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Contribution to the Discussion

First, I want to thank everyone who has shared their stories and suggestions, sometimes it helps just to know that other people are out there. I’ve been thinking about posting for awhile to make a contribution to the discussion and share a little bit of what I have learned. It helps me to organize my points into numerical bullets. I’m in no way an expert, nor a doctor and these observations are what help me out and are not intended to be medical advice.

A bit of background: My wife and I had two kids when I was 28 & 30. At age 32 I was diagnosed with a varicocele (left side only) and was passing calcified cholesterol stones from my prostate which caused an ejaculation misfire as I passed the stone. It sucked. Within a year’s time I had the varicocele surgically removed and after a round of antibiotics the stones improved. Fast forward 7 years (relative problem free) and at age 40 the stones came back with a vengeance and the varicocele started to reform. Another round of antibiotics and I had to make some wholesale life changes which I will list below. Within a few months I solved the prostate stone issue (fingers crossed it hasn’t come back since). At age 41 I decided to have a vasectomy. The first 18 months after the vasectomy I had no problems or pain. I am now 43 years old and just completed an ultrasound which discovered two cysts on both sides of my epididymis tail causing congestion. Now, every time I ejaculate I feel the pressure back up through my epididymis which then triggers swelling and pain. The swelling aggravates the varicocele and causes it to swell. But I have started to turn the corner and show some improvement. Here are my observations:

  1. Every person’s body is unique. Just because one person feels this pain or had this experience doesn’t mean you will. This also goes for positive techniques. These suggestions have worked for me, maybe they will work for you, maybe they won’t, but I always think about Franklin Roosevelt’s approach to solving the Great Depression, he said if I call a play and it doesn’t work then I’ll call another one and another after that until I find a play that works, because we are going to win this game.

  2. In my case, I’ve had three different ailments to solve. The prostate stones took one game plan, the varicocele a different strategy and now the cysts are altering the plan again. I look at my doctor and urologist as coaches, but ultimately I’m the qb calling the plays. That means I have to do my own research, which ultimately brought me to this website so I could read testimonies of other people and the plays they called.

  3. To rid the prostate stones, I had to change my diet to foods lower in cholesterol and drink 95% water 100% of the time. This was one of the biggest changes I made, no more sugar or color in my drinks, no soda, no tea, no coffee…. Water and lots of it. The other 5% was made up of wine and whiskey a few times a month, ok maybe 10%. I can’t stress this enough. Water water water. Also the simple switch to water dropped 15-20 lbs off my frame.

  4. People say diet and exercise lead to a healthier life and they do, but until you connect them to your sex life, its easy to forget about it. It is a simple equation. When I run 2 miles (30 mins on treadmill) three times a week, my performance improves, when I don’t it slumps. Some people can’t run because of whatever, to them I say find a YMCA and swim. But get the body moving!

  5. Ice is your friend. It helps inflammation, swelling and pain. I use Ice packs most nights when I am flared up. 10-15 minutes on each side will shrink all the veins and epi down and constrict the blood flow. Ice is the best relief in the arsenal.

  6. Before my first varicocele I had a two a day habit, after my Vas, it went to once per day. I truly believe that over 25 years of having a oversized libido, I overworked my plumbing. The older I get the longer the regeneration, that’s a natural consequence of aging, but because of my history with the region, overuse leads to inflammation. I have learned to let it rest. Basically eliminated self service and have marital relations every 2-3 days. I’ve noticed if I wait 3-4 days the pleasure and sensation all enhance. Perhaps this is just a result of Freudian pleasure principle, but it might also be that my tools needed to rest.

  7. To rid the prostate stones, I have to self administer a prostate massage once per month. This was probably the toughest of all the treatments because I was completely on my own when figuring out this therapy. It took me finding an Indian urologist who had some eastern medicine background from the UK before I found someone to agree with the practice. Most western doctors will not recommend or support the therapy, but it has really been beneficial. My PSA has been a steady 1.6 and the stones have vanished. The concept is pretty simple. The device (Aneros) directly massages the prostate muscle causing a more intense ejaculation which expresses the seminal ducts more completely. The ducts are where the urologist believed the cholesterol was forming and hardening into stones. By expressing them once a month the ducts remain free from obstruction. Couple that with a better diet and exercise and no more stones. There is plenty of information on the web to help you figure out if this technique is right for you.

  8. I’m also a fan of trying the antibiotics. Cipro, doxi, ect… can sometimes clear up an deep internal infection. It’s also a good idea to get screened for an STD, just to rule it out as a potential cause of reproductive malfunction. Even if you are faithfully married and your certain that your partner would never step out on you, it doesn’t hurt to be absolutely certain. Unlike prostate massage, most doctors are happy to prescribe a 21 day cipro regiment. I also use Alieve, 2 pills twice daily for inflammation and add a once a day multivitamin with magnesium and zinc predominant.

  9. To deal with the varicocele I use a technique of elevating my pelvis for 15 minutes after ejaculation. You can also hang upside down if you have an inversion chair. The concept here is during sex blood is sent to your organ and testicles to assist with performance, a varicocele swells because back flow of blood rests in the vein, by propping your legs up against a wall after ejaculation you let the blood drain from the veins before it becomes stagnate and causes inflammation. This really works, though your wife or partner may make fun of you while your hanging upside down.

  10. To relieve congestion from the epi cysts, I have been using papaya seed powder that I learned about here at this site. That bit of information basically prompted this contribution. The first week I started using ½ tsp twice a day and now I do ¼ tsp twice. The best delivery method I’ve found is to mix it with some Dark Chocolate Almond Silk. I’ve also put it in peanut butter smoothies. It’s not great, its not horrible but what it has done is slowed production of sperm in my testicles which has helped relieve congestion due to the cysts. We thought they were granuloma’s at first, but the ultra sound confirmed then as cysts without calcification. That was good news, because the Drs believe the cyst will go resolve on their own in time. In the meantime diet, exercise and rest are improving the situation.

Finally, and this may be the most difficult, try to take breaks from thinking about it. Takes breaks from reading these posts. It’s nice to read about other people’s experiences, but its also easy to get caught up into mistaken self diagnosis. Again, everyone’s circumstances are different. I wrote this post because over 10 years of fighting one reproductive ailment after another I have improved. The mind is your most powerful tool, it creates attitude and the imagination allows for visualization of a better reality. The concept of think and grow rich can be applied to your health. Our creator is an awesome architect and the body was designed to heal itself. Believe it can and it will. I’d be happy to answer questions, but this article is really what I have to offer. Tomorrow I’m headed to the back country of Montana for some much needed R&R, so I probably won’t respond until after the New Year. I hope this information helps! Good luck to us all. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Sorry you are here but thanks for contributing. It is indeed comforting just knowing there are others out there dealing with this.

As mentioned by OP what works for one doesn’t always work for others and I feel only right cautioning the community regarding point 8. Doctors usually push Antibiotics early on and and Cipro tore apart my Achilles. It’s a well known even if somewhat rare (so they say about vas also) side effect of that particular class of antibiotics. Anyone with autoimmune or joint problems should do thorough research regarding that medication in particular and all of the strong antibiotics. These won’t help you if it isn’t a bacterial issue and could really make things worse as has happened to me and atleast two other members on this forum.