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Couple of questions on papaya seed powder

So I’m in this place where I’m getting close to having exhausted Pain Management options. It’s not all bad news. Pudendal and perineal pain remains at bay and no referred pain anywhere. The remaining pain is exactly back where I started 2 years ago (3rd bout since 2005)…very concentrated on the left side, most likely in the epi or slightly above it in vas or cord. That’s almost always present. If i irritate it, it’ll spread along the cord in the scrotum, but not much more. Never pain in the testicle itself. Taking 100mg Lyrica BID and Dr. P’s. blend of Cialis and Oxytocin as pain meds.

I’m seeing Dr. P. in late June for a spermatic cord block with botox. I see my Pain Mgt. here in Cleveland in 2 weeks, but I think he’s done. Could try another GF block or RFA, but I doubt he’ll even recommend, and those would conflict with what I’m doing with Dr. P.

I had my reversal in 2005 but am not sure I ever had congestive pain. I went for it, like many, to be put back to my natural state. It generally worked…pain free late 2006 through mid-2016 other than a 6 month relapse 2008-09 but I concede I may have benefited more from removal of painful vas-tip granulomas than elimination of congestion. Who knows?

Before trying surgery like SCD or neurectomy, I’m wondering if I should try papaya seed powder. @RingoStar has proposed on occasion that it’s possible my reversal failed (it had been 10 years when this bout started). Last SA was only 10MM and that could easily come from the no-pain right side; that said, I’ve never had pain on the right side, so I’m betting it’s nerve pain on the left, but, hey, why not try every easy, non-surgical option before rolling the dice on surgery, right?

I take it that papaya seed powder reduces sperm count and, therefore, congestion. If my pain is epididymal, then perhaps it would unclog things, right? Any risks? Seems like many of you are getting relief quickly, say 3-4 weeks, right?

Anyone have any reasons why I shouldn’t try papaya seed powder if the botox doesn’t work?

I don’t see how trying papaya seed powder now would hurt anything with the block and botox coming up. I tried it a few weeks but had to stop because I was on second round of antibiotics that wrecked my gut. I have read people getting relief within a week or so. It seemed to help me pretty quick. [quote=“raising4girls, post:1, topic:3230”]
I had my reversal in 2005 but am not sure I ever had congestive pain. I went for it, like many, to be put back to my natural state
I’m in this place now and have a good idea a lot of my issues are nerve pain but keep thinking getting everything cleaned up and pipes flowing again would be beneficial to me.

You have nothing to loose @raising4girls, it helped me pretty quick, I had a massive relief within 3 days. Testicle feels as it did pre vas. Wish stayed like this for good. Is your epididymis swollen? Does the testicle hurt to touch?

I’ve been taking papaya seed powder for almost 4 weeks now. 1/2 tsp in the morning…1/2 tsp in the afternoon.

I’ve noticed two minor things…my heart rate picks up a bit during the day and at night, I’ll get some acid reflux that I normally don’t get.

Definitely worth giving it a try!

I haven’t noticed anything bad or good in my use. Main thing I hate is it doesn’t mix well. Very clumpy. And I end up having to get a spoon and eat it.

Glad to hear it’s working for you!!!

My testicle does not hurt to the touch. Never has. The epi is not swollen. It MAY be part of the equation. When my GP did an exam, he grabbed the epi and I really felt like that was the source, but since then, three uro’s have examined me, and none think my epi is the problem.

I have noticed some issues with my heart racing. It never occurred to me it might be the powder. Isn’t there another powder that’s supposed to cause that? :laughing:

Papaya seed initially worked well for me but then stopped working. I have however found very hot baths ( 46.2c) have worked in reducing my sperm production and in turn have had at least an 80% reduction in pain. Im on day 10 of this and have had 3 pain free days for the first time in ages. Going to keep it up untill week 3 ( heat contraception)

Papaya works very well on inflammation and extremely well on bacteria, I myself have been doing spoonful morning and night alongside my Lyme disease treatment and my testicle pain after vasectomy has disappeared completely!
Other users have talked about feeling a bit crapy after starting papaya seed, I believe it could be a Herxheimer reaction that I see in my Lyme treatment every time bacteria are killed off.
I know it seem very out there but it happened to me!
For months I was trying to blame the vasectomy and the urologist, the vasectomy was just the trigger it needed to activate, kick you while you were down so to speak.
It wasn’t until I started treating the right thing did I get rapid progress and started feeling better and no pain.

Has anyone seen their epi get larger after starting papaya seed powder? I started taking it about 3 weeks ago and my right epi has gotten noticeably larger over roughly that same time frame. Not in terrible pain, maybe a little tender to the touch, and generally not feeling any worse than I did before I started taking it. Just another weird thing in the long line of weird things I’ve experienced in the four months since my vas, and wondering if anyone else has experienced it. I’m thinking it is just coincidence and will continue taking it for awhile longer to see if it resolves.