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Delivery of testicle

Has anyone had a Varicocele surgery or other procedure for pain that required delivery of the testicle? This seems like it will be devastating from a long term pain perspective, however I have not heard much about it.

Is delivery a removal of the testicle?

I’d definitely get a few other urologist opinions before electing for something like that.

Delivery refers to bringing the testicle out of the scrotum (usually by means of a sub-inguinal incision) to have full access for inspection / surgery. After treatment, the testicle is returned through the same incision.

Well, if the varicocele is the source of the pain then it might make sense to go this route. I can understand why the doc would want access like that, and it might make sense with how the varicocele is situated. Have you had a second opinion or how much do you trust this surgeon?

Have you had any other procedures done on the area prior to this?

The most I can say is that healing in the area generally takes 2-3x longer than a similar incision would on another area of the body, so expect it to be tender for a couple months after.

I’ve had the original vasectomy, then a reversal, then a MDSC about a month ago. Expect long recovery times and use Vaseline on the incisions and change dressings twice a day.