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Current Covid-19 News and Relation to PVPS?

World news regarding Covid-19 has created a couple of questions in my mind related to our less publicized ailment. At the risk of speculating, I wonder if anyone else has pondered these:

  1. Inflammation from cytokine storm - Many reports indicate that CV19 patients are dying from the immune system’s massive response called a cytokine storm. I’m not a physician, but from what I’ve read, the immune system unleashes a storm to fight the virus and the associated inflammation is what’s depriving the patient from oxygenated blood (again, correct me if my read is wrong).

I’ve wondered if this “cytokine storm” is an accurate description of the auto-immune response many PVPS patients have experienced. Many of us have talked about the massive inflammation we experienced post-vas.

  1. Anyone Altering Their Own Drug Therapies - Many here are taking meds to combat PVPS. I’ve been down to two supplements (Nerve Shield and Zyflamend), nothing prescription. Zyflamend has anti-inflammatory properties.

Many reports surrounding CV19 have suggested taking acetaminophen, not NSAIDs. Has anyone altered their PVPS medication regimen based on this? Anyone alter their supplement regimen in the CV19 era? I added Vitamin C probably for no other reason than to make myself feel like I was doing something proactive.

You do make some good observations in regard to our immune systems and vasectomies, and I caught that as well. It’s a shame that the procedure is what it is, yet those that control the flow of information and supposed facts basically deny anything of the sort could possibly be happening to anyone.

I haven’t taken any Celebrex in over a month partly due to what you mentioned, and partly because what I do for a living came to an abrupt halt several weeks ago. No physically demanding work = less chronic lower back pain. I rarely take the NSAID Celebrex for pvp anymore, but I have it if I need it for that purpose.

I stocked up on pretty much everything including vitamins and supplements prior to the CV craziness. I am a preper by default, so you can only imagine. I am sitting on at least 3 kilos of high quality and very potent powderized sodium ascorbate alone.

I have been taking ~3-4k mg of bulk powderized sodium ascorbate (vit C) daily, 1-2k mg alternating liposomal vit C or ester C daily on top of the sodium ascorbate, 5000-10000 iu of D3 daily, 50-100 mg of zinc, and I am also taking magnesium, K2, etc, on top my usual stuff which is more stuff than I was taking a year ago.

Bottom line, it would be foolish for anyone to allow their immune system to tank nowadays. For the majority of people, it’s easily preventable with vitamins, supplements, excercise, sleep, eating well, etc. CV’s or not, I tend to ramp up my supplements during the fall winter and spring.

On a side note, for those who believe they might be suffering from autoimmune related issues dues to a vasectomy, ramping up your immune system with such vitamins and supplements might help. Emphasis on might help, but it’s a concervative option and worth a try.

Edited for accuracy, terminology, etc.

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I messaged @raising4girls and suggested he recategorize this CV thread from medications to sandbox to allow for a much broader discussion about the relationship between pvp/s and the CV, medications, supplements, how the lockdown may have directly or indirectly affected an individuals symptoms for better or worse, and so on. The OP agreed that recategorizing his thread was a good idea.

I messaged the OP because I didn’t think it was a good idea to have multiple threads regarding the CV topic on this site. Mostly because some of what may understandably get brought up would likely go way beyond the scope of what we typically discuss here. There are plenty of other websites, forums, video platforms, etc, where anyone can read, view, and/or discuss those contraversial topics.

Earlier today, @Regrets2 mentioned that it might be helpful to have a thread that was open to discussing some other relevant things that are CV related. Ultimately, it was that post that encouraged me to reach out to the OP. Relevant discussion is welcomed.

@RingoStar @raising4girls i actually spoke with my Dr. this morning to discuss what i can take for my current pains afer my reversal. He mentioned what you wrote about @raising4girls about the concern of taking NSAID’s on a regular basis right now with the covid-19 pandemic. He suggested take it as needed, and if you can take tylenlol. I mentioned about lyrica and he said no issue with taking that regularly if needed. With my current pains i can manage the as needed approach but would prefer a regiment if possible. Will see what my uro says next week. For now am supplementing with Serrapatese/Tumeric and taking vimovo/naproxen as needed.

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