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Daivd Hanscom -Back In Control - Expressive Writing

After the recent failure of my son trying Scrambler Therapy, I learned about Dr. David Hanscom and his revised book called Back in Control - A surgeon’s roadmap out of chronic pain. Dr. Hanscom is a back surgeon, so he comes at the chronic pain topic from that vantage point. I’ve started reading his book (which was revised in 2017), and find it very interesting. He believes that his techniques can help with any kind of chronic pain, not just back pain. Here is a link to a recent YouTube video about this: He also has a website that is useful called He discusses neurophysiologic disorder (NPD), where your brain is creating its own endogenous pain stimuli, rather like it does with phantom limb pain. He calls his self-directed approach “DOC” (Define Your Own Care) program, and a large part of this is doing expressive writing exercises for 5 to 15 minutes, twice a day. When you’re done, you rip up the paper immediately. He also mentions that research has found that a patient could have worse pain after any surgery up to 40 percent of the time in the presence of pre-existing chronic pain. I wish I had found this book a lot earlier. It covers a lot more information, including how important it is to get enough sleep (which is one of the worst things my son deals with - poor sleep). Has anyone else tried Dr. Hanscom’s techniques? I am hoping that my son will give it a try because it is summer and he has some time on his hands. I think a lot about everyone on this pain forum. You guys have been an important support group for me and my son. I continue to pray that there is healing and recovery for everyone who is suffering.


I’ve ordered the book. thanks for the info. any ideas/options are always welcome here.

All the best on you and your sons journey.

Thank you for sharing, sounds very interesting, ordering the book.

I am in the process of reading the book and find it to be fascinating. I have decided to do the expressive writing myself. I hope that it can help some of the pvps folks here.

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has this book helped anyone?

@jsh I read it about 3 months ago. I think it’s a good read for anyone in pain. It didn’t help my pain all that much but did help me realize how much anger I carry and how that could contribute to my pain. It’s been nice to acknowledge that anger and to find methods to resolve it. Clearly there is an emotional aspect to our pain, it’s literally a pain in our manhood, so this book might help you some. If it doesn’t you’re only out a few hours and $20.