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Curious if Octiectomy has worked for anyone


Oh also, i meant to say i had a reversal as well. Did you have a reversal before orchi?



Reversal, denervafion, then double hydroceles removed nuts were like navel oranges at end of day.

Then one then the other. Just had ingurial hernia done a month ago stomach muscles became weak from all prior surgeries.

Next and hopefully last is ACL surgery my gate changed from guarded nut walking so ACL went.

I think most docs will do one then the other just to be on the safe side. I would do that as well. See how you respond then go from there



Man crazy! With our epi issues you would think reversal would have helped. I guess epis can get damaged beyond repair? Im not gonna take the risk of just removing my vas and epi even though it may save my testicles. The way i see it im just asking for new issues to deal with. Just totally clean house makes the most sense to me at this point.



@Charly12 Thanks for the update and advice. This is all good info. You are better off. I know you are.



@Charly12 dido. Thank you very much!



This breaks my heart. We’re four years in and counting and I get so angry at the lies. Our lives will never be the same.My older kids can barely remember daddy “before he was in pain”, the younger don’t know anything different.

How dare they.


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