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Decrease sperm to improve Immune issues?

Just throwing this out there, not sure if there would be much benefit from it but hoping it will. From reading for hours and hours of posts, articles, etc, I understand that most urologists don’t know what to do. Some guys develop immune issues and some don’t or at least they don’t link it.These issues may show up soon after vasectomy or even years later. Wouldn’t the idea of trying to decrease your sperm count (Papaya seed, TRT, hot tubs, etc) potentially reduce the risk of leaked sperm damaging organs, nerves, blood cells, etc? The less sperm, the less damage… any thoughts?

In theory, yes. However, there’s no way to prove that theory. It’s an incredibly low risk measure to try so it’s worth giving it a shot.

I think it’s an indisputable scientific fact that most men ( I don’t know the %) develop anti-bodies to their own sperm after vasectomy. I have read that this immune reaction can decrease a mans fertility even if he gets a reversal but I don’t know if it decreases the overall sperm count. I had two SA’s prior to my vasectomy because my wife and I were not the most fertile couple. My counts after 5 years of being closed off due to vasectomy were higher after reversal at one point.

I don’t think anything else has been studied scientifically. It makes sense that decreasing sperm production to nil/zero would help with pressure pain and may also lessen localized inflammation due to sperm granulomas which are the result of immune system activity. Beyond that I don’t think there is any conclusive scientific research systemic on auto-immune issues being caused by vasectomy/sperm leakage etc… Anything that reduces autoimmune inflammation or inflammation in general (beyond what is needed as part of natural processes healing etc.) is generally good. Most guys worried about reducing inflammation that I’ve seen on this board start with diet and overall health-> Losing weight, reducing blood sugar, reducing sugar intake,reducing alcohol intake, quitting smoking, eating healthy etc…
My opinion is I don’t think it’s something you should worry about too much unless you’ve seen some huge spike in pain and inflammation in your entire body since your vasectomy. If you have noticed an increase in pain in inflammation overall I’d see a doctor or a good rheumatologist and look for underlying causes, infections, allergies etc… I wouldn’t let it worry you though.

I’m more so referring to this to help others. It’s just a theory. The less sperm going into your body, maybe the less negative impacts to your overall health. Just scrolling through the forum, I’ve seen plenty of posts about that.

Oh sorry. I hear ya. I think I am couching everything in a really stilted way due to some new aggrieved guys we have had join here busting our balls over playing doctor, lol. Sorry if that sounded preachy. It would be cool if we had a lot of guys on here that tried T and put their thoughts and experiences in this thread but I don’t think we’ve had a lot of guys try T and not for that reason per se. I don’t think it’s easy to get a prescriber to write a script for T in general and that may go doubly for this condition. It’s probably not covered by insurance.

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Lol no worries man. I saw that post too. I’ve been on the papaya seed powder for a few weeks and it’s relieved all of my congestion pain. It just got me thinking about the immune issues that also come up for many. At this point, I plan on taking this stuff forever in hopes it keeps my sperm at 0 (and hopefully no war with my immune system). Agreed on the T, it would be difficult to get it unless you truly have low T.

You seem to be one of our success stories. That’s great. I think menopausal women can get hrt pretty easy but T? It seems to be worse that some controlled substances rep wise right now. I would argue it’s public enemy #1 if you read the news, lol. If u have something that works, spike the ball do a touchdown dance declare victory and maybe leave this place. I doubt hanging out with a bunch of catty middle aged men with sore balls, fragile egos and god complexes is the best way to be living your life.

Yeah there’s a lot of risk with T as well!

Lol well I’m still having some other issues. A week ago I started feeling like I have to pee for most of the day. Been trying the marshmallow root tea. I think it’s helped. I’m actually visiting a pelvic floor specialist today… I’m sure the pain in addition to working from home in bed for several weeks wasn’t a good combination for my core and thinking that may be the culprit in my recent symptoms. Who knows! Either way, I do feel fortunate that I haven’t had any severe symptoms like many on here. But even if I ever do return to 100%, I will post updates on what has helped me and also add my “DONT GET A VASECTOMY” disclaimer in case someone pre vas stumbles across this site.

I should add - urine test was negative, prostate felt normal so that’s why I’m giving PT a try.

Interesting that this forum now has self-appointed moderators. If sharing our personal, non-medical stories are going to be trolled, that will end this forum. I don’t need to be challenged every time I posted an opinion. I fully realize opinions are like arse holes, everyone has one.


Thank you @Krz673804

My mind has been blown regarding papaya seed powder as a male contraceptive/semen antagonist. This will hopefully go a long ways towards reducing my memory problems, which I attribute to autoimmune response caused by semen exposure within the blood stream. Like many of the folks on this forum, I too, have suffered from ED, BPH, Hair loss, night sweats, brain fog, short term memory loss and poor immunity. It’s been 10 years since my reversal and 11 years since my vasectomy. Fortunately all symptoms have faded with the exception of my BPH and memory loss.

Thanks again for the tip :slight_smile:


That’s awesome, I’m glad it helped!