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Curious if Octiectomy has worked for anyone



“But I am by no means pain free. I still have nerve pain on the left side. Now it’s just not in the testicle, but higher up. Surely there where the cut ends are attached behind the muscle. And I’m still very sore in an area above and to the left of the penis.”

Did you get the testicle removed inguinally or scrotally?


It was inguinally…


Many prayers for you Dane. Very glad the surgery has brought some comfort. I was not able to have ingurial at first because of denervation so they ended up just cuttting my sac and pulling cord down. I asked the to do the same on the second one. That burning of the cut lasted about a month. Your body is still firing nerve signals, at least mine was for awhile, be patient it will likely go away. All the best.


@Charly12 how bad was that burning pain post removal compare to the normal testicle pain you had pre removal ?


I have been asked about an update

6 weeks post the removal of the left testicle. A quick update.

Still no pain (kick in the balls feeling is gone), but still nerve pain in the part that was cut.

I have also still neuropathic pain (inflammatory or autoimmune),flu like symptoms and electric pain in the legs, particularly in the left leg.

A story that never ends :confused:

I made an appointment with a private pain surgical clinic on 2/2.

I want to hear whether you can do something about damaged ilioingulinale and genitofemorale nerves.



Hello Dane,

My original vasectomy doctor here in the US accessed my vas deferens though a hole in my scrotum that was extremely high up, at the base of my penis almost. He really had to dig and yank hard to pull out my vas and it damaged a lot of tissue up there. At times I feel like that is exactly where I have pain there and I think that is a dynamic area that is stretched and pulled when you get an erection because it’s at the base of the penis. I think a vas or any digging around that area is more likely to nic and damage those nerves.

Why don’t you go get a block of those nerves to see if it helps?

Sorry to hear your having problems. Are you on TRT? If so how is that working for you?


Thanks for posting an update Dane. Sorry to hear nerve pain is still there. Really hoping you can figure that out. Was that pain there before testicle removal ?


Hey Don, he said he had kicked in the ball pain and that was gone. Just buring where he was cut which is exactly what I have.


hello, I also had an orchiectomy on my left testicle about 2 weeks ago. I get pain in the left leg as well and didn’t know how to describe it until I saw your “electric” a bit young for this (19 today! woot woot) I get sharp pains that are much stronger than they were pre op. as for the neuropathic pain I can feel it normally but if I concentrate on it it seems to dissipate. I think he cut some nerves because from the incision down to the base of my penis is completely numb and the entire left side of my scrotum is always drawn up it seems(even when other side is"flaccid" ) but when it isn’t it feels like it’s on fire! on top of that I had an ultrasound and I have a hypremia and a mild seroma under the testosterone levels are normal but I have almost no sexual drive at all! so I may be put on testosterone supplements. I was also put on sildenafil which is a generic for viagra- I barely get erections because of the pain I’m In/surgeries I’ve gone through. I don’t seem to be healing very well- the incision keeps getting deeper and will not close up and being 19 now I do not have insurance. it’s really frustrating because it’s really expensive and I don’t understand most of it. if you want to ask me questions or want information just let me know! I’m more than happy to help! my Skype is rspburley or email is thank you all!


as I read your post and saw you said that you just turned 19, wow. Why would you have a vasectomy this young if you don’t mind me asking? Unless there are is an injury or medical condition doctors usually strongly advice against vasectomy at young age. Did the urologist advised you of anything on your condition now post vasectomy? Or did he like some of them, shrugged shoulders (and said Your body just adjusting to the change- bullcrap) and gave you steroids and antibiotics? See like I did mine after wife and I had our 2nd child , that’s why we decided on vasectomy (and that’s “safe, no issues procedure”) and she had a lot of flow issues thanks to the depo-provera shot for years. We both regret our choice for last 12 years now , oh and especially because my wife had to get a partial hysterectomy anyway years later for health reasons.


i didnt have a vasectomy, i had idiopathic pain meaning that there is no apparent reason for this to be happening to me. I enlisted in the Marine Corps and had this issue after I was removed after I found out I had hypogonadism(low testosterone) and I was unable to keep up with the training and kept getting really sick. my guess is that while straining I pushed some of my full bladder(always had a smaller bladder) urine into my testicles and caused some sort of reaction. my other idea is that since I was exposed to lots people from around the world with a low immune system from the low testosterone that something was attacking my testicle without me knowing. now, I was checked for hernias before I went in and when I got out I had 3 hernias so maybe my body is a quitter lol. I’ve gone through multiple surgeries including the removal of my testicle and still I have the same pain. I’ve started to develop the same issue in my right testicle, but on a much lower level than my other so once I get the money in going to do an MRI on my spine to see if there’s a problem there too


Any updates @Charly12 and @Radar?


Life is great went Downhill biking today. Almost feel bad for saying this but this was the best decision I ever made.

I take testosterone now which is no biggie in comparison to constant pain. Pain stopped right after each nut was removed.

I have my life back and that’s what I wanted.

How big is the difference? In 2015 I told my wife I would stick around to get kids through college and would tsp out.

My pain was in epi so every time they did anything the scar tissue came back had to take them out to stop the madness.

Hope that helps.


Wow! Very happy for you. Did you have the same type of pain in both?


My left was really bad but once it was taken out I began to realize right was bad enough not to get well.

After every previous operation before orch I would wake up hopeful and realize I was still stuck in hell.

When they took left out I woke up and knew it was different.

Probably the best explanation for what was happening to me is from the post where you asked what causes this. My epi would swell then blow out and I had many granulomas.

In the end there was so much scar tissue and granulomas removed was the only option left.

Wish u the best.

This is a very good paper that looks at the physical changes vasectomy causes and post vasectomy pain :


I think im in a similar situation. Right after vas i had bilateral blowout. I just learned i have bilateral spermatoceles which have been there since vas. I had a redo but Im starting to think my epis and vas were damaged beyond repair after vas. My left looks so deformed with that damn spermatocele portruding. Its tilted forward a bit like bell clapper syndrome. And my epis in general just feel and look swollen and fd up. If I end up cutting them off I sure as hell wont miss the aesthetic look of these monstrosities. Damn vasectomy made my balls look and feel like two hunchbacks of notre dam.


My local urologist said it was like I had grapes around my epi. Same deal I could feel my epi under pressure all the time.

I listened to the docs but I knew if I could just get rid of the epi pressure I would be fine. In the end taking everything out worked great.

I don’t think there are many on this board who worry about the cosmetics of it. I would easy trade my nuts for my life coming bacck.

I told my wife someone will invent balls with a Bluetooth connection that light up and I can change the beat and colour from my phone.

It just looks like I have an empty lunch bag now makes my dick look bigger lol.


I know you did the first one then the second a few months later. Do you think there is a greater risk doing both at the same time? If I bring it up to my Uro Im thinking about asking him to do my worst side first and if it works on that side to do the second a couple months later.


Haha thats awesome!!!