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Decreased Climax and Sexual Satisfaction


I had a vasectomy about 6 years ago, and the doctor was much older. He seemed to have difficulty with the surgery, and it lasted much longer than I expected. Although under anesthesia, the electrical cauterization caused me to black out, once on the right side, partially, and once on the left side, for a few seconds. Intense pain, causing shock, and then blacking out.

Recovery was bad, and the left side has an indented scar. At first, for first few months, I felt like I had testicular torsion (vas deference all twisted up). That eventually went away, leaving no pain.

But my one HUGE outstanding disappointment is that I have much less enjoyable ejaculations and climax. Before the surgery, climax used to occur after rising tension, and then multiple spurts of ejaculate would come out, and each one felt wonderful.

Now, post-surgery, the rising tension is still there, but there is no longer an actual climax. It’s more of a single release of ejaculate. I’m starting to forget how good climax used to be, and maybe that’s a good thing, because I’ll never get it back. I’ve considered a reversal surgery, but I’m assuming there’s some nerve damage that’s irreversible.

My prostate sensitivity is also significantly reduced. I can’t believe that the doctor screwed up my sexual life this much, and that no one talks about it, unless you dig really deep into the net.

Would I do it again? Maybe. But only after researching the doctor more. Never having to wear a condom with my wife is great, and it’s great for spontaneity. But he downside is just so HUGE. If I had known, I would have asked my wife, who has intense periods, to have a hysterectomy instead.

BUYER BEWARE. Side effects might only hit 5 or 10% of patients, but what if you’re one of them?

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Sorry to hear this. We see that a lot here. About 6 1/2 years after my vasectomy I told one other person at my work (Other than my managers, male fortunately, who I had to tell) what happened to me. The guy I told was a respected management consultant who I shared a recruiter with and a bit older than me. Solid, no-nonsense guy and smart as hell. I told him why I missed so much work the previous few years which was not easy for me but I was moving on and wanted him to understand why I had been flaky for the years leading up to my reversal. After I told him he immediately looked right at me and said, "After my vasectomy I lost all interest in sex, it did not feel good anymore, and I don’t even sleep in the same bedroom as my wife anymore.

It’s is NEVER talked about. You will NEVER see any mention of this in any articles online or women’s or men’s magazines. In fact, most articles on vasectomy go out of their way to make it as if not one thing changes when for me the amount and consistency and force of my ejaculate changed dramatically not to mention the excruciating pain I was in for 5 years and beyond and discomfort I have to this day. I still can’t tell if it’s plain ignorance or willful ignorance.

My vasectomy urologist was old school bilateral scalpel incision guy too and he caused me a lot of damage. Cut to high on left, too much cautery, too many sutures (my reversal doctor said it was overkill and risked causing the tied off vas to simply die and break off using so many sutures).

By posting your experience here at least some guys may see it and understand that it is something some men experience. If this site is nothing else it’s a lighthouse on the rocks illuminating the hidden possible dangers of the operation.



I am at 8 months post vas. Still dealing with daily pelvic pain (not in the testicles) but it is getting better.

I too have felt a reduction in sexual desire, and the feeling of climax is usually… anticlimactic. No oomph. It’s getting better though.

i’m treating it as pelvic floor dysfunction as most other possible causes have been ruled out. Lots of meditation, stretching, yoga, etc. Might not be the “cure” but it sure as hell helps.