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Continued discomfort 2 months post vasectomy

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Had my no-scalpel vasectomy 2 months ago. I had complications during my surgery with some bleeding in the scrotum and a hematoma which developed. Was put on 2 weeks anti-biotics and anti-inflammatory meds which seems to solve the immediate pain and clear out the hematoma. However I stil have lingering mild pain and discomfort almost like my balls are super sensitive to the touch. Also I cant even do a 2 mile run without having massive discomfort. Overall I still feel like someone punched me in the stomach and I feel tender which is now super frustrating 2 months down the line.

The last ultra sound showed no swelling of any sorts or any other issues?

Any response from someone who had similiar experience? I am taking pain meds every day to deal with the discomfort, but after 2 months surely I should have been back to normal by now?

I was told by a urologist that ultra sound picks up nothing. An MRI scan will pick up swelling, lumps, blown out epididymis. Tears in areas etc. They don’t like doing MRI, one because they are expensive. And the other they tell two many tails. They dont want to lift the lid on vasectomies and there problems

Sounds like you had a bit more trauma to the area with the bleed than what is otherwise expected. It’s frustrating for sure although rest assure, 2 months is somewhat early days. Whilst many feel okay after a week, there are also plenty of guys who take a good few months to heal up and feel normal again even without the misfortune of a haematoma. It can take a good 3 months for the blood/fluid to clear itself and tissues to calm down (think of a bad sprained ankle). Is the pain gradually easing? If not and you are still in pain after 3 months, it might be worth asking your dr about a cortisone injection into the cord as it can guide the anti-inflammatory right to the cut site to better settle things down.

Thanks for the response JohnK. Good to know there are other guys also having a “slower” recovery from this surgery. I think Urologists in general sell this as a quick procedure and you are back to normal in 1 to 2 weeks, well as the reality is very different for a lot of guys.

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I agree. Although two months seems like an ETERNITY when you are in pain, it really can take longer for things to recover. Patience and optimism. I know that’s easy for my to say to someone else. You wouldn’t get a knee replacement and wonder why it’s still sore at 6 months. Sometimes recoveries take time. No, the snip isn’t always as quick as they advertise.

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Just a update since the previous post. It has been 3 months now post-op and I am only now beginning to feel like my old self again. Pain and discomfort have basically completely dissapeared and I have not been taking any meds for the past 3 weeks now. What I do find is that because I have had pain and discomfort for so long down there, it is now more a mental thing to re-program my mind to say all is ok with my balls. Jogging and exercise is also back to normal now with no discomfort.

So just want to give some encouragement to others to be patient with the recovery. For me is was close to 3 months to recover and feel normal again.


Fingers crossed for you mate, hopefully you make a good recovery and never have to look back - PVPS typically starts within 3-12 months, generally when your body runs out of live sperm circulating and the scar tissue closes over on the cut ends - Seems like your vasectomy experience was more to a bad operation rather than PVPS until now, hopefully you never have to come back here but if you do there’s plenty of advice and similar experiences