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Did Your Reversal Help?

Did your reversal help with your autoimmune symptoms?

I’m about to do a reversal, but want to know if it will help or make symptoms worse.

I had a vasectomy five years ago and believe it causes an autoimmune response after ejaculation, which symptom include an “adrenaline / stress” which causes severe insomnia that last for several days.

*The symptoms appear about 24 hours after sex. I’m 40 fit, married, eat good and feel horrible for a week after sex.

Thank you for your help :pray:

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Mine helped for mone other reason my balls feel less congested and my sex drive us back to college levels! Now my wife might have a negative view of that some mornings but for me its a new lese on life so far!

I use to have alopecia areata which happened a year after vasectomy, and disappeared pretty much after reversal.

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