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Did Your Reversal Help?

Did your reversal help with your autoimmune symptoms?

I’m about to do a reversal, but want to know if it will help or make symptoms worse.

I had a vasectomy five years ago and believe it causes an autoimmune response after ejaculation, which symptom include an “adrenaline / stress” which causes severe insomnia that last for several days.

*The symptoms appear about 24 hours after sex. I’m 40 fit, married, eat good and feel horrible for a week after sex.

Thank you for your help :pray:

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Mine helped for none other reason my balls feel less congested and my sex drive is back to college levels! Now my wife might have a negative view of that some mornings but for me its a new lease on life so far!

I use to have alopecia areata which happened a year after vasectomy, and disappeared pretty much after reversal.

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Yes it helped me. I was scared at first because i was newly remarried to a women half my age who wanted to have a Baby last year. At the 6 week sperm test the dr jokingly told me if the wife did not get pregnant in a few months something was wrong with her. Now that definitely stayed between me and doc. I immediately felt better at 44 still knowing i had good quality sperm and weeks later waaalaa she was puking in the morning she is due the end of feb with her 1st my 5th! I have 4 grown boys and my oldest sonwho is 25 has 2 boys of his own. So i am so glad i had a reversal because my nut pain is gone and im going to have a small baby in my arms soon. Getting ready for the labor classes already! Men here it can and does get better. I suffered 8 years with what felt like the blue balls like we all use to get in high school and our 20s. Please hang in there!

@Nathan, do you mind sharing what your reversal recovery was like? How soon vas pain went away, how long reversal recovery took, was it continuous improvement or rollercoaster over months? Thanks

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Well my nutsack was very sore for 6 weeks even without sex or me masterbating. I ve never gone that long hell, i even had wet dream one night not since i was in college had i had one of those.anyhow it was gradual but by 3 months and boning my wife to death sometimes multiple times day everything seems to be great with the boys down there. For me support is everything though. Jockstrap for exercising. Boxer briefs that give support for work that for me has been the greatest help!

Yes, definitely. I had an up-and-down recovery, but attained pain-free status about 5-6 months after the reversal. In addition, my PSA dropped from 4.2 to 0.6 and my testosterone began a steady climb from about 300 to 650-750 now 13 years later.


Very encouraging, thanks for the responses.

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Thanks. Very very encouraging. I am curious, what we’re your pain symptoms before reversal? Just the achey blue balls / tenderness feeling?

And how are you now? Do you still have pain or are you back to pre-vasectomy comfort? Just curios if you still feel pain, even if perhaps different from prereversal.

6 months post reversal, and still in discomfort, any words of wisdom from anyone. Hitting this chat board up a lot the last few weeks. hoping to give better results and outcomes to you all, but still recovering from reversal (I hope), hope this is not what I am stuck with, and need to go look for another answer somewhere else. Anyone struggle with recovery from reversal for more than 6 months?

Nathan, how long after your vasectomy did you have your reversal?

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A few years and aftdr me and my first wife split. My second wife 20 years younger and had no children and wanted me to give her a few.

Sorry to be nosey, but how many years? From what I understand your best shot is within the first 3. I read no one has ever found a blow out within 2 years.

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It was about 3.5 years!

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Thanks Nathan. I’ll probdbly wait to about 6 month mark.

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Do you have any kids yet? Are you having pain from the vas? I swear i would have never done it. It changed everything!

I have 3 kids and am in 1-4 pain. Stars low in the morning and is worse by evening. Walking feels like someone is flicking my balls and ejuculating feels like someone squeezing them very hard. I’m on 800mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day which took the age off but it was much worse without. I was getting a lot of burning and pelvic floor tightness without the ibuprofen; that seems to help with inflamation but I still feel like my balls are full and just need release of pressure.

You would have never done the vas or the reversal?

No what i meant was i would have never had the vas in the first the time my first wife could not tolerate birth control so i was stuck with wearing damn rubbers,but the pain us guys are having post vas rubbers are heaven ! Man i hope your ejacs get better i could not imagine having to deal with that. I really hope that gets better for you man!

Oh yeah. I didn’t want my wife having to be on birth control either because of the hormonal side effects. Never would have done this if it wasn’t presented to me as safe and that I’d feel “completely normal”.

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Same here man, my idea to get the wife off pills and get the vasectomy. Hard to imagine now that I was thinking that I was doing the healthy thing, almost seems comical at this point. I’m stuck with crashed testosterone, swollen prostate, debilitating nerve pain, and a stressed out wife…very healthy!

I wonder how many of these butchers would perform this on their own family members.

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