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Curious if Octiectomy has worked for anyone


I hear ya there Michael!

I myself have been having pain, severe pain now, started on my left side and now on my right as I get like jolt of pain there and rides up to my lower abdominal area.

Nothing has word nor helped in such a way where I may be able to go back to a some what normal life. Like yourself, I myself am having a rocky situation on the home front. So much to the point all the little thing are adding up and now leading towards a bad path, yet again.

I’m not left to have my left testicle removed. I’ve been sitting on this idea fr a good long while now and never thought I’d be needing to go this way because everything else prior has a higher success rate and I truly thought it would actually help the pain ‘some’! It has frustrated me to the point where I do wish to leave this relationship, everyone’s lives to include myself. I’ve been baring this for so long and I’m a firm believer that everyone tolerates pain their own way, so for me it’s been a major struggle.

I’m on my way now to see my Urologist to set up my operation for the ochi * operation for June. Good luck to you Michael ad everyone here. I’m truly glad I’m a part of this group and though I’m about to turn 40, it feels as though I’m a little kid as dealing with this crap I can’t seem to handle things too much longer. Feel free to reach out to me via here or private messaging ad I can give you my email address or I’m on Facebook; we can talk more there.



Can you please give us an update? I am ready to carve my nut out with a rusty spoon.



Any updates Chary12?



Sorry, should have updated by now. Had surgery April 5th.

Reduction in nerve pain. Pretty dramatic. Down to a couple T3s a day still on Lyrica.

Was on Oxyneo - in Canada that is long release Oxy. Had been on it for 3 years. Hated it, it worked great better than any pain med but hated being on it. Tried many, many times to go off but pain always won in the end.

I have some nerve pain up high where cord was cut but not a big deal.

Why still on pain meds. I am in the same spot as Radar, my left nut was the minor pain nut but now is the source of my pain.

Current issues. Fatigue. Going to get T checked next week. This is part coming off Oxy and being unable to work out.

Do I get left nut taken out. I am all for full eunuch Dr and wife want me to wait and see how things have settled. Agreed to wait a year. Quite frankly I have had 4 surgeries in less than sixteen months so sick of them.

Also, pain is quite moderate so I can actually wait.

I have “gate issues”. I have never had problems with knees but was recently taken down by a Baker’s cyst. It’s like a knee hernia. Hurt like hell. Like I need this. Had it drained now good to go.

I have been guarded nut walking for three years so gate has changed.


That was amazing.

I had no idea how much energy it took to fight pain everyday now that it has moderated. It took a lot. Nice to have that energy back.

Don’t have to tell anyone here how much constant nerve pain sucks.

All in all best thing I have done since making the dumb decision to fight 3 million years of evolution by cutting my tubes.

Get that rusty spoon and have at er I say.

Well, not really. It’s really tough to advise anyone but for myself my pain was constant epididymis so nothing but taking my nut out was gonna work.

Did I dodge a bullett with no phantom pain. Can’t tell just happy to be better.

I also have tremendous survivors guilt for all who still suffer.

Two biggest lessons in life acceptance and gratitude. Sorry three biggest lessons those two and NO MORE FUCKING VASECTOMIES.

Any questions ask away.




Glad to hear you can bike again. That must be amazing. I am guessing you had testicular pain, which I define as constant pain emanating from your epis, or testicle itself.

There are many planes of hell in PVPS, the dreaded cord pain, inguinal nerve damage, loss of libido, bitterness, however I’m sure straight up testicular pain has to rank up there with all of them. Glad that has dropped dramatically for you.

So pain up high still? That must suck. My pain is just that, way up high, almost where my spermatic cord meets my abdomen but I don’t think it’s actually the cord as I can feel scarring within the scrotum way up high and when I flex my abductors and mobilize my spermatic cord the ridge does not move. Hate to remove a nut and still feel like I am sitting on a hot knitting needle with a jellow jacket on the end of it every day.



BTW, I hear you on the survivors guilt. About 7 months after my reversal when I felt I was home free I had such mixed feelings about continuing to posting on this board.

I am really glad you seem to be headed to a better place.

I find it interesting that your wife is pushing you to keep that other testicle. Dang that must be hard for her.



Art I’m glad it has helped. Removal on the right has stopped all right sided cord pain and testicular pain for me also I’m contemplating the left side as well my problem is it has done nothing for the numbness from abdomen to feet I am moving a little better now but I think my nerve problems have centralized to the cord and brain and will be there forever. My worst pain now is midline scrotum on the skin itself ilioinguinal nerve it’s a spot the size of a silver dollar drops me to my knees just touching it. Problem is dr p won’t touch that nerve he’s had bad results with. I would like to remove left testicle and scrotum!



Did you also have flu symptoms ? Dizziness? Tingling in the arms and legs ? Did It go away after surgery. Orchiectomy seems to be the best solution for PVPS when everything else has been tried??? . That is where I am now.



Did you really get better after the reversal?

just to recap:

Glad I found this site… I have been experiencing PVPS since i had my original vasectomy. I went to Dr Stein,now in NetFlix promoting Vasectomies as the VASECTOMIST.
During my consultation he told me that the number of complications was very low and unlikely. After 3 months of extreme pain and countless calls, I asked Dr Stein if he could perform a reversal, but he insisted doing a Vasectomy revision, I asked him to please just reverse what had been done, but he insisted this would fix the issue. Due to the pain levels I agreed to the revision hus cutting me open again and re-cutting my VAS ( I was only having pain on my left side) Needless to say nothing took away the pain! I went into depression, my work has been affected and my testosterone levels tanked. Finally he passed the buck and referred me to the PUR clinic and I started to see Dr. Parekattil. Five months later I had a nerve block and 6 months after i had a Spermatic cord denevertation. I was on my way to get my nerves frozen and I asked Dr P if he thought a reversal would solve most of my pain and he said it would be a good idea to try. I am 3 weeks post op and I am still in pain. I am extremely sore the pain on my left testicle is still there, but i am hopeful that this will fix the issue.




Did you have replacements put in? What did your doc say about that? I’ve heard that replacements can cause issues and pain.



I saw the Vasectomist afterwards and I thought exactly the same thing you did… Poor guys from third world countries that develop our symptoms. Maybe, I will start an awareness program in Phillipines and Haiti…By the looks of the film they don’t like him there and have torn his billboards down.



Really? Tore his billboards down?

Look at the guy. Look at Stein. He screams douchebag. Jist the cheesiest looking guy I’ve ever seen. A self promoting pinhead spreading misery disguised as good works and charity.

Stack is kind of a pompous tool himself. Trying to cash in and get famous with this “world vasectomy day” bullshit. It’s all vanity. Probably how he gets his cred with the artsy save the world pack he runs with. Hey guys I invented World Vasectomy day I’m authentic now.

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LOL!!! Thats what I thought when I first saw him in the video.



It was brought up. Since I am a PVPS patient and might have another procedure my doctor and I agreed that it was best to not go that route.

From what I’ve read a fair number of guys say the replacements just don’t feel right and some have even had them removed. After dealing with PVPS I wouldn’t consider it as it is just one more thing that could go wrong.



Did he tell you about PVPS? Did he give you any paperwork or anything in writing?



He didn’t even mention it and no, I didn’t get any paperwork on it.




We have some esteemed providers here that have helped many of us and are trying to help many more. I have the utmost respect for them and the level compassion and honesty they have for us. I am deeply grateful that I can now sleep through the night without horrific burning pain thanks to the man that did my reversal.

I am saying this to let him and the other compassionate men dedicated to helping us know that this is by no means a screed against them.

You have to call Stein out for what he did to you. The very provider that has had a documentary made about him and a day inspired by his services really messed up your privates.

This guy:

<img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/818b0feec4b4edb8aa3cd4abf505558933e2fb17.jpg"

width=“124” height=“222”>

#DougStein #PostVasectomyPain #PVPS

Stein messed you up.



“T goes up within the vas,
tells the testicles to quit producing, and congestive pain slowly dissolves.”

The way I’m reading this. You are saying the testies are self regulating. If that was so I don’t think anyone would be congested and everyones testies who get reversed would never be able to produce swimmers again without Hgc to help.

Doesn’t most our T get out to the rest of the body via our blood not the vas defrens?

How does more pregnenolone help with pain then? Ultimately it seems more natural T from the boys the more swimmers you are going to make because ultimatley they don’t know the highways been shut down.



Just wanted to give an update. I had my other testicle removed on November 15 just over six weeks ago.

So yes, not only has orchiectomy worked but double has worked even better. I am off all nerve meds all pain meds except for tramadol. Take it just for discomfort from healing. Pretty much don’t need it anymore.

I walked the largest mall in our city for 3 hours with my daughter today. All good. Two things rocked my world today. First, I am only realizing now how much I was not present with my kids for the last three years because of this fucking affliction. Pain makes you so self absorbed and in my case so reclusive. It was so nice to be “present” without soldiering through things on a ton of meds or constantly thinking about my nuts.

Second is man am I out of shape lol. Mall almost killed me. Also, it is so nice to be pain diminished to almost nothing. I say that because I am not pain free as of yet. I have a tiny amount of discomfort but nothing that even distracts me. If that is my forever outcome I am over the moon happy.

I have the utmost empathy and sympathy for everyone on this board. My advice for those who have epididymis pain that won’t go away is to take the gamble on orchiectomy. I question the advice of the doctors who steer people away from this. I don’t know if it is a litigation issue or just not an understanding of this particular group.

It is nice to be me again. I wish that for everyone on this board as well.

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I had the left testicle removed 4 weeks ago. How did it go?

My inflammation pain went crazy on day 2. I’ve never felt so bad in my whole life. Fortunately, inflammation pain dropped back again. I only eat anti-inflammatory food and supplement with ibuprofen and morphine-like drugs.

My kick in the balls feeling is gone. Hooray. I can sit longer without pain I and without starting to sweat. Hooray. That is the postive.

But I am by no means pain free. I still have nerve pain on the left side. Now it’s just not in the testicle, but higher up. Surely there where the cut ends are attached behind the muscle. And I’m still very sore in an area above and to the left of the penis. And as stated before, my inflammation pain is still very high. Hope it subsides. But I do not think so.
Libido is even better, the scrotum feels pretty much as before. There is nothing that looks different. And little wonder my previous skin pain (burning) at erection on the left side is gone.
Would I do it again. Yes. I had no choice. My kick-in-the-balls feeling was killing me. What shall happen now. I do not know?