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DLPA and NAC supplements helped my pain!

You guys should look into these supplements. I had a sperm granuloma removed 6 months ago and I am/was in worse pain than before the surgery. Im pretty sure I have nerve pain, maybe congestive? My ultrasound was apparently all clear so I’m leaning more towards nerve entrapment.

In any case, DLPA especially has dulled my pain substantially. I am working with a nutritionist and it was the first supplement she recommended. I was in the middle of a flare up and literally the next dayI was already feeling better.

Recommended daily intake is 500mg 45 mins before you eat food in the morning. But she has me taking 2000mg. It’s suppose to have a bunch of mental health affects as well, its like an antidepressant.
It can be pricey (about $25 every 10 days) but so worth it.

NAC does as well, it also helps cleanse your liver and reverse the damage that are caused by use of NSAIDS and such.

Definitely research DLPA for pain. I think it will be something I am gonna take for as long as I need it. Its made me reconsider the epididymectomy or denervation route.

This stuff won’t make it all go away, but if I can get at least 50% pain relief like I think this stuff is giving me, im a happy camper.


I’ve read about NAC (I assume you mean N-acetyl cystein) here before. Been thinking a lot of how this might help. NAC is used as a mucolytic in various lung diseases - it dissolves or at least dilutes mucus. (Though to be fair, it’s effect is somewhat debatable) In a previous thread I showed a study of MRI of postvasectomy epididymus, where the MRI signal (high T1 intensity) could indicate formation of mucus within the blocked epididymus.

So I think maybe NAC could have an effect by dissolving sludgy / mucous sperm in the epididymis, making it more easily absorbable…? Just a theory - I have no references backing this up.

Edit: Unsure though if NAC will penetrate the blood-sperm barrier.

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Hi thanks for posting. Very interesting to read.
There is one article I found:

and some guidance about how much to take:

I think I will give it a try and buy on amazon from a natural herbs store.

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Of course as I post this now, im amongst another flare up. It seemed like it helped ease the pain for about a week and now back.

This is so frustrating, but I’d like to see if it perhaps offers any sort of relief for anybody else.

How long have you been taking DLPA and at what dose? Do you take any pain medication?

On and off for the last 6 months. It seems like every time I start taking, I notice a difference for maybe 10 days and then I flare up again. Curious if its all in my head or maybe it’s a supplement that needs to be cycled a bit perhaps?

Ive just been fighting the pain the last 6 months mostly on my own, without pain killers. I took them for about the first month and then I take them maybe one ibuprofen a week if it gets bad?

Did you increase your dosage or took it constant for 10 days and then stopped again?
It seems like one has to ramp up to a certain max and then start step-wise reducing while maintaining the lower pain level. I guess that’s what you have done anyways, but perhaps you can confirm?

I’d take 2000mg every morning 45 min before eating. Then I’d end up running out of a bottle and not refill it.

I don’t know if it works or it doesn’t. Kinda wanting to delete the thread haha