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DHEA and Pregnenolone

Anybody try these OTC hormone replacements with any good results as far as energy and mood?

Its best to get labs and see if you are deficient before taking them. Some guys have better results than others.

I have had blood work labs done but not for these specific hormones as far as I can tell. My last T levels were 364 which is low normal but not great. Since these are over the counter and potentially the basic adrenal hormone and potential nerve healer I thought I may give it a try. I have also read oxytocin can help with nerve healing. Chronic pain and opioids can deplete these hormones as well and cause fatigue, depression, and insomnia. Have you tried them?

I see. I have tried both. Did not see much noticeable improvement but I probably did not use them consistently enough. They are worth a shot. Your testosterone levels are ‘normal’ according to the standard ranges but are low for any healthy adult male. I believe DHEA is downstream hormone from testosterone and pregnenolone is an upstream hormone. Everything is interconnected.

You’ll never get a doc to test pregnenolone. I got a neuro friend to test it and it was considerably low. I have asked multiple physicians about it and they didn’t even know what it is. There’s a paper from the 90’s showing pregn drops significantly post vas. Research on the stuff is impressive. Mostly cognitive improvement. Maybe in 20 years medicine will finally come back around to appreciate it.

Yes, most doctors are clueless when it comes to hormone health. You can order in on your own from online labs such as


I have just placed an order to give this a go.

I am usually pain free but have always felt a bit “off” since my vasectomy and reversal, headaches, fatigue etc.

In the last 2 months after a consultation I have started taking 400mg magnesium, 400mg riboflavin, 150mg coenzyme Q10 which has all helped out with the headache problems and also somewhat with the ‘brain fog’ I have lived with ever since.

I have been taking 30 to 60mg of pregnenalone for the last few days.

It makes quite a difference for me so far, joint pain and clicking which I have had intermittently since the original vas in 2013 has decreased and I feel a bit more ‘like myself’.

I can see this gets used in treating arthritis , so the link between a decreased level and increased inflammation and joint pain is interesting.

Anyone else trying this or has tried this?

Papers on the impact of vasectomy on levels:

Thanks very much for posting about this , I can see that it has been covered before, but I had missed it.

Has anyone tried DHEA or other supplements? I do not want to alter another variable myself for a couple of months now.

I’ve been taking ashwagandha and maca root as it suppose to help rebalance hormones and boost testosterone.

Cheers SGB, I might take a look into that.
I have also noticed an improvement in mood with pregnenolone, though I will have to see if that sustains as I have only been taking for a few of days.

I haven’t taken either consistently but I could tell both played with my emotions for example I tried the DHEA a few days and it made me super aggressive, confrontational,and angry which may be good since DHEA is converted to T for some people. I need to try a smaller dose I think to not be so aggressive. I need to get more consistent with the preg and it did seem to help with mood but only tried it a few times.

Thanks Ben, I think you have just put me off using DHEA a bit.

I might let things settle as they are for a month and possibly trial it for a couple of days with great care. Ideally when I am off hiking on my own for a couple of days or similar as I don’t want to be a grumpy shite around anyone else if I find that effect.

I think like anything else you need to find the right dose for your body but yeah I agree on DHEA and don’t want to be bigger grump then I already am. I am going to try lower dose and see what happens