how that little 15 min snip would influence the rest of my life. Urologist made his money and still making more money and does not care no skin of his nose.