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Could Varicoceles be my Problem?

Hello brothers. I’m currently still waiting to see the affects of scrotox. My dartos muscle is still Moving a lot. I have noticed though they are dropping more and more relaxed. Due to this I’ve been able to feel more down there. I’m curious what you guys think about this observation…

So to start off ever since my first corrective surgery to remove bilateral granulomas I’ve had a “full” feeling to the upper side/behind both testicles. Also, after that surgery my left testicle drops diagonally frontwards to the point where my left epi sort of protrudes on top and can be seen. My balls have also since then felt very full and weighty as if my cords are working extra hard to hold everything up. If I were to describe my pain since my first surgery up until now I would say “dull ache” though dull is an understatement.

Because of this I naturally figured I was congested. So I got a reversal. I was not made worse and all of my autoimmune issues were cleared up, better orgasms etc. However, that full full achy feeling has persisted to this day. I never connected my pain with varicoceles because there isn’t much on this site about vasectomy causing this. Also, my doc never noticed anything on physical exam (though I’ve never asked him specifically about varicoceles). This doesn’t mean anything to me though cause it took a while for him to acknowledge the two huge granulomas I had. I also went to dr werthman in LA to check for granulomas before my first surgery and he said I didn’t have any. Well, a week later after I got surgery Dr removed two huge granulomas. All that to say I don’t put much stock in Doctors physical exams.

I I’m just now considering this as maybe my problem. I do notice lumpy protrusions in the area varicoceles would be. And it does feel like worms are surrounding my vas. Also this area is definitely where my discomfort is coming from. The area is also very puffy and it’s not swelling from surgery which went away a while ago. Anyway, what do you guys think? This is now my only logical explanation for the full congested feeling I’m still experiencing post reversal. My SA are great so I know my epi isn’t congested.

Have an ultrasound done.

Here’s a link to some interesting varicocele related stuff. It includes varicocele embolization images, perhaps some interesting text, etc.

@Thissucks i have that full heavy feeling its confusing i have always thought it was from my hydrocceles making my nuts heavy pulling down. But hey it can be lots of things, i have never had a hydrocele in my life till a vasectomy.

Thanks @RingoStar! Those pics are very interesting.

I know it’s crazy how such a small area can be so mysterious lol. Galactic exploration isn’t this complex

Not a problem man. Seems the third screenshot is the one with where the dye has flowed downward through my left boys vascular system, and back upwards into my abdomen. The actual blood flow runs in reverse of how they entered me (toward where they came in).

That third screenshot is great far as showing where all the “big blood” is actually located. I can easily see someone mistaking some of that for something else such as epididymal tubes/epididymis/etc. Sucks dealing with both.

Only way to really know if you have a varicocele is have a scrotal ultrasound done. It will pick up on any hydrocele activity as well.

That’s very helpful. If it is varicoceles what would you recommend? I know there are a few procedures for it. Doesn’t sound like your immobilization went well.

Well, I never recommend anything surgical anymore. Reason is, I don’t have to live with the outcome of the recommendation.

The news I have regarding varicocelectomy, or embolization isn’t great. I know of guys that had both procedures, and still have a varicocele/s.

There’s data out there that suggests if you take out one varicocele, another will likely appear over time. That’s not the facts, but many years ago, I read every single post that was online regarding both procedures, and it looked pretty grim. Some guys do well, some do not. I’ve read of guys that had multiple varicocelectomy procedures, and were just as bad as before they began, or worse off. It seems to be another crap shoot.

Far as advice? If I could do things over again, I would’ve tried to find someone that specializes specifically in varicocelectomy. Someone that knew their stuff. Someone highly experienced, and highly recommend. Someone that dealt with both fertility, and pain patients. Preferably someone that did one surgery per day. No rush, no excuses, etc, etc.

It’s probably pretty difficult to find such a surgeon, but that would be my ideal varicocelectomy surgery candidate.

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My son just got diagnosed with a varicocele. This is great information. Now I don’t know what to think. He is one month out of his nerve resection surgery, and this varicocele is causing him a lot of pain. The urologist diagnosed this manually. We don’t have a confirmation via ultrasound. Should we do that? The urologist didn’t mention it.

Hi @SPEDRED, the more informed you are the better. I’d definitely have it done.

Hey @SPEDRED, as I recall, your son has had multiple ultrasounds in the past. Odd that this anomaly didn’t show up in one if his previous imaging sessions. On that note, I’m wondering why it didn’t show up in his previous sessions, or if this is something new.

I wouldn’t get to excited about your son’s new pains just yet. Among other things, it’s quite possible his recent surgery may have set some nerves off down there, and the new issues may resolve over time.

Far as getting another ultrasound, I suppose it depends on how good of insurance he has, how much time, and money you got, etc.

Given all I’ve said above, you guys have a few things to consider in the meantime.

@RingoStar hi buddy, just a quick question, did your varicocele give you pain? (I dont mean the surgery). And if it gave no pain why did you get it fixed? I think there maybe a chance i have one now after hydrocele operation. Hoping not as i dont want a 4th surgery on nuts.:joy:

Hey @Loz,

I had a run in with varicocele pain several years prior to the vas. I was very close to asymptomatic prior to the vas (pain wise), and had been that way for quite some time (years).

I posted a link earlier in this thread regarding my case, history, images, thoughts, etc. There’s a bit of information in my profile too.

I still get some aggravating varicocele type symptoms, pain, etc, to this day, but generally it’s not frenquent enough nor bad enough to write home about.

Hope that helps.

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