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Disappointment after vasectomy

Does anyone else just not have any real orgasm after vasectomy. Before vasectomy I had a real good feeling at the time and felt drowsy and happy after. Now once it’s done I have nothing to show for it and it takes forever to get to the disappointment.
Can it be fixed?

@dannysmit yeah I suffer from this. Been 2.5 years since my vasectomy, and especially since having my granuloma removed my orgasms I hardly even feel anymore. Ive lost lots of penis sensitivity as well.

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My vasectomy was 8 months ago and I was hoping for it to improve but no luck. They should tell you that this could be a outcome and all the online information is all positive until I came across this group. So can anything be done to fix it. Also get pain that comes and goes that can be a dull feeling to being like I’ve been kicked in the nuts

Have same problem. Vasectomy 8/2019. Didn’t get real bad until 1 year after vasectomy. I basically don’t have that rush like before vasectomy. I’ve been in chronic pain since 10/20.
Life as I knew it is gone.
Some say it gets fixed with reversal but I have not done that as I’m looking into nerve blocks currently

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Mine gradually deteriorated, I never really noticed too much until the PVPS kicked in but yeah basically the orgasm is just very “meh” like I accomplished nothing after, for a while I tried blaming it on the pain and anxiety from the pain because I’m basically anticipating a shit orgasm but it seems it’s a common enough effect from a vasectomy - I am going for reversal hopefully in a few weeks but not specifically for this reason

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Over the 8 months they just disappeared and I’ve sort of accepted that sex is no longer for my benefit anymore.
It would be good to know if the reversal brings it back, if you could post a update after you have it done that would be great

Yeah I will be detailing my fully symptoms and experiences in a post once I go for reversal and will post updates after, from most I have spoken to it seems the orgasm generally returns although not all reversals are successful

I got mine back and my life back by reversing at 9months. That was almost 2years ago. I cannot compare the differences. It’s night and day.
Do not discount the benefits of reversal by an experienced surgeon but take professional advice first (well some but don’t listen to professionals who say it’s all in your head). It is not. Very real for me.

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Here are a couple relevant reads @dannysmit.

You can find numerous answers to this inquiry all over this site, but the most common answer (by far) is a vasectomy reversal.