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Differences between Nerve Pain and Congestion Pain


I’m little over 2 months out from my vasectomy. My testicles have a continuous ache especially my left. It’s not terrible more annoying than anything. Sex and ejaculation has no impact on it stays about the same. Long periods of sitting makes it a little worse. How do I determine what is causing this? Congestion or nerve I really can’t find an answer on the differences of the two. I also find it weird that it’s mainly my left I’m wondering is it related to my urologist making 2 incisions on my right side of my scrotum and none on the left during my vasectomy. I thought there would be 1 on each side. Any ideas?



Go to your doctor and have him do an examination. Could be an infection in which case he’ll prescribe antibiotics and anti inflammatory meds. That’s usually the first line treatment.



Had the same pain from inside of the testicle. It was congestion and inflammation