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"Dancing Megasperm" in your epididymis

“Dancing megasperm” is believed to represent clusters of agglutinated spermatozoa within dilated epididymal tubules in patients with an obstruction of the spermatic duct.

And a video:

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So my balls hurt because my sperm have mutated into "megasperm"and are having a dance off. Great. Would be funny if it didn’t hurt so much.

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I’m not surprised, this is what came out of me today, and this is just one tiny droplet


This is probably a stupid question, but where do the sperm go if you’re open ended. I get that they are supposed to be absorbed by the body somehow, but do they have enough mobility to swim up into weird areas? Can they say swim up your sperm cord into your abdomen and other places?

I don’t think we really know the answer to that. The sperm would be spilling into the space in your scrotum around the spermatic cord, but the majority of the sperm are walled off by the body, forming a granuloma. I have seen some people talk about finding stray sperm in weird places (e.g. lymph nodes).

This is a pretty upsetting concept, so to avoid causing panic I want to emphasize that I think there has been a lot of study of vasectomy and it’s impact on many diseases, especially the most serious diseases. The science seems to show that there is no reason to worry that stray sperm are going to cause disease or shorten your life. (Other than chronic pain, unfortunately. And possibly a small increase in the prostate cancer risk.)

I had the same question after my reversal when the reversal doc said I was “actively leaking” from both vas tips. I had a closed-end vas 13 months prior but apparently that wasn’t enough to control my half of life. He never gave me a great answer, but my guess is that at least some of the sperm was out in the open. I think that’s what needs to microscopic scar tissue along nerves and, thus, pain. Just my theory.

You could be onto something @raising4girls, I read that prolonged inflammation converts to scar tissue


Quoting part of the article:

Result for an on-line search for ‘megasperm’ reveals only one published article [1] where 6 cases have been reported. All of these patients presented with severe testicular or inguinal pain and no testicular mass.

[1] Elliot ST, Davies JB, Spiropoulos J (2000) Megasperm?. Eur J Ultrasound 11:S16

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This study [1] claims:

The presence of “dancing sperm” is almost always a postvasectomy finding and occurs in approximately 10% of such patients. There is no significant difference in the rate of epididymal cysts or symptoms of pain postvasectomy compared to those who have not had vasectomies.

It should be noted that there was pain in half of those with vasectomy:

Pain was reported by 161 patients (46.4%), including 30 of 59 (50.1%) post vasectomy group and 131 of 288 (45.5%) without vasectomy. The presence of pain was similar in both groups (p=0.48).

So I don’t really understand the findings, it seems to me that there is a link for pain affecting PVPS individuals…


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Cool studies. As far as the pain rate, I don’t see that statistic as giving much insight. Men who are getting a scrotal ultrasound are certainly not a random sample. But it is quite interesting to see that there is imaging evidence of changes caused by vasectomy – dancing megasperm here.

This article is really interesting I think:

Basically a patient came in, happened to be 18 years post vasectomy, for testicular pain and it was thought he had a parasite in his scrotum. Low and behold it’s ‘megasperm’, as he had a blow out. It doesn’t look like the megasperm necessarily caused pain. They performed something called a spermatic cord aspirate, which I think is a needle-based procedure to extract (typically for a sample for hormone testing) what is amassing in the vas. I don’t really see much about follow-up other than “his testicular discomfort was lessening”

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