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Depression from vasectomy

Not happy anymore postvas feel like I want to be alone not even with my wife it’s feels like I don’t love anymore because I don’t care about anything


You’re not alone. There’ve been too many days to count where I feel this same way. The wife part for me is cause she pushed me into it and hasn’t been supportive. But I and I would be 90% on here feel the same way.

How do you Cope with this it is so hard?

Hang in there brother, you’re in good company. This feeling will pass. Use any help with depression you can, don’t let this spiral out of hand as will be harder the longer you wait.

Just feels like divorce is the only answer but I don’t know why this is confusing

I feel your pain brother. This will pass, don’t do anything hasty. Go and talk to your doctor about your feelings, get any help you can. Do you believe in God? Pray, find help groups in your area. Take it easy brother. Remember, you’re in good company, you’ll be in a much better place soon.

OK thanks I hope it will so scared

I honestly think the depression and anxiety are the worst parts of dealing with PVPS. Talk to your doctor and see if antidepressants would be helpful. Go see a psychiatrist or counselor. Talk to your friends and family. Find any help you can man and know it will get better. Good luck


Have any of you had to deal with this something

What have you guys experience from pvps

Well I have PVPS and have been dealing with depression for 5 years. I go and talk to someone every few weeks. He’s suggested couples counseling but my wife refuses to. She says “I am fine. I don’t have a problem. I love my life”. I swear, that’s her answer to me when i said I wanted us to talk to someone together.

I don’t take drugs and they don’t work on me so I don’t go that route. I would normally use exercise as therapy but since I can’t do that, i just vent on her or go to work or figure things for the future of my business. And of course think about how I made a major mistake.

I am also lucky enough to have ED now due to this. And of course a wife who doesn’t and hasn’t wanted sex since my vasectomy- 5 1/2 years. So I can’t even go outside the marriage to get some relief.

But yeah, I deal with this on a daily basis. I suggest find something to do. Models. Video games. Work. Reddit. Something. Cause if your wife is like mine, you’ll need something to help with the depression and frustration.

But you are far from alone here.

Sorry to hear that . My wife is choosing to work all the time and cut me out slowly I feel anyway she says no. And ed sucks it takes so much to get aroused. I Just feel she ignoring it.

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my wife ignores all of it. she’s never been to a single dr appt. she still insists I am fine. And it’s all cause their friends say their husband had it done and is fine. How do they know? Maybe they aren’t. Maybe they are in pain but not a ton like us. maybe they don’t talk about it.
It’s a stupid stupid thing we did.

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How long ago was your vas?

Nov 27 2017 this sucks

what’s the pain like?
cause you are only 6 months out. things could change. now i’m sounding like an idiot uro!

Slight pain in abdomen not to much put the ed is no fun which is cause for depression

What are your testosterone levels man.

I was tested three times in a month after surgery first was 169 than 299 than 167

Well there’s at least one of your problems right there. Two of those are clearly lower than the established levels for clinically low T (264). If they had not changed the reference range to include obese guys last year (which really pisses me off) then all three of those scores would be low T. I was borderline before last June and I can tell you I feel like it. I hate it. I can only imagine how you feel at those numbers. It should be required for all men getting vasectomies to get baseline SA and T levels checked so they have something to compare with afterwards and if they get a reversal. After my reversal in 2012 my SA numbers came back higher by 8 months post reversal. My T levels were 470 or so at one point after my reversal but are now consistently in the mid to high 300s which sucks if you ask me. I can feel the difference and I hate it.