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Contraception choice after reversal?


Hi, quick question for the guys on here who have undergone reversal… what contraception method(s) do you and/or the misses use now?

My wife is mid-thirties so plenty of fertile years left. Tubes tying has its own complications so no way I’d put her through that. Before vasectomy we used a combination of condoms and a device that read her body temperature changes to predict fertile days for her.



Does she have problems with the pill?



Yeah not a fan of the pill… irritability, weight gain, etc.



How about an IUD? If she can’t handle that then I would suggest a mixture of condoms and timing/NFP. Ideally you could share the burden. I don’t believe that women should get any special considerations due to bearing children and dealing with their cycles because it’s not fair to put than on men. Men can’t help with that and women are engineered to be that way. By share I mean you wear a condom for a year or two and then she uses an IUD for the same period or something like that.



We use a diaphragm- Thanks largely to big pharma it seems they are out of production in the US- our midwife gave us this UK website to order from (15 pounds to ship to the US, they also ship to other countries):

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@MikeO, @phew, thanks for the tips, I appreciate it!



Your welcome. After spending 5 years in absolute hell trying to salvage you life due to chronic testicular groin pain, it can be dismaying to get a reversal only to have to deal with the problem of fertility again. It caused me a lot of anger that after all I went through I should feel the slightest bit of guilt over the issue again. I came to the conclusion that if you are acting out of any sort of feeling of guilt, obligation or coercion nothing but bad can happen. It has to come from a place of love and mutual respect. There should never be any, I did this so you should do that. Nuh uh.



We tried the rhythm method and promptly had a reversal baby.

After she was born, we switched to the diaphragm until my wife started menopause.

Mixed feelings about oral contraceptives (the pill). Increased risk of breast and cervical cancer but reduced risk of others.



@raising4girls thanks for the info.