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Contemplating doing reversal

I think many of you have seen my older posts. I did vasectomy two years ago. Since then I have been suffering from following symptoms:

  • Discomfort in the scrotum area, mostly left side but some in right as well. Pain levels are low 2-3 out of ten when I have pain. I am unable to wear jeans or tight shorts. When indoninfeel pain and I feel heavy pressure on y scrotum and balls, causing me to take them off. When I sleep face up I feel slight pressure on balls.

  • Loss of ejaculate pressure during ejaculation, which results a strange feeling of nonfeeling during climax (it sucks!!)

  • Penile insensitivity meaning the penis is sometimes cold to touch (ie what’s known as “cold penis syndrome”).

  • significant short term memory loss. My memory was never the strongest but from age of 45 to 47 I am almost like a man in his eightees. I read some numbers and a moment later I can’t remember most or any of them. I forget most of the people who emailed or contacted me recently. This is strange.

  • Shoulder and back of the neck pain. This is there all the time, ALL the time. Constant pain around 2-3 or sometimes scales to around 4.

  • I gained 25 pounds during the last two years. Mostly lack of exercise, depression, and likely hormonal impacts.

I have seen one urologist and have had multiple discussions with my family physician on the issue. My final decision tens towards reversal - however I don’t want to go through another operation and regret it later.

What do you guys think about this decision?
What would reversal fix?

Will appreciate your help and comments!!

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I’ll chime in but please know that I tend toward pro-reversal commentaries.

I think that some men get nerve damage from the vas or a corrective surgery. I think there’s a chance that reversal helps these men by cleaning up the mess, but it also risks new or further nerve damage. That’s what makes this a tough call.

Some of your symptoms sound like low testosterone. Many men have reported that from vasectomy, yet few of us had our T checked pre-vas. In my particular case (and I want to caution that everyone’s mileage may vary), my T scored 285 and 325 post-vas/pre-reversal at age 40-41. Here I am nearly 13 years post-reversal at age 54, and my T has been in the 650-750 range (my guess, that’s what I was pre-vas).

Interesting that I started suffering lower back problems 4 months after my vas in mid-2006. Ended up having fusion at L5/S1 in 2012. Related? I believe so and have a separate theory on that mainly given to me by other forum members.

So, I’m not sure if reversal will help DIRECTLY with the shoulder and back pain, but if you can restore the balance, perhaps exercise, movement, and lower scrotal pain will help.

Very tough call. I’d get my PSA and T-levels checked first to see if those are out of line. Reversal help both in my own case.


+1 on the lower back problems. I NEVER had lower back pain before my vasectomy. Upper back/shoulder issues yes. Never lower back. Now my lower back frequently hurts, especially along the top of the pelvis.

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@raising4girls thanks a lot. My T was recently checked it was around 650 at 47. My GP said it’s normal. Is it possible that I was in the lower 1000s pre vas? I have always been a sexually moderate guy. Now I have sex once a week and ten years ago I had it twice a week.

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@Ethan_Scruples thanks - my lower back pain is pretty mild and is likely because of sitting long hours on my ass on the computer. But the shoulder and back of the neck pain is new and I see absolutely no reason for it. I recently gave up yoga after years because of a knee injury (sucks more!!) but even when doing exercise it was the same annoying pain.

I guess it’s possible, but with 650 at 47, I’d defer to your GP and say that’s normal. Many of us here cratered to half that or worse. Trust me, it was 100% noticeable for me anyhow.

Speaking strictly for myself at 54, sex once a week is about all I need.

This is my T result.

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Looks good to me. No doubt, low T isnt a universal side effect. Maybe even fewer than develop pain. But, I’ve seen enough anecdotal evidence to conclude it happens.

@raising4girls it maybe that my T level was in 800s prior to vasectomy. I never got it tested so I don’t know.

I’m wondering if I’ll see any responses from other members.

Interesting point. I don’t know much about T-level variability, but with many other things, a drop or increase is noticeable even if within the normal range. The whole study of Statistical Process Control in focuses on variability within control limits and specification limits and says a process can be out of control even if the results are normal. You might be onto something.

I did my reversal in 2016 and it has made things better. I feel even now things are still slowly improving. Right side 90% left side 50% better. On the operating table I felt the right side feel instantly better and pressure gone.
Reduced ejaculate and pressure have remained the same, wondering if without the pressure were getting retrograde ejaculation. The sense of incomplete orgasms may be worse than the pain.
Extreme pain has been diminished and more recently I’m able to have sex 2 days in a row without the feeling of death in my scrotum.

Hope that helps, good luck!

Thank you @hisey

I think this sentence did not complete. Can you elaborate?

So reduces ejaculate pressure remained as is after reversal? Is this now impacting your morale level even after reversal or the other improvements like complete orgasm compensate for it?

Did you have coldmpenis syndrome? If so did it improve after reversal?

It seems almost all of us are complaining of reduced ejaculate and more of a dribbling of semen than the normal shooting. Considering 95% of the fluid has nothing to do with vas deferens, I’m wondering if we are all getting retrograde ejaculation going backwards towards the bladder. Sometimes if I haven’t ejaculated in a while and I time it well, I’ll get a decent ejaculation and when that happens almost zero pain. My ejaculations may have improved a bit with the reversal ( I’ve tested 2x for sperm in semen too) but the weak ejaculation and sense of incomplete orgasm is the worst part much more so than the pain.
I never had any erectile dysfunction before or after the reversal.


Completely agree. This alone (and not the pain) is responsible for the majority of my depressive mode. Add constant back of the neck pain and strange bowl movements, it makes a real mess.

I recently saw a urologist and he said the reason for the incomplete orgasm and lower ejaculation pressure is “those muscles are in tension”. I have enlarged epididymis so I am guessing he assumed that is impacting the muscles. His solution was teonthings: an “injection” that they do, and “physical therapy”. I am yet to discover what’s and how’s here as I am going to contact him soon.

However the ejaculate fluid comes from the prostate. And I was thinking that the prostate not receiving sperm somewhat impacts it’s functionality in terms of losing control of the entire “system”. But I am wondering why reversal cannot fix that?? Do we permanently damage prostate right after vasectomy??

This is why I really want the folks here in this forum to comment on this specific experience at post reversal!! If reversal does not fix this issue then I will avoid it. Very blunt decision, really!!


The worse side effect from my vas has been the decrease in sex drive. I know im in my mid 40s but i went from having sex 4 to 5 times a week plus masterbating alot, to maybe once a week with hardley any ejaculate. Ugh help someone!!

Wow you were very active for a mid forties guy. However I understand your point. My sexual drive has always been moderate. I remember when I was 14 friends used to tell me that they masturbated 6 times a day, while I was only doing it once a day (but religiously doing it :+1::smile:).

Now I don’t see my impact to my sexual desire but as I said countless times in this forum I definitely feel numbness and lack of ejaculate pressure and tbisbhas been constantly there and of course is impacting my morale and well being. Other major problem is the sensitivity of the groin area to kicks from kids which is really tough to bear. Epididymitis is enlarged and like most of the guys here the groin area is enlarged.

I think @machoman in another forum mentioned that right after reversal he felt warmness in his prostate and his sexual drive and orgasms came back. My understanding is my issue of numbness and evaluate pressure loss is the impact vasectomy had on my prostate. The anatomy of the area says this: nerves that end up in penis emerge from prostate. Ejaculate fluid comes from the prostate. All points to that area.

I am contemplating about doing a reversal as I said. I have not read everything in this discussion forum but have done my best to follow it (given the limited time I have) and my conclusion is reversal should fix my issue.

However I would like to see more feedback from this forum : is this wise to do reversal to fix sexual side effects?? I don’t have major pain, just discomfort and major issue is what I said above. Not pain per se.

Should add that I’ve been having the following symptoms as well, in addition to the above symptoms:

  • Back of the neck pain all the time
  • significant short term memory impact / brain fog

Th above can be related to the mental state in general, but can be physical too.

Anyone else has any points? Ideas? Should I do it or not?? I mean, it’s going to be my decision of course but need to know your ideas.

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My wife wants me to have a reversal after months of going back and forth im ready to just go do it. Having kids was the greatest achievement i have done anyway. I just wonder at nearly 45 what are my chances of getting her pregnant. And i do have 4 grown children already the one by my younger 2nd wife is only 2. Thanks so much for responding I hope your situation be gets better as well!

Well if it happens it happens, right? I am thinking that it is most important to be healthy and more kids sometimes can be stressful but maybe better than living like this. Right now I am sitting in a wedding with some suit that has tight pants and feel my scrotum is pushed on! Shit! Plus I had sex with my wife this morning and shit the same f@cking sense of emptiness when coming. This situation is a disgusting one to be at.

Still though, I don’t know if I would go through another major surgery down there. I am still undecided as I don’t know what other complications can arise from it!! :disappointed:

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So you feel like that in the nutsack everytime after you have sex? Well i cant complain if so. I just have blu balls all the time especially before i retired from the USAF and was deployed overseas for months. Now that was some pain in the nuts!

My issue is senselessness man. No feeling when I ejaculate. There is also discomfort down there and always feeling something is pushing on the balls. It sucks!