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Contemplating doing reversal

This post is kinda old but I thought I would drop a line.
One thing about shoulder and neck pain: I had neck pain from clavical problems and pain (pinched nerve feeeling) between shoulder blades are because of rotator cuff. So those pains may not be related to vasectomy. But I had my shoulders repaired (4 surgeries) and all was fine until I did vasectomy and now my shoulders and a knee a lower back hurt.
Two: gut/bowel, I get diarrhea, want to vomit after I ejeculate/sex. And just feel ill in general.
Three: memory, besides being all foggy, I noticed I even forget words when I talk.
Four: vas most definitely effects prostate, it somehow stops working the way it intended! Probably becomes inflamed. I didn’t even know what prostate was before vas., and now it freaking killing me.
So yep I think it’s some sort of autoimmune response.
And I m too scared of more or new problems after reversal, but living like this is depressing, no sex (discomfort/pain level 2) or sex and hate my life for the next few days to a week.
Will come back here in about s month - nonth and half to let know how reversal worked out

Hi @Nameless did this happen after vasectomy? Need some certainty on this one.

Prior to vas I remember having some issues with numbers and names but I clearly remember about 1-2 weeks after operation I witnessed significantly worse experience with memory and I clearly recall thinking it was because of the pain killer that the Dr had prescribed for like two weeks. However the memory effect never went away. These days I feel like my short term memory is completely vanished; give me a new name and it is forgotten in 10-15 seconds. Also I was really good at remembering famous names (history, cinema) amazingly I am starting to forget all of them. I am certain that vas caused some significant memory degeneration: I may be genetically weaker than many because I had minor problems but apparently the impact on me is significant!! So if reversal helps this I would definitely do it just to fix this one problem. Hence, I am asking the forum the question. Has it helped? Has anyone witnessed memory issues?

Yes, my memory became a little foggy after vasectomy ( and at first I thought just like you that may be few pain pills I took effected me) but my symthoms I’m having intensify right after I have sex/ejaculate. Next day after sex I find myself pausing in the middle of the sentence when I talk , and trying to remember the simplest word that comes next. But it all gets 70-80% better if I don’t have sex.
Just had reversal yesterday, too early to tell if it helped, I’m in a bit of pain and whole a lot of discomfort! I will report back in few weeks.

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Good god this is so much similar to my experience.

My experience of memory degeneration is pretty consistent and pressing; I have not yet monitored my post sex condition but I will do this going forward…

Please keep us posted. I’m really keen to know whether reversal has any positive impact on this one symptom. Good luck with recovery!!!

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Vasvictim, I Just realized another thing!
So last year I actually was kinda afraid to play video games because it was hard for me to focus/concentrate and be able to reed small lettering in the games (50” tv) every time I played the game it would make me a bit dizzy and give me sort a like vertigo feeling. But now I started playing again to kill time (since I can’t do much after reversal for couple of weeks), and holly crap I can reed everything in the game without squinting , it doesn’t make me dizzy! So I don’t know what to make of this, I’m 9 days after reversal now, and already starting to notice a lot of positive changes!

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Thanks a lot for letting me know. It definitely points to the same link many here have been claiming: there is a link between vasectomy and brain function. Regardless of what the cause is, this makes me think more about a reversal than ever before. I’m certain you should already see positive memory experience too, I mean I hope you do!! If so, send me a message. I’m already thinking to schedule my appointment next week.

Thanks a again @Nameless

My memory seems to be good now , I have urge to exercise again ( actually been doily ng some pushups and 5 lbs weights, I don’t think I was supposed to though). No more pain in my right testical, don’t feel the pressure pain in my sack. These are the positives so far.
Negatives: wife is being wired and moody, already told me she is afraid to have sex now knowing that she could get prego! (Very strange, especially after she helped to finance the reversal surgery).Now that swelling went down it looks like I have extra skin on the bottom of my scrotum, (may be because my testicals used to hang low after vas and stretched the skin, I couldn’t even wear jeans it was annoying after vas) and my right testical seems to hand higher doesn’t feel normal.
Hormones: I checked my T level right before the reversal : total T 412. And my normal before vas was in 600’s, few months before vas it was 685. But the strange thing is my free T quadrupled after vas. I will do bloods again in few months when all healed up.
So this is where I’m at now, will keep updating with any changes.

Hi there,

Did you mean to say your free T quadrupled after vasectomy ? Or was it after reversal ? It would be interesting how this changes after your reversal, please keep us updated.

Yes, my free T quadrupled after vasectomy but total T is down. I will do bloods in few months When all healed up.

My wife now is not happy with my proposal to do reversal. What would you guys suppose I tell her?
I’m surprised because she was always very supportive … now I’m puzzled. I think she’s worried of pregnancy.

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My wife was not supportive of my reversal until she reached menopause and then it was a please yourself attitude. If I had my day over one would be never have had vasectomy and two would have being had it done sooner as I could not believe how feelings returned your body your choice mate

Hello @Vasvictim , @hisey @Nameless, I am in a similar position than all of you, or all of us here on this forum. Had my vas in July 2018 and been in pain ever since; tried all kinds of meds, PT, acupuncture, meditation, some blocks - I still do not understand what’s going and why I have the pain. I have a blue balls sore feeling every day, and pain intensifies after long walks, exercise or ejaculations. I do believe it is more the “back pressure” congestion type pain rather than nerve pain, but who knows. I have been thinking about reversal since day one, but don’t want to go under the knife unless absolutely necessary. That already tells you I kind of adjusted to the new reality, being in constant pain, but a pain that is, for now, tolerable; it’s far from normal, far from how it was before the snip, but I am not in excruciating pain. Time has not really changed anything for me, and I am still taking Lyrica, trying to slowly wean off.
I guess my question for you is - what makes you think reversal is the way to go? I am asking because typically that is what urologists want to sell us because that’s all they can offer (and it comes at a nice price). I am not saying it does not help - I just don’t know, I have no good stats, I just know it’s a business for them. One other approach, possible explanation is given by Wise & Anderson, who emphasize that pain is the result of muscular tension and that PT, stretching, relaxation techniques are ultimately the key to improve the condition.
I wish you all the best for whatever decision you make.

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Dear @Juno
Thanks for the message. I quoted your statement below. Be my guest go for it, resolve the muscular tension if you can. Then come and let us know here. I have tried everything in the past two and half close to three years post vasectomy. It’s not working for me.

To give an update to the friends and bro’s here on my condition:

While my pain level has always been moderate 2-4 range my scrotum and penis areas kind of get worse with exercise and movement. I have started using a ride Share service now and not driving my car anymore. Movement from this car to that to the bus is impacting the scrotum (pressure while sitting in bus due to uncomfortable seats) and things are getting worse. I feel unhappy down there some pinches some twinges, etc time to time, and lack of sensitivity during sex gets worse as I start to exercise more And put pressure on and around the scrotum area. It sucks!!!. Cold penis syndrome is what cyclists have as well, likely due to the seat pressure on their prostate?? I’m seeing something similar here - I was not exercising and movement was a lot less in the past year and then I felt like sensitivity was coming back, now shit the same thing is happening again with exercise. I want to believe it that it is all “in my head” but it is not unfortunately. As I type this in here I am not hypnotizing my mind either, this is real. It’s a physical deficiency created by vasectomy and is directly related to my prostate!! I known it now!! I almost claim that I have mild prostatitis.

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@Francis @Vasvictim @Juno my wife is all weird now since I had vasectomy, she is probably afraid of getting prego ( she is only 36 so ways before she hits menopause) and probably mad because she spent all her Christmas bonus on my reversal. But I don’t care if we don’t have sex any more as I finally feel so so much better (17 days after reversal). Pain only came back twice so far but just for a day, one time I over did it with yard work last week ( should have been on the couch instead) and another yesterday ( went back to work first day and lifted sliding glass door by myself , I do glass and windows for a living ) but pain is mostly gone today. Most of the time I feel great, my mood is great, I finally can go out and do stuff with kids without feeling like crap and forcing myself to get up and go, I drive around with a smile all day, sleep like a baby again. Insission scar on the right still a little inflamed and burns/hurts a little.
My theory on what happens after the snip besides autoimmune crap and brain distinction is;

  1. that epi gets full of sperm and have nowhere to go there for it gets inflamed or in worst case mini raptures acure inside epi or testical itself, causes pain and makes testicals super sensitive where smallest vibration, pressure on them makes them hurt more. And them hanging lower then normal doesn’t help either ( I remember wearing jeans was so painful all the time, but maybe if one wore boxer briefs that would not be an issue, briefs give me irritatarion.)
  2. Why some experience pain only on one side is because in some of us one testical is dominant , meaning producing more or the most sperm than the other one, there for gets fuller and inflamed more than the other side.
    Note: I’m not a doctor this is just my own theory, I didn’t even know all the terminology and exact testicular anatomy just couple of months ago before I started doing research on this and came across this site!
    Edit: I don’t think I mentioned it previously, but vasectomy effected my prostate too, but now it seems to have calmed down as I can pee normal again ( able to control the force of the stream) and the prostate used to hurt most of the time now it seems to have gone away.

Hi thanks for your journey story nameless. My only other comment is that reversal takes you close to were you where by changing your feelings in your body. I cannot see how some men say that the vasectomy changed nothing in their anatomy. I can say it changed all my feelings in my penis and testicles and after reversal I realized by how much it changed. Vásectomy is a great money spinner for Drs and so might I add are reversals

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I agree with your points.

So I’m glad to see the positive prostate impact post reversal - I am now almost there to schedule the procedure. Hence message below.

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I am about to do it guys despite wife’s unhappiness I think it’s the right thing to do for me. I need your advice:

Should I go with Roeder in NewB (3-4K) - he has more than 150 full star :star: rating online. I understand the Christian community loves him but it’s hard for me to believe all ratings are based on emotional and religious.

Should I go with Dr P (??). or others who charge a lot more? (10-15k)

I need to hear from the forum here on the advantages and disadvantages and who really you would recommend. Don’t name them here and I can ask in private if needed.

Thanks a lot!!

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I talked to 2 reversal specialists in and around my area when I was looking , one is pretty famous has clinic in San Francisco and L.A. knows dr. Marks ( I think they’d wrote a book together if I’m not mistaken) 5 star rating, charges for phone appointments $250, and surgery about 12k. And another one is local urologist has been doing reversals since 1980s, doesn’t charge for phone calls, has absolutely no reviews about reversals ( just other fertility related reviews, not flashy website, no ads. And he charged me 7200$ and I only had to drive around 45 min to his clinic. I talked to them both about how exactly they perform a surgery how many stitches per layer, how many layer. And I went with the closest cheaper one as He has more experience and was cheaper too.
It’s funny I remember right before the seergery I was toalking to him and he said that about 68% of reversals he does is to relieve pain or other issues and not for fertility reasons. I don’t know why such a specific and he also didn’t promise that the pain will go away but did say it should help with pressure pain and other symptoms as long as I don’t develop too much scar tissue in vas.
I would say go with the most experienced one rather than most famous.

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I have scheduled a visit with Dr P K for next week. He does robotic surgery and I want to talk to him about details my issues etc.

What do you guys suggest I ask him?
Has anyone in this forum had any experience with robotic surgery? (I remember having discussed this before on one of the threads here)
Has anyone had experience or heard about this physician?

Thanks in advance!!! Your help will be very much appreciated.

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Anyone here has any experience with reversal with robotic surgery?