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Decreased ejaculation post surgery

Hi there everyone I’m after some general feedback if any of you can help me out please. I’m in a relatively new relationship with an amazing guy. As the relationship has progressed obviously the sexual side is progressing. My partner told me all about his vasectomy he had 5 years ago and it sounds like a horror story with post op problems, pain, swelling etc. Although he has no pain now and no loss of sensitivity or ejaculation he does have a problem with ‘content’ for lack of a better word. He reaches orgasm but has very little to show for it. He’s embarrassed by it and says he wishes he never had procedure done. Obviously I’ve been very supportive and I’m not phased but it’s causing him sims negativity and I thought I’d try to find out if it’s normal. Nevertheless neither of us want any more children but if I can get some answers for him maybe it will help him or he can get checked if it’s not normal. He says his ejaculations were never like it before that he produced a good amount in comparison to post op where it’s literally a few droplets. I’d appreciate any info you guys can give me please…

Does it effect the intensiy? How old is he? I am only three months out after my vas and I have this problem.

Depending on his age this could be normal. Especially with the decrease in content.

I’m 40 and I am prime age for “Dry Ejaculation”. But if he is younger it could be signs of prostate problems so he should definitely see a doctor (at least from what I have read it would be a good idea).

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Intensity is the same but with not a lot to show for it. I know he’s embarrassed by it. He’s 45 and had the proceedure about 6 years ago and been like it since then…

He should still see a doc but looks like he is the right age where it can happen on it’s own. I haven’t read enough to know how big a concern it may or may not be. I’d tell him it has more o do with his age than anything else but he should still see a doctor just in case.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I think he was worried as its only been a problem since having it done. But I think a gentle nudge to see a gp will put his mind at rest. Thanks for your help

I am afraid it is an issue. One of the side effects. Not much a doc can do. I’ve lost the pressure and quantity as well as pain and hormone issues. I’d never recommend the snip. Worse thing I’ve done.

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Yes my partner would probably agree with you he wish he never had it done to. Although he hasn’t had half the problems a lot of men have had he still struggles with this dry ejacualtion issue

As our relationship has progressed he has spoken more about this and it’s not just content and volume he is desensitised. He describes it a lack of the orgasm feeling that he used to get. Bless he wishes he never had this op done.

Hi again. The vas def from my understanding acts a little like muscle and that is part of the sensation. I think again theory the semen is only pushed slightly ahead of the sperm and someone on here suggested that the prostrate is waiting for the meet up to happen. I think that the semen is less thick too which I believe having that resistances adds to the sensation that is no longer there now. Another thing again my theory only. I got my kids bang out of the gate I think when someone is very fertile they more likely to notice a difference. I still get very intense ones but it’s like getting at the top of a roller coaster and just starting down the hill and someone buts the breaks on. It just tappers off rather quickly. And most times very unful filling. I’d say if he did okay no real pain with the vas or nerve probs he may consider a reversal.

Hi there again. I think he’s toyed with the idea but it’s the expense then. He said he wasn’t told of these types of long terms effects.

Does your partner take any medications? The prostate meds are famous for decreasing ejaculate/causing retrograde ejaculation. I will say when I got my reversal my volume and color of ejaculate increased/changed.

He does take blood pressure tablets but he been on them for years and can pretty much say his problems started immediately after his vas

Just to let you know it is an issue.Before I got the vas I would cum 3-5 thick streams to my chest.After I went to much lower pressure and a quarter of the volume.Looking back on it now I produced quite a bit of ejaculate but the vas did cause the volume and release pressure to drop dramatically.I think a vas hurts men more that produce a lot of ejaculate.The back pressure issue.

What i find amazing about this thread… is the fact that most of the men here all say a very similar thing,
After the VAS loss of volume, strength and sensitivity

FROM the moment i had mine at about forty - i am now 55
I complained to the wife, the it wasnt anywhere near as strong , i reckon a reduction of about 30% in intensity and volume

yet all the doctors and websites and news articles continue to state that nothing will change…thats the BS - simply they either lied, or have accounted for a hormone or chemical that is also lost as a part of stopping the semen… maybe they simply do not know !

But as most of you have stated it is real !! the reason i found this forum was i was looking for answers to increase my own pleasure… my wife is now post menapause, and is at me most nights (IT is TRUE)
Yet with the effects of age now playing its part and the loss that i suffered post vas the sensitivity is only now at 50% pre VAS

Please dont get me wrong no sexual dysfunction – that part still works but just have fake it with the wife as she gets disappointed if i dont really enjoy myself

Would i Still have got the VAS … my answer would have been still yes as it really help my wife.!! but just wish the wankers who say it wont effect anything - had told me the truth !!

research needs to be done into how men can still retain intensity !!


Yes! I was like a fireman’s hose before vasectomy, literally 2 tiny droplets after together with reduced sensitivity and enjoyment. Half of the time I couldn’t tell if I had orgasm or not. Had reversal year ago, and volume had increased a lot, to around a table spoon a day now, and colour is milky white/almond milk instead of translucent and intensity is back, unfortunately not to pre vas levels, but am hopeful this will carry on improving.

Yep, count me among the many who experienced a decrease in ejaculate volume despite urologists’ insistence it wasn’t happening and can’t happen. I understand their theory, that the sperm is the only thing cut off from the pre-ejaculate fluid post-vas and sperm is microscopic and irrelevant from a volume perspective. The problem with their theory, though, is that real world observations contradict their theory even though I can’t offer a contra-theory.

Warren Buffet says to never ask a barber if you need a haircut. Count me among those who says you should never ask a urologist, perhaps never ask even a physician, if you’ll be impacted negatively by vasectomy.

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This is why we need the scientific method instead of just like, imagining what you think should happen. And they are demonstrating a failure of imagination as well.

Off the top of my head:

Maybe the semen cannot be moved as effectively without pressure from “upstream” being applied by the vas?

Maybe the ejaculate cannot be propelled as well because there is weak muscle contractions due to pelvic floor dysfunction?

Maybe the ejaculate cannot move as well because of a change in viscosity?

Maybe some of the ejaculate ends up in the bladder because of messed up coordination, weak muscles?

Maybe the prostate produces less semen when it does not detect any sperm for a while?

Maybe it’s something that I have not imagined yet?

This is why empiricism is a thing. You find out the number of teeth a horse has by going and counting them. Not by imagining how many teeth you think a horse should have.

It’s like with the testosterone thing.

“Well, it can’t possibly affect testosterone because the balls are still there.”

Ok, well:

Maybe testosterone is affected by the presence of chronic pain?

Maybe testosterone is affected by the absence of nerve signals?

Maybe testosterone is affected by some auto-immune action?

Maybe testosterone is affected by increased pressure in the testicle?

Maybe testosterone is affected by some by-product of dying sperm?

Maybe testosterone is affected by increased heat from friction between your balls and your legs?

The body is a complex, even chaotic system.

I’m reminded of an interesting story about the Pioneer spacecraft, which was deviating from the predicted flight path and no one knew why:

Spoiler alert: It was not all in the spacecraft’s head.

When something isn’t behaving the way you guessed it would behave, maybe there is some explanation you have not yet considered. It’s just basic intellectual humility.


Can’t possibly be true. Urology tells us so.:rofl::rofl::rofl:

For those of you who had decreased ejaculate, do you feel like you were still producing it? I do but it feels like the pressure isn’t there to get it all out and it gets “stuck” to be peed out later. It’s encouraging to hear that reversal has helped many of you in this department. I’m still researching all options here. Are there other treatments that have been known to help ejaculation issues?