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Depression after vasectomy?

It’s going to be 2 years since I had my vasectomy, the very first thing I noticed few weeks after it was that I didn’t feel the same way when having sex, the feeling came back after few months. Luckly, I do not feel any pain after the procedure, but I noticed that maybe a year into it I started feeling sad and down for no apparent reason. I have never felt this way before, I’m trying to figure out if this has anything to do with the vasectomy since it’s the only major thing or change that I have made to my body, I have not taken any medication during or after my vasectomy. The only thing I could see that I did was having the procedure. I was wondering if reversing it would be a good idea? are there any tests or doctors that I could see to help me with this?

If you asked the group here, i bet 90% have some sort of depression after their vasectomy. I do for sure. I think for most it’s cause of the pain or the inability to do things. I hate sex now. I’ve told my wife so. It’s not fun anymore. It’s painful, i don’t get the enjoyment out of it. I don’t finish and rarely do i stay hard. that’ll make you depressed. add into it that i can’t do anything i used to do. the costs i’ve incurred the last 5 years. that doctors have told me to just deal with the pain. my wife not being supportive. Yeah, it’s very easy to get depressed. i’ve gone to talk to someone and that’s helped. i’ve been given drugs and they didn’t work. so I just deal with it myself by going into work more, ranting on here and that’s about it.

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Men typically get reversals if they a) want to father another child or b) want to fix their post vasectomy pain. If you don’t want another child and don’t have pain I would recommend against getting a reversal.

I would instead encourage you to try treating your depression with therapy and/or psychiatry. Talking to a therapist might help you to find the source for your depression, and how to address
and/or adapt to it.

sounds good, thanks.

@delmiro, here’s a link to a thread that was started within the last 3-4~ weeks. Technically, your thread is a duplicate. I always urge others to post in relevant threads before starting another thread about the exact same thing, and/or stuff. By doing so, it makes information much easier to find, read through, etc for others.

Building onto existing threads, and creating super threads is far more helpful to others than handfuls of scattered threads about the exact same thing.

Check your testosterone levels. A vasectomy can impact testosterone despite what doctors say. Depression is a symptom of low testosterone

This is the most ridiculous recommendation one could offer. Get a reversal!

The depression I experience is from pain 95 percent, and then I also have this weird feeling that I traded children for this nightmare, seeing families out and about having fun while I limp around in agony head down walking my dog alone gives me this kind of sick lonely feeling deep down inside. Somehow I feel this is pay back for my selfish life and maybe I deserve it somehow. It’s been tough for me to sort though for sure. It’s been a slap in the face to the point that it makes me realize A LOT which I’m thankful for, but at the same time I feel I’ve learned enough, been punished enough, I can take these lessons and apply them if I could just get out if this pain and function like a normal person.

My life plans have changed as my brain has been reshaped through this experience, I now wish to have a family if I can somehow ever get healthy, it’s easy to think that may never happen at this point, easy to start feeling like I can’t just change things like I did before, this all has really taken a grip on me mentally as well as physically.

Why don’t you elaborate?

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Not you, the comment suggesting therapy. This is not in our heads and not all depression is from pain. I typically have no pain and I without a doubt go trough bouts of feeling depressed, anxious, super irritable and just plain awkward for no reason. And this started 6 months after my vasectomy. Anyone who’s recommending therapy doesn’t truly believe it’s happening. Because if they did, telling someone to see a mind doctor for something that’s being caused by our hormones being out of whack doesn’t make sense.


That guy probably meant well with his recommendation. Generally speaking, we don’t tell people to have a surgery. Example - get a reversal! That’s a no no here. There is to much risk involved for those kind of posts.

I can relate to how you feel, and some of your observations, but the thing is, everyone else has their own opinion regarding how to handle the situation too. I suppose a shrink would be considered a conservative treatment - albeit not for me either. Also, the guy you responded to had a reversal, and so did the OP.

Feel free to start your own thread, and share your entire story.


I completely feel where you are coming from. I have 3 great kids, they can be a pain in the butt, but I love them to death. I would have been fine having another, but thought it was financially responsible to be done and this would let me spend more time with the kids I already have.

I don’t belive in karma or whatever, but the irony of this is thick enough to cut with a knife. I would rather have had many more kids than deal with this hell. Now I’m in too much pain to play with my kids half the time and the attention they do get is limited because I’m in pain and not the same person. I’m looking at wasting $8000 on a reversal to maybe treat this. Plenty to be depressed about. I also just feel like I’m falling apart, probably due to not exercising and not eating well, but maybe it’s all the ibuprofen and tylonal too, and stress. Plenty to be depressed about. If it wasn’t for my kids I can’t say I wouldn’t have just given up by now.

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Agree Tyler. All credit to you mate you thought you were doing the right thing. The medical profession said it is a three day recovery and you like the rest of us believed them.

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@LeoBwell77 I’m on both sides of this argument. I can absolutely say that the pain is not in our heads but I can also absolutely say that our heads can make the pain/situation worse. Going to see a therapist is a no risk, conservative measure that can help any of us to find ways to cope with the awful situation we’ve been forced to endure. I’m not saying it’ll help resolve the pain or negate the need for surgery. However, if you are struggling mentally please see a therapist to help find ways to cope. There are even therapists that treat only pain patients, I’ve seen one personally. He, at no point, insinuated it was in my head, or that I was faking it. In fact, he did the opposite, and pointed me in the direction to find some coping mechanisms while I allowed things to heal and pursued further options.

Please don’t tell anyone on here not to seek help if they are struggling mentally. There are too many posts regarding depression, stress and even suicide on this forum, and it’s horrible to read them. No one on here needs to feel shamed if they choose to seek help for their mental health.

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