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Cymbalta (duloxetine)

hi. has anybody tried or is on these?

I’m in a desperate place mentally. I’ve suffered with depression/anxiety for over 10 years. I’ve been on no medications for the last 5 months. was trying to get fit and healthy hoping that would help with my nut nerve and stomache pain. I’ve lost 16 points in weight but feel in more pain than ever. I think by deoressed/sad mind is then focussing on the pain which in turn is making me more depressed.

apart from antidepressants I’ve only ever tried amtrypiline which did not work for me.

I’m hoping this drug can help both depression and nerve pain…hope is all I have…

Please advise/help… thanks guys. couldn’t cope at all without being on this forum.

I’m just one data point, but I had a WAY worse response to Cymbalta than gabapentin or amitryptiline. All I wanted to do was stay in bed. Totally demotivated and depressed FROM the medication. I got off it after a week. It put me in very dark places.

sorry to hear that. was hoping that was the 'manic pill. maybe it will work for me. I’m see doctor Wednesday so will be interesting to see what they put me on…

thanks for the reply mate.

anybody else? please…

I haven’t tried it myself, but Dr jarvi told me they had some good results from it, but there was a high risk of suicidal ideation with cymbalta, so they avoid prescribing it.

Also, in clinical trials, a woman with no history of suicidal ideations or mental illness committed suicide while on it. I think the family sued.

Be careful with that stuff.

Broken record here, but consider alpha lipoic acid. I still take 600mg per day. It helps with the burning, stabbing pains far more than lyrica ever did. I usually place little value on supplements, but there’s a lot of research behind it for diabetic neuropathy.

No side effects and it’s dirt cheap too.


thanks Andrew. I’ve bought some alpha lipid acid tabs. but rarely take them. I’ve got to take them consistently to see results I guess. I have to admit if I take something for a few days and don’t notice anything it stays in the draw (at work).

Take the ala for at least 3 weeks. All the research I’ve read about it says 3 weeks continuous use to notice results.

I can’t remember exactly how long it took me to see a benefit, but it wasn’t right away, that’s for sure.

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my father who suffers badly with depression and anxiety has been on effexor for 28 years. recently he has been changed to vensir xl. i might ask to be put on the same. googling around it can be used for fibrosis pain so may help head and nerves. god knows.

@Pvps75 All anti depressants cause an increase in suicidal ideation. They all have side effects. Some more generalized as a whole, and some unique to the particular drug. Cymbalta and Effexor can both be effective and may work great for you. Just realize there are potential side effects you need to be aware of, and also, let someone close to you know you’ve started taking them so they are aware in case you don’t realize you aren’t tolerating it well. You also need to realize that for the first few weeks the side effects may be more pronounced and the drug not effective. These types of medications also take about 4-8weeks before they are fully effective, so if you’re not feeling better right away you may just need to give it sometime. Hopefully you’ve got a good relationship with your GP and you can have a good chat with them about your hopes and concerns.

For what its with worth, Cymbalta has been a life changer for my father in law who had had chronic back pain. It took care of his back pain and got rid of anxiety he didn’t now he was experiencing. Keep us posted. Good luck

I took Cymbalta for 4-5 months. I really didn’t notice any positive differences. I did get brain fog, ED, dry mouth, and anorgasmia. I was ready to quit after 4 weeks but my PCP encouraged me to be patient and ride it out. I just couldn’t imagine feeling like that long term. I know enough about Cymbalta withdrawal syndrome to know I didn’t want to stay on it for the long haul.

Everyone’s experience is different. Don’t let my opinion or the opinion of other sway your decision. The only way to find out how YOU will do is try it. It was my second antidepressant and I didn’t do much better with the first one.

Cymbalta can, in some cases, help with nerve pain. You never know.

thanks for reply kyvas.

my doc has recently retired. seeing one for first time. it’s hard to get to see a doc on the nhs. great that it’s free but system so clogged up.

hopefully I get the reaction your father in law got.

All the best

I’ve dealt with withdrawal in the past and it’s not fun. I remember years ago coming off lorazepam that I had been prescribed.

going to be an interesting meet with doc I’ve not met before.
my previous doc said she had never heard of the term pvps. to be fair referred be to a urologist (6 weeks wait) who checked my Prostrate (in not a nice method) felt my balls and said all felt normal.

I’ve got to do something. in my case (suffering long term with my mind) getting my head sorted is a big part to controlling pain.

not too bothered about ED or anorgasmia, I am a widower (wife was 34, myself 39) 2 years ago and is honestly last thing on my mind.

I have definitely found Lyrica has lightenened my abdominal pressure… but i am experiencing dry mouth and intermittent blurred vision… its only been 10 days since i have been on it, 5 days ago i started to get the side effects… hoping they will calm down overtime. I think my libido may be slightly down, but im still able to get it on.:slight_smile: i am only on 150mg per day… if side effects subside i will increase and see if it fully masks my abdominal pain

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Amitriptyline did nothing for me after 6 weeks… went cold turkey and it was a 2 week nightmare of withdrawals! Wont try cold turkey on these drugs again!!

Be careful with antidepressants, especially if you’re getting prescribed by a GP. They can make you suicidal, manic etc. if you are sensitive to them. You need to be under the care of someone that can help you if you have a bad reaction. Before I even knew my vasectomy was my problem I went to a shrink to “get help”. I was not sleeping due to horrific pain at night and was a mess. The first guy just gave me tranquilizers, as much Xanax as I wanted and the second guy put me on Zoloft. The Zoloft made me near suicidal. It was scary. The stuff fried my brain. It’s like it was on autopilot. As soon as I stopped I felt better but if you have been on them for even 10 days you go into a hole that is termed “discontinuation syndrome”. LOL, the drug companies forced doctors to call it that rather than withdrawal. Let me tell you if you feel bad before you start taking them you feel worse when you quit. I didn’t think I’d need to taper after 10 days but probably should have. I could not take a nap during the day for like 5 years after that because I would get brain zaps.

Just be careful and make sure you are under the care of a good prescriber if you take that stuff.

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Personally I have had very good results with cymbalta. It has controlled the pain and i have gone on and off twice now with minimum symptom.

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this is good to hear mate. hopefully my gp will prescribe lyrical if he won’t go down the cymbalta route. I think in the UK the doctors are not that experienced (most) with antidepressants but tend to go with what they have themselves been prescribing previously.

I like this response. fingers crossed. thanks for letting me know. im sure placebo effect of having a positive mind something will help, will help… cheers.

@Jond, I am jealous that you can take them but glad you can. We are not all wired the same. I have a genetic trait shared by 10% of all northern Europeans. I’m a CPY2D6 poor metabolizer. I have almost no enzyme activity required to break down most AD’s to their active ingredients. They don’t work on me. I get the side effects more than the benefits. It’s the same reason Codeine does not work well for me. My body just can’t use it right.

I’m curious, how did you find that out? Is it purely based on symptoms or is there a blood test or something for it?

Genetic testing. About 5 years after that bad experience, after my reversal, I decided I still wanted help dealing with my anger issues which did not go away and many of you know I had some pain return at about 11 months post reversal. The woman I spoke with suggested I see her guy and he was big on genetic testing as a means to help people determine which meds might be most successful for them. I didn’t understand it but was like, sure. It’s funny because a neurologist I see for CPAP that I respect a lot thought it was bunk but for guys like me there are really issues with metabolizing medications and some drugs will just not work right. Some drugs require very specific enzyme activity/metabolic pathways to work right and some people just can’t break them down. I had never heard of it prior to being tested. It explains why some narcotics don’t work very well for some people. We had a guy here that swore pain meds did not work on him. Probably he had similar issues. Codeine doesn’t do much for me.

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