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Cramping and Spasms in abdomen

I started having pain 4 weeks post vasectomy. It was awful, excruciating pain. Honestly, thought a lot about ending my life - just to escape. I also developed lower abdominal pain. It is hard to explain this to people, but it is basically like cramping or spasming that is just constant. It drives me crazy.

I had a reversal several weeks ago and the congestive pain is easing now. (I will do a separate post about my reversal process and recovery). Even though I still have pain and soreness, the testicular and scrotal pain is slowly going away (I feel like this may have saved my life.). But the spasming in the lower abdomen still persists. It is, quite literally, driving me insane. I will be seeing a psychiatrist for the mental aspects, but not sure what to do about the spasms. I tried two different pain docs who both recommended Lyrica… which helps a bit, but does not resolve the issue.

Is this nerve pain? Has anyone else experienced spasms in the lower abdomen? Any medicine or remedies that have worked for people? Any help would be so appreciated.

Yep I have and in the upper abdomen also. As you probably know, the nerves from the scrotum run into that area. Lyrica may help take the edge off however some nerve blocks of the cord and associated nerves may help calm it down as it’s more targeted to the problem areas. One would hope that as your scrotal pain settles down so too do your abdo symptoms however it may take a while.

I think you are expecting way to much way to fast from reversal @phoenix. It doesn’t seem like you have read a whole lot regarding reversal recovery timelines on this website. Relief right out the gates is not typical. It certainly happens though.

I recall reading at what point you plan to try something else post reversal and I certainly do not agree with your thought process.

Give it plenty of time before you consider mucking around down there again brother. Don’t be the next victim that willingly participated in his own fate.

@JohnK Thanks for your thoughts and feedback. I may try a nerve block down the road if things don’t calm down in a while. Probably should see if my body can relax and improve naturally now for a bit anyway.

@RingoStar Thanks for your comment and reminder. Sometimes the best medicine is a heavy dose of reality. :slight_smile: I don’t have any plans for any surgical measures in the short-term. My goal is to get back anatomically to as close to pre-vasectomy as possible - and that’s going to take time. I’ve already seen some marked improvements and it’s only been 3 weeks, so I am really grateful for that and feel fortunate. I think the comment you are referencing was when I said that, down the road, if the reversal doesn’t work, I will be looking closely at the new method of selective neurectomy – higher up. They don’t go into the scrotum and muck around with the spermatic cord. Instead, they first use MRI guided nerve blocks to identify the exact nerve(s) causing the pain. Then once they know for sure, then the do a guided neurectomy higher up the chain, not in the scrotum. They have seen a 90%+ success rate with this and it’s much less invasive - and more targeted - than the traditional spermatic cord denervation. New method explained at this time in this video here (vs more destructive spermatic cord denervation explained and shown close-up earlier in the same video here:

If anyone else knows of supplements or foods or other measures like hot baths etc that have helped with some abdominal spasms, I’d love to hear your experience.

Below is the quote I was referring to.

If reversal doesn’t work, I am convinced that nerve damage may be the culprit and I will start looking at nerve ablation as possibilities 60 days post reversal if I don’t have significant relief.

I think you are assuming way to much way to fast ^^^. Go slow. My conservative advice would be to not do anything invasive for at least 6+ months post reversal.

Keep in mind that there is at least one story on this site where the man was made worse by pretty much every known surgical procedure and/or block, and/or ablation, etc.

In the other hand - there is at least one story on this site where pretty much every known surgical procedure and/or block, and/or ablation, etc, seemed to help.

Needles, knife’s, anything invasive, etc - all carry significant risks of their own. Anyone that tells you otherwise is giving you a personal opinion, a skewed opinion, and/or pulling the wool over your eyes. Shit happens to someone/s - or someone/s draws the shortest straw.

There are a lot of variables to consider that vary practitioner to practitioner, day to day, etc, as well. It doesn’t seem like any of this stuff is created equally, especially as a whole. The same can be said individual to individual as well.

PFPT sounds like a much better option for the time being. If PFPT doesn’t sound like a good option to you, there are plenty more purely conservative options that do not carry a significant amount of risk.

Don’t forget how you ended up in this boat to begin with :wink:

Oh yes! For sure. Actually based on your feedback and warnings previously, I have changed my mindset. I won’t be looking at anything invasive for quite some time still. Thank you again for the reminders and continued doses of reality. I appreciate it so much.

Look into pelvic floor physical therapy. It’s no risk and fairly non invasive. Could help you determine what’s happening too.

I’ve had good luck with two natural supplements, Zyflamend and Nerve Shield. Zyflamend contains a concoction of natural anti-inflammatories. Nerve Shield is alpha lipoic acid and, I think, L-Carnitine (sp?). Supplements take a while to kick in, but I gotta tell ya, my pain returns from 0 to 2-3 within a week if I run out or stop taking them.

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Is this the nerve shield supplement?
There is this one or another one called nerve sbeild plus in a blue and pink bottle.

Your picture is the one I use.

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